A dragon warrior and a thirsty dog

Trying to cut down on food while staying with mother is like the nose itch you get while you are washing  clothes. Sooner or later (actually soonest) the itch takes over and you won’t even regret for it. Even now I have eaten more and feel like pregnant women or python, actually more like a tom (from Tom and Jerry) that gobbled a melon and looks just like that. It’s been a month since I exercised, and I found the best way to stop worrying - I stopped checking my weight.

Have you ever communicated with your pet without a word? (duh!) . The dog we pet was kept by workers while constructing our home. After we moved in, mom started feeding her and she became very loyal guardian of our gate. Its name is Julie and as strange as it sounds, everyone addresses her as he. My mom started it before she read its bar code and we stuck to it. We feed him rice twice a day and crackers/rusk whenever I or dad gets home.

I feed him every time I come back home. It’s hard not to - when he greets me with so much love, jumping around, like I am his long last friend and he is so happy to see me back. Yesterday I was on my phone, wandering in the front yard and he was keeping me company. Every time I looked at him he gave me that innocent look and went about scratching his ears or licking himself. I suddenly had the strong feeling to feed him water, so I did. He was so thirsty that he finished the bowl full of water within seconds. I also get a feeling to feed my fishes, and at that moment I see them eagerly swimming at the corner of the tank, waiting for the treat. Amazing!

The real dragon warrior, taken in singapore about an year back
I happen to catch Kung fu panda in one of the channels and watched it again. I love this scene of oogway under the peach tree about believing. To be a dragon warrior, first we must believe we are one. I find such movies which are actually intended for younger audience has many things to teach us. Remember the “Just keep swimming” mantra of Finding Nemo?

“I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much.” - Mother Teresa

For now I am not worried about waistline or career. For I know I am compensating one by doing more of other. I am learning to be in the feeling of “Now” and totally giving myself to whatever I am doing at the moment. After all, the animal’s ability to get what it wants is also present in me and I should let it do the job.


Smita said…
Loved the last bit of the post!!! In our hurry & worry to make our future we forget about now!!! Don't u think sometimes breaks like such are blessings???

Enjoy!! :)
Srivats said…
@ Smita
Yes its absolutely blessings, but they are in disguise :)
Chan said…
Awesome words from Mother herself!! Way 2 go buddy !
Anu said…
hey, there was a dog at my mama's place in chennai, and her name too was julie.... she died just a couple of days back.... reading ur post reminded me of her, and how my grandfather and grandaunt, both scared of dogs, accepted her and started feeding her!!
RamMmm said…
wonderful pose Srivats. Trying to match the flexible and nubile kung-fu panda. :-)

The best way to beat temptation is to succumb to it. :-)

Somehow strays get named Jimmy or Julie. No clue on the history of such christening. Loyal animals they are. They almost mirror us in happiness, hunger and a sense of ownership.
Anu said…
USP of this post was the pic, Sri :D As usual, loved the 2-3 lines at the very end.

P.S. Name him Tiger :)
Ramesh said…
Sri - I am going to report you to the SPCA for feeding good south Indian meals to a dog. No No sri - give it panni, kozhi, ....

I am totally impressed by your pose in the photo. When your girth has matched that of the Panda, come here, and we'll make you the hero of Kungfu Panda II. Sri's amma - more curd rice to the little boy please - romba elachu poyittan !
Swaram said…
Ohh ur post hs many things to teach us too :) Thanks for this lovely post :)
Ur dog is one super-duper pet :)
Aaarti said…
:)) whatte coincidence... I sat n watched the movie too... found it while surfing channels... enjoyed it... :D

I totally believe that whatever we want we will get when we believe we are special [ like that dragon scroll] :D

and yep, Floppy n i talk all the time, with no words or barks exchanged between us.. he so totally understands me :D

hows it going?
Aaarti said…
Dug this out when i read the quote u'd put.... :D

“We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shaking them.” - Charles C. West

[hehehe.. on a diff note.. the word i got in verification is "menta" :D]
"Life is a series of unpredictable turns".....Keep the struggling animal alive!It's a blessing to live in the present now!So don't allow it to die!Take care Sri.
kanagu said…
Really really superb post and I loved the quotes from Kung-fu Panda and Mother Teresa..

