How long is one second ?

"How long is one second chichu mama?" my nephew asked me, without lifting his head from the jigsaw puzzle we were playing. I looked up wondering what to say.  "hmmm.. I dont know kutti, why dont you tell me how long it is?". He smiled at me, with his iam-gonna-make-something-up-look. He held his two tiny hands apart as if he is holding an invisible ball and said "this much". The next ten seconds were long enough to pick him up and swirl him around. He put his arms out and pretended to be a jet plane. We crash landed on the bed and giggled for long.

"NEXT.." the voice was loud enough to jolt me back to where I was. I was standing in the queue to student service at my college. It took one soft drink, 28 pages of Mitch albom's book and a day dream - in total a good two and half hours before I reached the counter.While the short Filipino lady waited impatiently, I fumbled through my valet and handed her my student ID.   " hi , I just finished my bridging module and going for masters this semester, I haven't got my schedule for this semester..." , she disappeared into the racks behind, before I finished my sentence.

"Your fee is due " she shouted from somewhere behind the shelves, I bet the student at the end of the long queue would have heard it. "Sorry?" I had to shout back. she held a file while walking back and did not waste any second to rain on me " Your fee is due, U have to pay ......before you start your semester " "but its paid through bank from India" . " Yes but due to conversion rate you are falling short.." , she went back to check some more stuff, while I stood there stumped. My phone flashed with message from my owner reminding me to move out before next month.

After a 15 minutes conversation, she handed me a bunch of forms to fill out,  I turned so fast that I bumped into the girl next to me and my papers cascaded the floor. I gathered myself along with the papers,walked over to the front gallery and sat down.

I starred into nothing for long, trying to find answers to questions that are so complex even to spell out. Then I turned towards the gallery, where they showcased students work to attract potential ones. Two mannequins had freaky clothes from fashion department, next to it was a space car from animation department.  Then something caught my attention. There it was, the packaging design boxes I made for my last semester, sitting high up in the white table with flash lights around, smiling at me. I smiled ear to ear with misty eyes, hands on my mouth.  I held my hands like my nephew and told myself "one second is this long". Long enough to go to the depths of depression and back to flying high like jet plane with hope. Crash landing is so out of question.


so how long is a second?:)
seems like physics,,,
Ramesh said…
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Ramesh said…
Ye Ye Chichu mama. May you always keep soaring
Geli said…
oh my God, this is wonderful. your blog is always a joy to read :D

where are you now (geographically, I mean :P)?
Wishing you a safe landing all time!
A very happy new year!
jehan said…
oh, you always inspire me.. thank you for this. i was gonna read it the moment you posted it but my little one insisted i hold her in front of the computer and she pretended to type again like she can type 100words a minute, with matching mouse clicking...

Keep flying and no crashing.. just smooth landing...
Anonymous said…
Like always this post is also written in a nice manner. And I like the way you have connected the things. Before the last paragraph I was wondering how come things are connected here. But after reading the last paragraph everything seems to be perfectly ok.
May this new year bring you many more 'smiling from ear to ear' moments!lovely post! and i saw ur flash mob video too! great!!
Photo Cache said…
Happy New Year. Nice to see yoiu posting again.
Srivats said…
@ Samuthra

So did you figure out the physics of it ?

@Ramesh :)

haha you calling me mama is defn funny

Thanks :) I am humbled.
I am in singapore


Glad to see you around :P like good old times

@ Jehan
Oh my friend, I am inspired by people like u :) haha take more pictures of your kid and post it for us :)


Thanks for your words, :) I try hard though LOL


Oh thank you, Very happy new year too:) yes I having one ear to ear moment now :)

@Photo cache

Nice to see you commenting again :)LOL

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