Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am air

I am made according to HIS perfection
I like to be light
I love to be everywhere
I demand to be free
I hate to be pressured
Sometimes I hug the lovely stream
Bubbling up with energy and gleam
Sometimes I make friends with dust and fire
Destroying everything with my attire

I fall in love with humans as I go
I embrace their chest and touch lovely hearts
Plants and trees love me for sure
Their care makes me divine and pure
I need energy to flow in less liked areas
I create energy when I flow across my favourite fields

At times I carry lovely fragrance
At times I carry poison too
I change according to the situation
People fathom about my character
Not knowing I am just the reactor

At times I am calm
I flow gently, cooling everyone
At times I am violent
Blowing everything, leaving no one
Sooner or later I return to my self
I am representation of God
My presence is less noted
However my absence never desired


Divya said...


very well written Srivats, hats off:))

Srivats said...


Thank you thank you thank you ( read in rajini style)