Even though I have watched and enjoyed Kung fu panda I never remembered this dialogue.. actually I don't get the message if not said explicitly.. LOL..

so you are going to live for this moment.. NOW, isn't it???

Live happily :) :)
TheUncanny said…
//I am learning to be in the feeling of “Now”//

Thats so rightly said, its something u have to realise and then live by it....

Your post reminds me so much of the movie peaceful warrior.Have u seen it? There's a line in it...which goes like..

Where are you?
What time is it?
What are you?

Loved ur post... :)
I really can't imagine you looking like Tom who swallowed a melon. You've always been this advocate of fitness and health as long as I could remember. But you know what, just enjoy the moment. Stop worrying about things and just 'live' in the moment. I'm sure you'll enjoy the ride.

P.S. Is it a coincidence that the word verification here in your comment section says "porkmove"??? Get the connection? Funny as hell...
Thats a very funny pose you gave but you still cant enact like one because you are not dragon warrior or for that matter you don't believe that you are one. ;)

I love dogs man..very much..

Why in the world have you started checking your weight? i think u r god the way u r.. :)
Swaram said…
Sri, u hv been tagged n awarded .. pls do it if u like it :)

Chatterbox said…
Loved your picture by the panda. Cool!!

I too had a similar pet dog whom I'd named Tikki when I was a kindergarten kid.

It is indeed a great idea to live in the 'present' and enjoy it to the fullest. Loved the gesture you ended this wonderful post on.

Keep up the wonderful work Sri :)

Karthick V said…
Your posts are always good.

Srivats said…
@ Chan - Thanks buddy

@ Anu - Thats a freaky co-incident.very saddening to lose a pet

@ Rammm - quite interesting on the naming of dogs, christening, may be due to the fact that those days pets have been kept only by high class people and they may be too westernised and chosen western names LOL

@ Anu
LOL good u found the USP :) Tiger is a lovely name, my first pet name was such. I still remember him.

LOL amma already feeding me only such things, Please send me the ticket to china now that I am jobless could use a vacation LOL

Madam busyo ? :P

Lovely quote, I told you about it right, the one I wrote and the one you wrote here came side by side in the sunday - Times of India paper.

Thanks for the blessings, I count yours as always.

Vaanga annaey.. the message was so explicit in the movie, thungiteengalo :) Yes happy happy life NOW live pannuven

Now that you have mention it , I got to see this movie, sounds interesting.

Emma, those are the days now I am really struggling LOL but hopefully would come back to original slim cut soon :)
Funny word verification, I had to do it to stop getting nonsense comments.

Thanks I am good the way I am if I can be I am and not bigger I am :) LOL

Thanks for the award and tag, would take it up :) again, hurrey and busyo ?

Humbled by your words :) Thanks!

Thanks buddy! :)
deep said…
..your pets part is really cute.. can't stop imagining and smiling on one being accompanied during a phone.. :)
enjoy the NOW..
Anonymous said…
Nice one.. about the kung-fu panda movie..!!

Am still confused about this..
//After we moved in, mom started feeding her and she became very loyal guardian of our gate

//I feed him every time I come back home

Lol.. funnnny..!!! :P

we had a dog too :-( even her name was julie..!!U wont believe what joy she used to bring me, when i returned home after work!!! Dogs dont demand anything in return.. all they need is just to be around..!!
Srivats said…

From the post,

//Its name is Julie and as strange as it sounds, everyone addresses her as he. My mom started it before she read its bar code and we stuck to it//

hope it clarfies why julie is called he :)

Agree all they want is to be around, Lovely beings.

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