3 Bloggers and a Granny story

I got this crazy idea that I had to pen err, keyboard it down immediately. So I am writing this post at 12:50 am, talk about peak of joblessness ;) Most of the Indians might know this story told by our grandma/mom when we were kids “Patti vadai sutta kadhai”(Granny, crow and the fox story) . What if some of our beloved bloggers had written their version of it?

For those who don’t know the story, here is the short version. A granny was making delicious Indian fritters and a crow stole one of them. While the crow was on the tree about to eat the snack, a fox came along. Being clever self, the fox planned to steal that fritter from the crow. It said to the crow “you look beautiful and I really wonder how sweet your voice would be, could you sing for me please? “ The foolish crow did what’s been asked and lost the fritter. The story was said to promote the values of not stealing, being clever blah blah, you get the idea.

Now to “I-have-gone-nuts-on-Saturday-night” versions of it.
Disclaimer 1:
All characters appearing in this work are real. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.
Disclaimer 2:
I choose these three bloggers because (they paid me for publicity), I see distinct style of them that I think, I can imitate.
Disclaimer 3:
It would make very little sense if you haven’t read their blogs (yeah right, otherwise all my posts are very sensible)

Chotu’s world – AJCL: My close friend and my favorite writer, she writes touchy incidents of motherhood in lovable way. AJCL I love you so much ;)

Chotu has started asking numerous questions, a sure sign he is growing up. Soon he would be independent and I am going to miss pampering him. Today we went to the park (same old one which we visit twice a day) and a granny was making aromatic fritters. While I was excited to try the fritter , Chotu was maha excited to see a new bird sitting on the nearby tree. He pointed at it and asked “ amma teela enna birdie erukku” (what bird is there in the tree) and I said “ its crow” . Apparently he wanted to know about its origin, life span and its genetic code. While I went into the animated discussion with him, the granny also joined us. At the same time the crow took one of the fritter and there was a big hungama about it. Chotu after seeing this declared to everyone around that fritters in the pan are having “clow bateria” (Crow bacteria) and no one should eat it. And suddenly he started screaming, I could see the people in the park starring, not at the unstoppable chotu, but the helpless me (being mommy has its own embarrassing moments I tell you). After several questions he pointed out to a dog in the park and yelled “focssss” . It was then time for his dinner so I rushed home with groceries in one hand and crying chotu in another.

Business Musings - Ramesh , My god father and very professional writer. If you want to know about the business world, look no further, for his easy going posts on latest affairs would make you well informed.

Its safe to say that businessmen from developing nations are as good as the ones in the US of A , UK and Europe. While the whole economy is recovering from the big R, our favorite Granny is making profits in fritters industry. In the last six months she has made whopping 2 million - profit! Can you believe? SHE MADE PROFIT, in what wall street journal has called – the toughest business hours of the decade. Rumors are going around that the mighty crow corporation would make cheap offer, practically day time stealing to the granny fritters, but fox Inc isn’t keeping quite either. Today’s fox Inc’s media release about Crow Corporation, calling it “beauty of the century” clearly hints its tactical plans. I say “if it’s too good to be real, then it’s too good to be real”. I guess unethical business like Crow Corporation surely deserves what’s coming next. But I am more worried about our favorite granny fritters. It was not just a profit making machine but a beloved company and dear one to million patrons like me. We need to wait and watch the developements, its sure going to be the corporate drama of the millennium.

Mybittersweetkoreanlife – Emma is like a fresh air from the well bloomed garden and we share loads of common interests. Her picturesque travelogue posts literally take readers to anywhere she goes.
I just unpacked my luggage from last vacation this Saturday morning. I had this throbbing head ach, that’s probably the sea food we had or sojo. While Chris was busy dealing with his troublesome boss, I took a good two hour nap. Later we decided to have a romantic dinner at Osaka Park. The ride through the nature trail was memorable experience by itself. It gives visitors a new appreciation for life and don’t miss the hiking while you are there.

(Picture of a muddy trail with a stream by the side)
Later we walked to the empty streets of Osaka village and saw two ajummas making Korean fritters. It was very similar to the pancakes, except these are deep fried.

(Picture of fritters)
We rested in one of the gazebo eating the tasty dishes; Chris spotted this dark healthy blue eyed crow in the nearby tree. Crow took off with one of our fritters and suddenly we decided to follow it. The mid afternoon sun was so hot, and the long walk was very tiring. But he encouraged me to walk and right then we saw country fox in the nearby bush.

(picture of fox starring)
(picture of fox with fritter in the mouth)
(picture of Emma with V shape in fingers with her cool t-shirt, and her favourite colourful shoes)
At the end of the day we were exhausted sweaty and tired beyond Imaginable, but it was amazing to watch crow and the sunset, standing at the cliff.

(Picture of crow, sunset background)
(Picture of Emma and Chris, Emma shows V sign, sunset at the background)
I would probably write my version of it in the next post ;) now off to sleep.
Ps1: If you know my address dont give it to AJCL, Ramesh or Emma.
ps2: You are free to write my version of it ;)


Ramesh said…
Ha Ha Ha

Superb. Simple brilliant. Touche ....

