Shifting thoughts

Its shifting time again.Its been one and half years in Singapore and I am shifting for the 3rd time to 4th house this Saturday.Unlike other times this one is voluntary. I am moving in with couple of my work mates for companionship.They are my good friends and had to move from their current place. They were searching for a room ,and it occurred to us that we all can take a flat together and stay.Its convenient as we have so much in common, fun and cheap( middle class mentality strikes again) .Also, we can have all the freedom of walk-around-in-shorts without shame and booze till you snooze fun (oh boys will be boys).I also thought I could use (read desperately) some change.

I believe change of place is change of life. Crazy as it may sound I almost feel like born again when I shift. Its odd feeling shaking good byes to then flat mates, and when you take a long look at the empty room to make sure everything is packed.You even feel you might have left something behind. Thats always the case, even if its for a short while, you do leave behind a part you/your life in order to move on.And I too invariably leave more than a pile of my stuff in the old house trash chute.I leave my past.I erase my history of mistakes, regrets and "oh shit" moments. I leave most and carry only the happy handshakes.

Singapore is my first - live away - from family life, and I learnt a mountain load.As much as I welcomed the change, finding accommodation in the new country isn't interesting after all. I have had lived with greedy-cum-picky house owners, 'Lets-fight-to-make-this-day-interesting' flat mates. Sometimes I took stand (that was poruthathu podhum pongi ezhu moment) when I felt I couldn't take anymore shit. Sometimes practiced Dalai lama -patience and sometimes I laughed it off. Like when my funny X flat mate competed for silly things. Although we had proper schedule for everything he managed to pick perfect timing with me.Like using cooking area or washing machine first or occupying more place for drying his clothes.He had flexible time for work and mastered the art of waiting and occupying bathroom right at the moment, specially so when I am running late.

I was amused to know such people actually found pleasure in irritating others. However I am grateful for all those things.Its because of them I had chance of putting into practice all the Robin Sharma - be a leader while tough times - wisdom. Its because of them I understood Neal's philosophy.

According to author Neal, if you were suspended in a white space, where nothing really exists except you.Then your mind don't have anything to process, anything to work on and it will gradually but surely go crazy. Your mind would no longer exists and you go, what people call "out of mind" state. Imagine if someone places a cat then. Your mind comes back because it got something to work on. Now its not just you there is something else, something different than you. The cat is small and soft and you are strong and tall, Its only by comparison you understand yourself.Similarly its because of them I understood and evolved into better self.

As I kept changing, I had better flat mates and owners.My last flat mate is gem of a person.One thing is for sure, bad events don't repeat if we learnt the lessons they send our way. Then, we grow into better self and our surroundings ward off like a old robe from us.

So I am looking forward for this change,
New place, new window,new views and New ME :P

p.s: On a total different note, below songs are my latest music crush by Alexander Rybak (winner of Eurovision).Take a moment and listen to these mesmerizing original compositions by this talented teen.
Funny little world


Preeti Shenoy said…
Oh yes--I love fairytale too! Had seen this video before.
I can completely relate to this post when it comes to the shifting bit.I too have moved so many houses (In my whole life it must be more than 50!) that I have lost count.
Change is good.
Good luck with your new house.
Thamizhmaangani said…
புது வீடு, புது roommates...ம்ம்ம்...கலக்குற சந்துரு.. ஐ மின் கலக்குற ஸ்ரீ!:)
//carry only the happy handshakes.//

Thats the way life should be!!!Keep up the spirit!! Wishes for a rocking stay!!!
anbudan aruna
Prats said…
Shifting is always a sentimental affair for me. I always get attached to places I live as a matter of fact I even get attached to the hotel rooms I live for more than a month for work...I just feel that the places we live and we move we leave a part of us and loads of memories behind.
Srivats said…
@ Preeti

I guessed while writing this post, that you would be able to relate to the shifting :)

Thanks much!
Srivats said…
@ Thamizhmaangani

LOL andha add engeyum varudha ? I miss all those crazy tamil adverts here.

Thanks for your wishes :)
Srivats said…
@ Anbuden Aruna

I try to keep up my Spirit (:P)and spirits always.

Thanks so much for your kind words.
Srivats said…
@ Prats

//I just feel that the places we live and we move we leave a part of us and loads of memories behind.

So very true, remember paulo has said the same thing in 'Like a flowing river' a part of him is with every place he visited/stayed.
Prats said…
@Srivats: Yes I have always loved all the places I have lived. Paulo always managed to connect at very realistic levels.

Ps. Wrote a reply to ur comment, thought might be of interest to you :-)
gils said…
veedu hardly shift..i am like a plant..once kept in a place..i grow there..kodi amthiri padaranthuruven :) i feel very very emotionally attached to the places i stay and find it really really tuff to move away wen the time comes..i take snaps of the empty room and try to imagine how it was with all my stuff :) hope the new one brings u more happiness
gils said…
nadula neal's philospohy nu etho potrunthiye top class da athu :D
Srivats said…

Same with me da, even if its for a shot while I get attached to the place, but also like to move on - thats the strange thing about me.

Nee enna planta ? he he - maramandai sorry maramnnu sollu - othukaren he he

Neal's philosophy enakku romba pidikkum da, avar neraya solli erukkar, appo appo kedacha edathula nama dhaan pottukanum ;P

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