Don’t cry when I die

That’s some title with a forbidden word isn’t? But I promise by the end of this post you would appreciate it better. Swaram and Anu both awarded and tagged me to write 10 honest things about myself. Considering I write every post straight from heart, Please excuse me for writing only 5 points.

1. I have a strange habit of proof reading after publishing my posts. I somehow feel the urge to publish as soon as I have written down my thoughts. I am also particular about extra spaces between paragraphs. Every new post would undergo at least two to three changes after they are published.

2. I am still in touch with my ex. We were friends for a long time and I don’t want to miss my friend especially during the rough tides. My love is totally cool with it. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve such unconditional ever understanding love.

3. I firmly believe Julie never had a bath before. I want to give him one and not sure how he would react. I am just waiting to get more comfortable with him before I carry on the historic event.

Oh that look! worth a million biscuits and a lifetime pampering
4. I have literally gone numb in the last few weeks. Whether I am running around getting things done for my brother’s marriage or sitting quietly at home it does not affect me much. I am not sure whether I am in denial of my unsure career or I am accepting it just too well.

5. As much as I am brave and positive enough to leave my well paying job for my dream, I have a teeny tiny fear that I could be wrong about the whole stuff. Never mind, that’s life.

I am choosing not to tag anyone. The following lines reflect my current state of mind. I guess it’s the perfect closing note for this post.

I have taken my chance,
I look back with happy glance,
So, don’t cry when I die.
For I never lived a lie,

I have lived my life
Without regrets
I have let loose controls
Till I reached heavenly gates
A life well used
With lovely mates it’s shared
So don’t cry when I die.
For I never let out a sigh,

I embraced life’s mysterious
One that makes histories
I listened to angels,
Looked for all the signs.
If you miss me and upset
Plant a tree or get a pet
But don’t cry when I die.
Since I did not say good bye

Let the flowers bloom
Let the babies born
Let the trains keep going
Let your life carryon
Let me lay to rest
With a tombstone over my head
If you need one last request
Let it read “A life without regret”


Swaram said…
Pt.2 there .. u r really really lucky and am sure she is too :) God bless u both :)

Do let us know when Julie is given a bath :P

Lovely lines shared :)

Gud luck Sri :)
Preeti Shenoy said…
Those who love you WILL cry, no matter what you say!

Heartfelt post.
Lovely Julie!

Preeti Shenoy said…
And it takes a lot of courage to admit no.5.
Best wishes. Certain you will do well.
Pixie said…
yea.. you are lucky with the unconditional love!
Touchwood! :)

I proof read Aftre posting too sometimes! :D
So, when are you planning on giving the bath to her? :P
It's going to one historical day!

your career is in the right direction, because now, you are going to do something you love!
All the best for that :)
Smita said…
Denial or numbness the fact is you are free to chase your dreams :-)

Loved the poem!!!

And you know what? I hate proff reading!!! May be that's why my posts are full of errors ;-)
Hiran Prashanth said…
Supera irrundhudhu....
Thamizhmaangani said…
quite interested in pointer 2. hahaha:)
Chatterbox said…
Tag wonderfully done :)
You are indeed one of my favorite writers Sri. I love thee way you write clean heart warming heart felt words that never fail to ring the right cords in my mind.

Your understanding of life and the words you select reflect lot about the strengths your personality reflects.

Am glad to learn about point 2. Wishing for you both life's every happiness.

That was a wonderful piece of poetry to go with this tag.

Good luck with everything. It is in admitting and accepting our fears where our strength lies.

deep said…
veryyy beautiful composition..with so much of optimism.. loved it.. let us know when Julie gets the bath..
@4 and 5..some things take time to get into a proper desired the time you have to nourish them and keep yourself up.. :)
RamMmm said…
Julie is tagged, I presume :-) (not with a tag-post, but with a collar) The caption is apt. His eyes, eager and interested. His ears, cocked and alert, that you are doing something that he isn't used to, the front paw stretched, ready to bolt (in case you said boo :-)), the curled tail.

Tag 1-Agree. There are always things that could have been made better once published. Sometimes I go back and fix it.

Tag 3-Ha Ha Ha. Be ready for a war and gnarls from Julie. :-) :-)

Tag 5-Everyone is human. Nice flow of thoughts there.
Julie looks so adorable!!! Thanks for posting her pic.

You know what, we have like 3 common things here. And just like you, I proof-read over and over. And I'm very particular about punctuation marks and capitalizations. Something I had in me since grade school ^^;
TheUncanny said…
grt tag!!

//don’t want to miss my friend especially during the rough tide//

tats really sweet of u to say that!! :)

BTW,I have a doubt...

julie girl ah boy ah???
CY|\|O$|_|RE said…
beautiful composition.....

@4..sometimes u gotta leave things let go on there own coz may be they get out of our control......all the best.....
Ruch said…
Straight frm the heart post .. u know what even I am almost fanatic abt re reading my published posts and then editing them :-)
Ramesh said…
OMG - what a post Sri. Firstly lovely sentiments put down in the inimitable Sri way. And then those lines - wonderful, wonderful

Now whay did you name him with a feminine name ?? If you give him a bath, he'll never again look at you like that !!
Chan said…
Fantastic straight from heart post.
Srivats said…
@ Swaram, Preeti Shenoy, Tamil mango, Hiran Prashant, Chan , Deep, Cynosurus, Ruch

Thank you very much for the words :)

I guess its very difficult to give her a bath.

I am humbled by your appreciation Thanks much! :) My posts serve as a reminder for myself first :)

I can empathise with u on proof reading, its such a pain, but i deligently do that now a days.


That was fantastic obeservation of Julie hehe :)

@ Mybittersweetkoreanlife
haha emma now we are in the game of finding the common stuff LOL

@ The uncanny
Julie is defn girl but we address her as He, that was started by mom :)

@ Ramesh
Thanks for your words, Edhu ezudhinalum appreciate panraangappa. Well read the above comment I writtern for Uncanny u would know abt Julie's sexuality.
You, your words and your perspective inspires me!

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