Lost clouds and unclee

Leaf succulent are plants that grow in extreme conditions of the dessert. To be precise, they stay dormant for most of their life, waiting for a random cloud to get lost and pour down some love. Within few hours of rain, they grow, bloom and store as much as water they can in their fleshy inside. A bed of colorful flowers in the middle of the dessert! Then again the dormant cycle begins, it could be weeks, months or even years until it can rain, yet they wait patiently. I came across this, in kid's encyclopedia that I was reading out to 6 year old Sam, my landlord's kid.

"Is the plant sick?" he asked me , tad worried. It took me couple of seconds to realise why he is asking me that. Sam's mom is a nurse and patient can only mean one thing. It's been just couple of weeks since I moved in here, but all it took for Sam and Angeline to befriend me was just a smile. Angeline is turning 3 tomorrow, and had little idea about the discussion, yet she enjoyed sitting there with an open book and being in company. By the way she calls me unclee.

It's time to baptize Sam to Google, so we moved onto my computer table. Angeline climbed up on my lap and peered into the screen, while Sam stood next to me taking it all in. In the next few minutes, Sam learned googling, Angeline learned to click and I found out "patient" came from the Latin word patientia. which meant , one who suffers. It had several similar meanings and I like this one the best. ' The act or power of calmly or contentedly waiting for something due or hoped for; forbearance '

While the mentioned two waited patiently for my explanation, I wondered about succulent plants, patience and me. Desserts were once ocean , and these plants adapted to it. They might seem, poor and stupid. Other plants might pity them. But it is the fortitude that makes miracle happen, for a life affirming rain from a lost cloud is no mistake.

ps: My gratefulness to all those who mailed,sms and called to make sure I am doing ok. You guys are my lost cloud.


forbearance-- now thats something i do believe in and try to use as much as i can, but something i wish i had much more of!! but yes. good things come to those who wait, so we have a lot to look forward to.. sometime :D
life is all about adapting oneself to the changing situations...
the world is very cruel and that's y it was said "survival of the fittest"...

anyways what I think is it should be: "survival of the most adaptive personal"...Actually that's what the world is now a days proving about that what it requires for us to survive..."our adaptive nature"...

Ramesh said…
You are a natural magnet for kids Sri.

Fortitude makes miracles happen indeed.
jehan said…
been so down today and this just made me feel better.. really better.. thanks Sri.

i really have to forbear more..
RS said…
As I get to read your recent posts, I DO understand the real meaning of 'anything for love'. You are doing so very well to nurture your heart that most of us ignore. Great going, Sri!

Two years later, when you read these posts, you are going to be smiling thinking of the tiresome journey you took to reach where you will be then!! Your patience, fortitude, perseverance, resilience WILL take you miles atop your dreams. God bless you!!
Srivats said…

haha lets of less of Forbearance and more of joy in our lives :) Tx :)

How appropriate!

@ Ramesh
I should make that in badge and wear it :)

Come on smile and carry on :)
Or jus look at me :) hehe

@ Rs
its very warming to know you been around :) and thanks so much ! :)

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