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“Why advertising?”, If I earn a dollar every time someone asks me that question, I’d be millionaire now. The answer is “I don’t know, it vibes with me, it just feels right”. Each one of us have a destiny to work to, a purpose to fulfill in this world. The more we deviate from it, the more we would feel the stress and pain of life. But if we let, the universe would effortlessly lead us to it. And when we take up that job, it would seem as if the whole world is giving us a standing ovation to welcome us into it. Suddenly we will be dawned with realization about everything in our life that shaped us for it.

Brand/product campaigns do make a big impact on what we wear, eat and think about a product. Every advertisement we see literally shapes our lifestyle. A 5 year old pestering her mother to buy a particular washing powder (may be because the cover has a Dora or Power puff girl’s picture or something) is not a joke. A 20 seconds commercial goes through hours of research, planning and production. And like every other powerful medium it can be misused too. It would take several posts if I went about listing all those lovely advertisements that awed me. So for now, let me share few of them.

The very reason I brought the bike of “Bajaj” is because of the slogan “Hamara Bajaj” (our Bajaj). The slogan not only personalized the brand, it also gave the sense of being Indian and supporting the Indian brand. The soulful music, simple visuals and the powerful slogan has gone deep into the memories of my generation.

When Genelia walked those corridors of stadium she literally walked every Indian girl out of their cocoons. A cricket game is a Man’s field and a women commentator has to have real confidence to be there doing that. That’s exactly the message “Fair and Lovely” wanted to put to its audience.

Love, celebration and enjoying simple pleasures of life like a child, is all that comes to our mind when we watch Cadbury’s commercials. Wasn’t that enough to make any adult buy a chocolate?

Ar rehman literally blew us with his music in these adverts. Even non Airtel consumers had this as their ring tone. This must be one of the most popular Indian advertisement music. Connectivity and need to expression is the message that’s powerfully put across.

Amazing isn’t? All those commercials we watch during our breakfast, dinner or between the game show are tactically created and placed to give us key message required to buy the product. Hence the need, of being informed customers and smart buyers. Its all there for us to see, ok lets review the below advert. Watch it from sales person point of view and let me know your thoughts, in the comment section.


Ramesh said…
Wishing the soon to be ad man much success and joy in this rarified field. Shortly into the future, there will come a blog post, ike this, which will list the greatest ads with one common theme - Made by Sri.

Just to tickle you, one of the greatest ads ever in India, was before you were born (!:)) - Karen Lunel as the Liril girl under the waterfall.......
Srivats said…
@ Ramesh

haha oh yes the lyril girl was so much contraversial esp when the indian women were plastered in 9 or 6 inches saree and this girl out there in bikini dancing on the waterfall something a Indian girl would never dare to do. But that gave that ad a punch, for they all fancied doing that, and men well they jus look at it.

Sex sells, oh on the other hand I forgot the reason u mentioned abt this : )
Chatterbox said…
Cool selection Sri :)

Wishing you loads of success as you step in the super-competitive advertising world.
Looking forward to see meaningful inspiring adverts created by you that'll inspire the generations to come the products you'll chose to publicize :)

Good Luck!!
G3 said…
:)))This is a topic I see most of them have posted. Still its good to watch again and again the Ads :))

Out ofur listing, Hamara Bajaj, Dairy milk and Airtel are my fav.s :)))

Not only this one but I like all the airtel ads. Leave for the ads.. Even the banners they keep are soooo good :) There was one kept and chinnamalai junction for a lonnnnnng time.. Dont know why they had to remove it :(
Thamizhmaangani said…
are u gg to start ur ad company?:)
Aaarti said…
Gooood luck:))

Lovely Ads indeed
Ruch said…
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Ruch said…
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Ruch said…
All the best to the future adevert genius !
I used to simply loooove the Cadbury khuch khaas hai zingadi mein ads .. and I loved the airtel tune created by Rehman ..
All time fav ad-Cadbury ad.. it says 'kuch khaas hai ham sabhu mein'.. the ad world is your 'khas' point and am glad u found ur calling.. all the very best to u Sri.. go follow ur dream and as Ramesh would love to say 'Here's looking at u kid'..
CY|\|O$|_|RE said…
all the best for the future......

and one of the worst ads....."rozi miss school kyun nhi aayi....unka kutta mar gya....." and then "daag achche hain..."..lolzz....

nice post indeed.....
@ Sirvats

Wel done..!
Your post brought many chweet memories!