Its now very clear that your calling is in the creative world; not boring IT !!
Great!!!! loved it! no wonder u wanted to stay up and write it down!!! and i absolutely agree with Ramesh....you are well out of the IT routine!!
bittersweet said…
Amazing!!! All the while I was reading it, I was laughing so loud. The V sign and colorful shoes are soooo me! Thank you for putting a smile on my face in a boring Sunday morning!!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks...
Hahahaha!No doubt you did not fit in IT!
RamNarayanS said…
Creative and funny as well!!!
Aarti said…
hahahaha... ur certified LOST IT mister!! :D
awesomeeeee Sri.. since u know me so well, im so glad u din do a video post of me and chotu.. im sure u wd have posted my mannerisms in an exaggerated manner LOL!! (apparently)
G3 said…
ROTFL :)) Titlea paathuttu neethu showa pathina postonu nenachiputten.. appuram dhaan theriyudhu illanu.. irunga muzhu posta padichittu varen :P
G3 said…
Aaha... chotuva kooda vittu veikkaliya.. Grr.. unga vootukku auto ellam pathaadhu.. lorry dhaan :P

Chotu Rasigar mandram,

P.S. - Engalukku veru engum kilaigal illai :P
Chatterbox said…
Superb Sri!!
Great going :D

bittersweet said…
here's my version of the story...

I just resigned from work and was feeling a little low so I went out for a walk in our neighborhood in Chennai to clear my head. I was hungry so I bought some fritters from an old lady on the street. She knew me as a kid and gave me more than what I paid for. While eating them, I saw the street dog named "Julie". She looked hungry so I gave her a piece but before she could eat it, a crow swoop in and took it away. Julie barked at the crow for stealing her meal so to appease her, I gave her another one.

Julie followed me to the old park where I used to play as a kid. Sangeetha - my talented, software professional friend came a few minutes later to discuss our plans to help humanity.

Sangeetha plans to extend her humanitarian work in Singapore so she asked me about the life I had back then. I opened my laptop and showed her photos of my old pad, my room mates, and my cooking experiments on weekends. I also showed her photos of my trip to Langkawi, Bali, and also Europe. Seeing Ms. Smiley in some of the photos, I made a mental note to write her an email later to see how she's been.

My Mom looked worried when I came back home saying she couldn't decide which saree to wear on my brother's wedding. Our relatives are going to be there and she wanted to look her best. I told her she looks beautiful on any saree. That made her cry so I hugged her.

Looking at her, I dont feel bad about moving to Chennai or quitting my job anymore.
GUD ONE.....
jehan said…
ah... like they said already, superb! haha...

how i miss Emma...
Unknown said…
@ Ramesh
aaaha kovamey varaliya ;)

Thanks Anu, it was past 2 when I posted it :P

haha I thought u would be really angry on me, LOL I read the my version of the story its so funny. I am glad you remember all those little details and wrote it :)touched!!

U made my monday wonderful now :)

Thanks :)

Romba thanks!

Adhu enna LOST IT MISTER ? i dont uderstand :(

Aparantly ;) we share the same interests LOL :)


// Grr.. unga vootukku auto ellam pathaadhu.. lorry dhaan :P//

En neenga vareengala ?

Chotu Rasigar mandram,

Ahaaa edho eppolerndhu ? naatla neraya per vettiyadhaaya erukaanga.

//P.S. - Engalukku veru engum kilaigal illai :P//

Singapore is head office, u forgot madam!
Unknown said…
@Chatterbox :)
Thanks a lot :)

Thanks brother

THanks, may be u Emma, and I could have a cup of coffee somewhere in the world :)
kanagu said…
chottu version sema super.. :) :)

mathavanga blog ah modhala padikkiren.. apram commenting :) :)
Creative post with a funny touch. :)
J said…
Hilarious post...you captured the essence of these bloggers so well.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Very innovative and U definitely owe some wonderful friends around with their own expression and you been there for them as the best Cheerleader!!

I loved the "ChotuWorld" story...o my gosh she write with so much joy and Chotu is CHo Chweet! I could not see chotu's pic...but considering his mom's words...i guess Chotu is one of the Cutest naughty kid!Simply loved Him!

Next stories were also so memorable...perhaps i liked the mybittersweetkoreanlife's version of the story in your commment box!

Mom got so happy that she almost cried...love this line...infact...all mom does..my mom does and still call on phon to ask which color saree to wear and in which occasion! Isn't funny..but a beautiful bond of amaa and daughter!

Hey..Looking forward to your version of Story...

Keep the spark Alive..
Anonymous said…
i've heard of this story but yours is better LOL
alice-in-wonder said…
Super. :)
I am familiar with AJCL's writing , but not the other two. You have indeed picked up her style nicely.
LEB said…

I cannot post comments on blogs from where I am, hence the email.

TERRIFIC !!! ... you are a creative genius and to be able to fit into so many shoes and walk the walk is amazing. Great inspiration for bloggers and wanna be bloggers (like me) ... lol !! ... Keep you the great posts !!


Anonymous said…
I guess 'kaakka' took away my comment :-(

Did i say something wrong?!!! :-(
Photo Cache said…
if unemployment can trigger such creative juices in your writing, maybe it is a good move :)
Annam said…
thathuva gnyanii enna solli irukaarunu paarthuttu vaaren;)

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