A re-signing career

There is a time in life we would be faced with making a choice between doing what is suppose to be done or  what we always wanted to do. Today I chose the latter; I have packed up my 10 years of IT career to chase my dream in advertising. All my IT experience has been shredded out; even from resume to avoid “IT related job interview” calls.

I had a light chest pain as I typed the resignation mail, then I realised it came from right so nothing can be serious about it. Heart is in the left, right? Anyway I dreaded how it would feel to be on the other side of the door. Now that I am out, it does not feel scary, in fact I feel free and I bet I can sleep peaceful tonight.

I don’t have any leads in creative industry and don’t know how long it would take to make a decent earning. But I have two best things to get me through this period - FRIENDS and BELIEF.

If I expect something extraordinary to happen in my life, I had to be extra – ordinary.


Carpe Diem said…
Hey, All the best to acheive ur dream career :) :)
Preeti Shenoy said…
Very brave indeed.
"A Ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for"
— Albert Einstein

All the very best Srivats! I am sure with you creativity you will do really well.
Good luck.

Kayni said…
nicely said - believing in the extraordinary is still something i have to work on.

hang in there and good luck in chasing your dreams =).
Photo Cache said…
If you want change in your life, you have to make that change. Life will not change it for you. I salute your bravery. Good wishes are on their way.

I too have been contemplating on doing something else. I have to keep sleeping on this thought until I come up with a decision that would hurt the least, would compromise few, and would achieve the best results :) If there is such a thing :D
OMG!!! OMG!!! im so so impressed Sri, very brave decision indeed.. i hope that you find all the sucess you are looking for.. WTG
10 Years ?? Thats too long. Hmmm Good decision. I am in the same shoes as yours, deciding what is right for me. I know , it will take time but the good thing is I started thinking about it.

I wish you best of luck cuz I already know you will give your best and the only thing you need is a little of Luck.

If you consider as friends too, I very honored to be a friend of yours :)

TheUncanny said…
Go chase ur dream!!! good luck!! I'm sure u'll make it big...
Chan said…
Best Wishes mate!! U wud rock in ur new carreer tooo....
G3 said…
All the best sri :)) Our wishes are always with U :)
Anu said…
All the best!! you would have to do this sometime or the other if u really wanted to chase your dream.. the sooner the better... u are young and have the world before u... go and have fun!! i am sure something will turn up soon...
Charissism said…
Dreams do come true Sri! Have faith in Him and never lose hope. Aim high and strike it! I am sooo proud of you. :)
J said…
That's a huge move after 10 years but I guess you need to shed the baggage before you can realize your dreams. From whatever I see here you clearly have a very creative mind and I hope you find all the success in the new pursuits. All the best!
Smita said…
All I wud say is congrats & good luck!! Am proud to know u because I seriously believe that one needs guts to chuck what we have to chase our dreams. I have been wanting to do it but never had the guts!!! Am sure that you will manage to achieve what you want to because u believe in yourself :)
Pri said…
if u got true friends and a strong belief, believe me, you have all that it takes :)

best of luck!
Annam said…
pocha oru valuable resource IT industrykku:((((
savitha said…
Few have the guts and conviction you have...You go and grab your dream!!
Best wishes ever, Sri!!
RamMmm said…
Srivats, That takes real, real guts to take the other fork in the road after 10 long years in the industry to run into unchartered waters to seek your deliverance. You are an example of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken". I just went back and read that poem again, and it is optimistic.

I quit my previous job almost exactly an year back (last day was 16 Jan 2009) after a very long association with it after some introspection as to where I was headed to and I feel now it was for the better. (though not a radical reboot as your outlook)

You are creative and you are setting a path for you to go forward. Here is wishing you the best, buddy and your last line sums it up.
Ruch said…
cldnt read your blog since u came back frm Singapore so sort of lost touch with what u were up to. This post came as a surprise, but more than that as a sort of inspiration ! I work in the IT Industry too (in a sort of semi – technical role) and am dying to get out of it myself to pursue my dream of doing something creative.
So glad you followed your dream. All the very best to you !

Never Let your Dreams die
For without them
Life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly !
Aaarti said…
:)all the best... dont worry!!!! m sure something will turn up...
Swaram said…
That calls for real courage and confidence Sri .. and am sure u will do well :) Mighty congrats on taking such an important decision and gud luck for all that u want to do .. God bless :)

Psst psst, I want to go globe-trotting .. so wish some fella calls me to host a travel show :P :P
Anu said…
How long I have waited for this post! :) Kudos!! Brilliant decision.

Where you take the road less travelled, there will be doubts, discouragement, insecurity.... but trust me, there will be happiness. You only had to take the first step, Sri. Leads will automatically follow from now on, and you will soon know how. Everything that's worth achieving, lies right outside your comfort zone.

Onward ho, soldier!! Enjoy the food for the soul :)
Karthik said…
all the best bro! rock on! :)
deep said…
..although its after 10 years but better late then never..and when we go by what our heart says, theres always success waiting for us..
All the Best..keep smiling on the new way..
Anonymous said…
i wish i am as brave as you are. all the best.
I wish you all the luck! You're brave to get out of your comfort zone and start from scratch.
Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Let me say something...... All kids are gifted; some open their packages earlier and some later...Now it's your turn!
kiran mova said…
every end is a beginning!!
Chatterbox said…
Good luck with everything Sri :)
It is indeed a bold step, but when the start is on a solid foundation the final result is bound to be big, strong and magnificent.

Bravo Sri!!

Let's hope for the very best.

Good Luck buddy :)
Anonymous said…
It takes a lot to take such bold decisions!!! :-)

All the very best for the first step towards the second career :-)
soin said…
good for you.cheekarma you will be up and running..free
Srivats said…
@ Carpe diem, Preeti Shenoy , Kayni, AJCL,The uncanny, G3, chan, Charissism

Thank you so much for your words. I am very happy to be associated with you.

@ photo Cache, Mahesh,Anu
Thanks for the words, U know there is always a slow struggle that will go on inside until U couldnt take anymore and had to take a stand in that. All the best mate
Srivats said…
@ J, Smitha, Pri , Savi, Annam
Thats so true , thanks for the wonderful words

@ Swaram
All the best for the travel show, u may never know I might get to produce it hehe

@ Anu
that was the most inspiring way to put it! Thank u so much!

@ Karthik,prinsesamusang, Deep, Mybittersweatkoreanlife,Aruna , Kiran Mova, Chatterbox, Soin,Manishpatnaik

Thanks so much for your wishes!
Glad to be friends with such lovely people who support so much!
alice-in-wonder said…
Like someone said, a very brave decision.
All the very best, srivats.
Anonymous said…
A courageous deed. Hope u will start ur earning soon. All the best 4 ur future.

CVR said…
You are a real inspiration!
All the very best!
Geli said…
You've been hinting on this in the past.
You've finally done it.
If it makes you happy, we'll be happy for you :)

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