~ I also loved the Nescafe

~ And remember that ad..of Vicoo Turmeric..nahi cosmetic..!

~ And a very old one of my childhood...hmmm..ahahha..Lijjat Papad!

~ And almost all very earthy yet creative ads of Fevicol!

~ And remb how in summer we used to wait for that lovely Rasna ad!My friends in school always teased me with that name...hhehe..!

~ And yes..the endless journey of best memorable ads also adds to the lovely ad/song of Amul!

||~ Perhaps, in all my most aesthetically personal fav. has been two! One ad of Garden Sarees featuring LisaRay with ARRehman's theme tune...almost indulge me to look for garden sarees even today!

And second ad is the one that has just me into it! I used to do such thing in my childhood..perhaps continued doin the day i was actually marrying...can't resist the Cadbury..uummm!
LINK: ~||

Ahh...this comment went too long...but loved the feeling!

Thanks for the lovely post:)

Keep the spark Alive..
Rajlakshmi said…
I love the airtel adds... they are class apart :D
Rajlakshmi said…
I love the airtel adds... they are class apart :D
deep said…
Ohhh you revived the memories of all the nice touching cute ads.. specially airtel jingle and cadbury..

BOI was too cute, and must appreciate the makers mind, how they do it to go straight to viewers heart...

But somehow I feel the effect is that the case..?

Wish good luck for moving on the path of your dreams.. keep smiling :)
Good collection and walk down memory lane Sri. I agree with Ramesh on that Liril ad. I am happy that you are attending to your calling. Good luck buddy and hope to see glimpses of your creative genius soon. If you love what you do...I guess that is all that matters.
Annam said…
Good post :)
Anonymous said…
i love watching ads. sometimes i watch commercials, not tv shows LOL i'm looking forward to seeing one from you!
kanagu said…
this ad is really superb bro... in ads there is an advantage of using kids... they will easily connect with the lot of kids and elder people watching it... :) :)

and Bajaj is surely an amazing ad, so as the Airtel... its just mindblowing.. will work now also....
Swaram said…
I luv the msg u got us to c from the FnL ad while most of them curse it for the extra attention towards fair skin etc.. u r made for this field Sri. Gud luck and God bless u :)
Bajaj .. whatever comes and goes, Dad's Bajaj will always remain my fav :) Nothing can take those memories away from me :)
Anonymous said…
Hey.. nice one..!!
Once upon a time, even i had penned down something like this about Ads,

All the Best in advertising..!! Wish to see ads you create soon..!!
Srivats said…
Thanks :)

Yes Airtel capaigns are always good :)

@Tamil Mango
LOL no atleast not for now. I am joining advertising course.

@Aarti, Ruch, AJCL, RajaLakshmi, LEB, Annam, Prinsesamusang,

Thank u so much for your words:)

Oh u didnt like it ? haha thats well taken bro, if u see they made dirty as a good thing, so indirectly ppl buy more of washing powder because they arent worried abt getting muddy.

Whoaaa that was fantastic so many adverts all of them are our childhood memmories , nicely taken I wish I could have posted them all :) as I said the list is never ending and by the way there is no long comment :) thanks for ur lovely comment.

@Deep, Kanagu
The BOI advert is quite well taken it shows the human values involved with saving money. Its sure to touch the target audience, not the younger generation but elder generation ;)
And hey Kangu u got it just right :)

Oh yes the bajaj is injected into the blood :) thanks so much for ur words.

LOL thats freaky, jus checked ur post and left comment :) Thanks bro
@ Srivats

hey Srivats..sorry...thr was a typing mistake in your the comment..I dint notice that in hurry...Srivats turned as Sirvats!
Still it did made sence..uhh..Sir;)

Keep rocking!
Anonymous said…

The name is Manisha :( U called me Manish..!!!

RamMmm said…
I love those creatives. Ads worth watching for. I love the Brand Equity page in Economic Times, just for that.

Yep, Airtel's jingle music defined it from the old jingle-man ARR, and the neat commercials that were spun around it. And Airtel can use it irrespective of what product, phone service, Internet or DTH TV. That tune defined the brand. It would be interesting to see if they go for a different tune after some time and how ARR (hopefully) would tune it to beat this one.

The bajaj scooter ad was targeted for a really broad audience. Parents, youngsters, kids alike and it clicked. Sad that there are no more scooters from Bajaj now.

