Need a helping hand

"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Plato"

Its more than a quote for me.
I am living a good life here in abroad.
I can support all the needs of my family.
Life is amazing now a days, I travel , I eat good food (and sometimes my own cooking).
I have comfortable shelter.
I listen to wonderful music (thanks to Ipod), can afford good books and connect with my friends and family using Internet.

May be its very normal to many, a usual thing like sunsets that happens everyday.
Sunsets are miracle too , duh.. imagine what would happen if sun didn't set for a day :P

Given our financial background, I never would have bothered to imagine a lifestyle like this.
Is it result of all the studies, the hard work, and the intelligence(!?)
May be partly, but huge portion of it is my blessings.

The blessings given by good souls who helped me to pay my fees.
Who did not worry whether I am going to pay them back or not (and I did pay them back).
They know, they are not giving me food but helping me to do harvest for lifetime.
They also know, they are helping not only a single student but a family.
One thing probably they don't know is,they have started a small cycle of good karma.

I was earning MY salary, doing MY shopping and living MY life.
Right then couple of my friends inspired me.
They helped me to see that I can make a difference.
These days time has given me the privilege to pass around the blessings.

Sangeetha is an IT employee plus house wife just like us.
She runs a free school near tambaram funded by her family members and few close friends.
Now more than 30 happy kids are shaping their future.
(Update: actually 150 students are enrolled in the school, pardon my ignorance. You can contact the school in the following information
Phone: 0091-44-22470875Mobile: 9840842800
Email : Web : )

Suseela is an elderly social worker.
She is the bridge between deserved community and people like us for many years now.
She belongs to no big charitable organization, runs no advertisements or publish her works for any gains.
She simply pass on the blessings of hers' and of people around.
Its through her I had the wonderful opportunity to "financially adopt" a kid few years back.

Due to recession , less donors are willing and she couldn't get enough help to these students.
Below are the details of(copied from her mail to me) two such students.

Student name = R.Jawahar
Class = Std III
School = Ramaniyam Shankara Nursery & Primary school Palavakkam,
Fee to be paid = Rs.2275/-
Father name = Ravi
Father's occupation = Factory worker
Contact adds = 3/864, Maniyammai Street, Canalpuram, Palavakkam,Chennai 41
Contact = 99401 87504

Last date to pay the fee is 11th May, 2009
Apart from this fee, this student has to pay Rs.175/- monthly, which the parents will be paying

Student name = Martin
Class = Std XII
School = Marians Matriculation Hr.Sec school, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai
Fee to be paid = Rs.7950/-
Father = Expired
Mother's name = Mary
Job & Income = Cook/Maid in houses Rs.2000/-
Contact adds = Seven wells street,St.Thomas Mount,, Chennai 16
Contact = 9382747623

Last date to pay the fee is 10th May, 2009
Be it a dollar or two, it would always make a difference to them.
Please let me know if you are interested to contribute @


Thamizhmaangani said…
//I eat good food (and sometimes my own cooking).//

u consider as gd food? neenga romba nallavanga.. avvvv!!

//Be it a dollar or two, it would always make a difference to them.//

i will try to ask ard pple to help out too:)

gd work!
Srivats said…
@ Thamizhmaangani

I was reading angels and demons and totally into it :)

well thanks for offering help, Please let me know soon so I can consolidate ;)
Srivats said…
And thanks to all who responded by email for offering help !

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