Lets play IN to U 'tion

It has been very serious here lately and I wanted to write a positive topic with a fun twist. One of the few things I ask myself when I wake up everyday is “How can I be more of myself today?” While many of us see preserving our identity as a challenging job. Being outrageously our self is the most natural thing to do. The more we are in tune with what we are and do what we really like; we would experience a state of bliss, happiness and perfect health in Mind and body.

By listening more to our hearts, Intuition to be precise, we can understand more about our likeness and being. Most of the time, we do listen to our intuition but we find hard to trust it, drawing up many logical conclusions that might ask us to do otherwise. But remember when we were infants no one asked us to drink when being fed.

We all evolved(and evolving) from a single celled organism. Plants grow to sunlight, animals know how to find food and raise babies, all just by instinct, the natural intuitive power. If we learn to trust that higher knowledge that’s available to us, we would be able to make better choices in life. The choices that would truely vibrate with who we are.

So let’s play a game to exercise this connection, let’s see how much we are willing to listen to our intuition. Before we begin please do the following.

1. Sit comfortably
2. Close your eyes (duh after reading the steps fully ;P )
3. Take 10 deep breaths, fill your lungs as much as you can and exhale slowly.
4. Say “Relax” mentally 10 times to yourself, in slow regular intervals.
5. Say this” I am willing to listen to my intuition now”
6. Open your eyes

Now the game is to see who is preceding you in the comment section. We are NOT going to Guess, we are going to SEE mentally using our Intuition.

1. Close your eyes.
2. Visualize yourself as a Kid in your school.
3. Slowly walk to your class room, taking in the sights, sounds and smell of the place.
4. See the black board, no one is around you. You take a seat in the chair in front of the black board.
5. Now say “ I want to see who proceeds me in the comment section, Show me a feature or likings of that person”
6. Just observe what comes next
7. Open your eyes.

Now visit the comment section. Write your comment like below

1. How true the description of yourself by the above person.
2. What’s your forecast of the next person
3. Your thoughts/ feel while doing this exercise.

I have put my comments to start with, go on have fun ;)
There is no right or wrong answer here. It only says how much we are in tune with the intuition, so this awareness would help us to build that connection. You may wish to redo this, in that case please do it after an hour or two; this is just to dial down the anxiety factor. If you wish, I shall write more about this exercise in my next post


Srivats said…
1. How true the description of yourself by the above person.
Not applicable to me ;)

2. What’s your forecast of the next person

A lady with sweet voice, I see flowers, white and blue garments.

3. Your thoughts/ feel while doing this exercise.

Its good to do and write the meditation stuff :P
deep said…
1)white (and black) garments with flowers.. :) bt no sweet voice

2)someone with a sweet smile on face, which will make us all forget the worries..

3)It was right thing for me at the moment..what my mind exactly needed to relax and unwind :)
Oh.It works!
1)I'm with a smile!Sweet and let u forget ur worries.....that may be others, those who know about me will be able to say!
2)Someone in black who is very strong and humorous!
3)Felt a bit relaxed....Nice....to do after returning from a hectic day!
G3 said…

1. I believe aruna was right :))))

2. It's another kid (male :P) in school uniform entering into the room with a stick in hand !!!

3. Felt happy funny cheerful altogether :)))
CY|\|O$|_|RE said…
1) not exactly...i'm a grown up kid....in clg....lolzz....

2) some cute lady.....with a serious expression on her face...

3) felt relaxed and enjoyed it......
R-ambam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ramesh said…
1. Oh no, I am not cute, I am not a lady, but I do have a seriousl expression on my face

2. A fun loving guy , who writes witty comments and who wears his T shirt outwards in !! (can you guess who ?)

3. Tough to take 10 deep breaths !
Annam said…
Lets play..............
wov gamea?????????????????parisu thokai aethavathu unda???????????
Annam said…
saptu vanthu themba gamekulla pogalam
Annam said…
aaha comment ellam antha kelviku vidai thaana:)))))) podanum pochu da................
Annam said…
naa vantha suvadey teriyama porenppa:)))
Annam said…
fun loving guy , who writes witty comments and who wears his T shirt outwards in !! (can you guess who ?)
LOL:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) itha naa ethirparkalaye:)))
Swaram said…
Wow! This is awesome Sri .. u do get us to do wonderful things here :)

But, I think Gils hd to be here nw .. wrong person in the wrong place .. I will b bk to do my exercise soon :)
Annam said…
now its intresting:)))))))))))))))
Annam said…
swaram mam u do dat................noe gilsu vil give his entry :)))))))))))i vedikaki parthings................
Annam said…
straighta comment sectionla kuthichathu thappa pochu:)
Annam said…
innum konja neram inga iruntha i think i may not allow anyone to play:))))
Annam said…
so me the velinadappu senjing:)
Annam said…
letting swaram mam taking the correct place:)
Chatterbox said…
1. I am indeed fun loving, but a girl in red with an ear to ear grin. Annam's chain comments confused me about her guess about me.

2.A handsome bloke with a naughty smile and a witty writing style.

3. It was fun to do after a very tiring day at work.
Annam said…
aaha ini varavanga ignore my comment and play
Annam said…
:)))))) nalla kolapivitten mattum puriyuthu:)
Swaram said…
Ha ha thanks Annam .. alternatively, I will try wearing my tee that way 2mrw ;)

What I cn see:

A sober girl with a beautiful smile dressed in pleasant colours, lovely long hair :)
i love the friends trivia on ur sidebar.. awesome..
Photo Cache said…
this is a good ice breaker on seminars, etc.
jehan said…
1. How true the description of yourself by the above person.
---taking on what Swaram wrote: sober indeed but always with the same smile; in baby pink dress with a glittery pink and beige top; my hair? not really that long and not so lovely when not straightened with irons to tame some unruly hair...

2. What’s your forecast of the next person
--guy with nice hair all the time, wearing white Tshirt and jeans...

3. Your thoughts/ feel while doing this exercise
--exactly what i needed at the moment. even small things make me worry so i needed the break... thanks Sri...
R-ambam said…
1. Wrong in every sense. m not a guy, Tees and Jeans.. well not all the time, nice hair .. LOL ..

2.very friendly,actually i could see 3 persons.. one of my favourite teachers came and two good friends all 3 flashed for a sec and gone...
hmm.. The next person is very friendly adorable has many friends..

3.very nice it was fun imagining myself in the uniform..
anshima said…
grt post..an intuitive post indeed :)
keep it up!
Srivats said…
@ All

Thanks a load for participating. Some of the responses are quite intersting :)

if anyone of you would like to discuss or know more on this, please write to me at nasrivatsan@ gmail :)

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