Nobody said it was easy

I swing everyday, every hour, and every minute.
Remember the craziness of Madagascar buddies when they are left free in the forest? Free (yet scared) and happy (yet confused), the only hope is being together with friends. With few days left in my notice period, I am going through exactly that. My mood swings from temporary euphoria to sudden depression and I feel like shuttling between North Pole to Sahara. I am just preparing myself for long days of my life

Music keeps me going
In movies, (defn not the Hollywood ones), when the hero goes through a career dip, they would show how he suffers at first. And then bang! A song sequence with many short clips of his hard work and perseverance is enough to make him millionaire. That hardly ever happens in real. But I firmly believe I am going to see some interesting developments in forthcoming days. Needless to say I would post every detail of this journey, and you guys would be the first ones to know.

I love Pakistan
I am sure many cricket fans and those with strong “patriotism” would judge the forbidden statement written by this Indian. How can I even think of loving someone, a fellow human being who is born few thousand kilometers away? How can I share the special feeling with people who are victims of bad politicians, hypocrite media and terrorism? But if patriotism means these things then sorry don’t count me in. Love, support and understanding are all we need to bridge this gap, to cut the poison tree that was created by few corrupted minds for their own benefits.

I roar for Tiger
Our national animal is close to extinction! From 40 thousands to mere 1400 and declining the very minute I am writing about it. I used to think such campaigns are mere donation mongers or attention seekers. Albeit, it still helps to create the awareness about the issue. Every word written or spoken about it would definitely make a difference.

Be it mood swing, peace with nation or conservation of wild life, we can always do something about it. Its not easy but its definitely worth our effort.


Swaram said…
Ohh me 1st here too? Wow!
rightfully said Sri..

Let's all make this world a better place, shall we?
Swaram said…
Every word here makes so much sense Sri .. gud luck to u and yes, we hv nthng to hate Pakistanis no. We may nt be able to change every other person who thinks otherwise, but glad we r nt biased!
G3 said…
//I swing everyday, every hour, and every minute.

Swing avlo aasaiya velayaaduveengalonu thappa nenachitten :))))

Mood swing... for me, sometimes it would be even for every second :)(
Aaarti said…
Yep, nothing is easy.. but it is all in our control how we react and deal with it :)
/But if patriotism means these things then sorry don’t count me in./
Me too!lovely post!
Anu said…
yes, Sri... its worth all the effort.... its what keeps us going!
soin said…
i feel they are over hyping the tiger thing and not doing anything.yeah save tiger and all.but what actually happened?
Karthik said…
my kind of post.. love it..:)
Photo Cache said…
i love your introspective writings.
TheUncanny said…
post title speaks more of urself than the post itself...

இதுவும் கடந்து போகும்…….
Ramesh said…
No, it isn't easy Sri. But it will be worth it . You will find the right points in your career for bravery is a trait always rewarded.

Nice post. Great to see you find time to post despite all the zillion things that have to be done in an Indian marriage.
RamMmm said…
Patriotism is more or less a jingoistic word and is relative. But that doesn't mean you should not love your country nor be lethargic. People at the lowest common denominator are the same everywhere. I loved the song in chorus that the girls sing. Is it anyway related to the 'Aman ki Aasha' by the TOI group?

Tiger population decrease is so sad. Development and natural habitat don't seem to go together. :(
Sankpl said…
I really dont know if i can simply write anything that comes out of mind. I think Patriotism is also a feeling may be the other word for love and that love can be expressed anyways you can or capable of and for sure it cannot be forced or requested. and more It also cannot be categorized.

However all these above statements can be made false using the same Love...Probably thats what GANDHI/BHAGAWAT singh did.

Srivatsa ....Srivatsa....!!!
Srivats said…
@ Swaram
Yes u are the first :) I was so inspired to see your , "Save our Tigers" headline picture :)

:) Thanks! Thats simply sweet way to put it

Neengalum swing pannuveengala :) super super we two same swing:)

oh yea! the 90/10 principle :)

Thanks, thats the gist of it!

Very well said anu, it gives us the purpose in life.

Actually so much is happening, and need to happen, but the first and foremost thing is to create awareness.

Minnale vara maddy maari, my kind of post nnu solrenga naan figure pathi ezudhalaye :P

Thanks! :)


Thats the hope Ramesh.
haha yes so much to do, but my retreat is posting :)

@ Rammm
Yes that song is part of Ar Rehman's composing, nasrath has writtern/sung I guess :) lovely isnt ? Its always a taboo between develiopments or conservation, I guess balance is the key and I really hope people would wake up before its too late.

I am sorry I really dont see your point in this, may be some other commentor or yourself could clear me.

I dont stand in the way of loving ones country and having pride in it, but we dont just do that alone :)
Ratzzz said…
i can sense wat u r going thru.. i am in my notice period too... :D

its a phase of dread and bliss mixed in unbalanced measure :D
Sankpl said…
Its not loving one's country and hate the other, GANDHI didnt hate any, He didnt give up on his country, i used gandhi and bhagath because they are histroy they were contrast in their expressions but they had the same thought " not giving up". They are just examples for patriotism ( ones' country..or what ever you want to call).

Patriotism - for today you cannot stand against your politicians or anybody who is corrupting things around you. The word by itself does not have any meaning. As you shave mentioned on the title " ....CHANGE...." please give a try.....MAdDY " THAMBI" style ...!!!
Srivats said…

thats well said ! I guess thats exactly i am trying to do, raising funds for the school, writing about tigers , indo pakistan relationship, I may not be thambi maddy or whatever , but i can defn do my bit. And thats exactly i am doing.

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