I don't like the Fair and Lovely (or the fairness ads) generally because of that infatuation with fairness. Actually dark skinned folks are better protected against skin cancer. If it was positioned as a SPF lotion, I would probably consider it, but definitely not as one to make you white and fair.

The BOI ad is one of the near perfect ones. A story, a chutti boy, his grandpa, the piggy bank, the smiles on the people around, respect for everyone irrespective of strata and unconsciously the feeling of security in using that bank. Good one. I loved it.
AJai said…
Nice post. Advertising is one of the most creative fields today. You are real lucky. Hope you do really well in it.

I liked the nostalgia that the post brought. All those fantastic ads that came through. You should have added Vicco Turmeric and Doodh Doodh Doodh. :)
Geli said…
Good luck good luck~! I wish you all the best~! :D

The last advert was cute hahahahahaha ^^ i miss reading your posts. i've been reading your posts on my breaks but i don't have enough time to log in and comment. :D

i'll be dropping by often -- even if i don't leave a comment :)

just a month left before the schoolyear ends so i'm buried up to my neck in schoolwork. hahahaha.
Srivats said…
@ Rachana
LOL thats fine :) its quite intersting how u perceived it though.

ok baba maaf kar dhena, :P on the other note, thats a imformation to me :)

Yeah no scooters anymore, but if u look at it the brand has come back with pulser, and other latest trendy bikes, competing with hero honda and other brands. They do have a brainy management team working behind the campaigns.

And abt the fair and lovely i totally agree, its indian mindset to distinguish betwen white and black , amongst all other descriminations we have. I was just referring to the creative side of the advert. :P

Hey welcome here bro, glad u liked it, Yes doodh and vicco turmeric both are lovely adverts, AS I said if i start listing from nirma, liril, pressure cooker and other adverts then this post wont be enough, I had to cut down to few and appealing to international readers who read my blog.

@ Geli
Thats so kind of you. U must be really tired and exhausted doing all the work at the time,. Take sometime off, clear off the school stuff and come back, the posts (hopefully) would be intact in blog world :)All the best!
R-ambam said…
I love Titan, Hutch, Raymonds ,HDFC , Reynolds ads !

Asian paints -- Innaall ponnaall endru pongalidu ..

Ofcourse , Every ad u have mentioned here is in my list too.

Ads are refreshing .
jehan said…
I wish you lots of opportunity, success and fulfillment in this new

I loved the first AirTel CF and the last CF reminded me of my childhood---how we would anticipate the holidays and would prefer "cash" as gifts so our piggy banks would be full by new year's. and on new year's eve, we would shake our piggy banks, make noise with it as the clock strikes 12am... it means we drive away the bad luck of the previous year and welcome the good luck of the new year with the noise. and of course, the sound of the money/coins means "prosperous new year"... and oh, i just did that with my coins here last new years... i actually do it every year...
Smita said…
The Cadbury ad has been a personal favorite of mine! But I have always hated Fair n Lovely ad for the concept that they sell!!!

If compile a list like this then it wud be incomplete without The Titan & Perk (Priety Zinta ones) ads :)
Anonymous said…
Hi bro,

You are awarded and tagged:
Very nice...Refreshed some of the old memories with these ads. NIce blog.
Anu said…
All the best in your chosen field... and hope u really do well... wishing u all success...

and hopefully you will make better ads..... these days, the number of ads are so high, most of them are utter rubbish... esp most of the ones targeting kids... ask me.. i know the kind of troubles i face, answering questions samhith brings up, after seeing them.....

and btw.. i hate all the fair and lovely ads.....thanks to them, most of the darker girls have absolutely no confidence to face the world.. they have become so conscious of their colour.. that they cant even recognise their own beauty...

i am sure u will come up with some good ones, though..
Srivats said…
@ R-ambam
Yes asain paints is good one, I did miss it somehow!

Thats really intersting to know abt the piggy bank, we dont have such custom here, although I am sure I am gonna add that to my list of practises from different cultures , thanks :P

Oh preety zinda ads! i forgot them!

Thanks bro for the award :)

@Ajeya Rao
Welcome to my site buddy , Thanks for ur comment

I totally understand advets taken to target children, its such a shame, infact I did a presentation on this topic dyuring my mass communication course. Thanks for all your words :) I am totally humbled.

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