The tomorrows of yesterday

Dear problems

You may had my yesterdays and today but I am refusing to give up my tomorrow.
For tomorrow is mine and I am going to be happy no matter what you do.



Ramesh said…
You can only have yesterdays. I will reclaim even today. And tomorrow is of course all mine.

RamMmm said…
That is the spirit.

Repeatae from Ramesh.
Srivats said…
@Ramesh - better much better :)

@Rammm :) thinking of spirit in the middle of the week huh ?
laks said…
As Thalaivar said
" Aandavan neraiya sodhippan, aana kai vida mattan "
Even u've lost something cos of the yesterday's probs, they've given u the perseverance and patience for tomorrow... U r holding them tight.. U'll go places in life...
Christy Gerald said…
Simply Thought Provoking . Nice to get to know a Tamil Blogger again. Happy to follow U.Happy Blogging!.
Photo Cache said…
that is the spirit. sending good vibes from across the pacific.
My Era said…
Wonderful :)
R-ambam said…
Nice !
jehan said…
hello Sri! how have you been? i just wanna let you know that this post has become some sort of a mantra for me, ^^,

with this, i know you are always okay.. keep inspiring...
Srivats said…
@ Laks

Thalaivar solradhu ellam correct dhaan erukkum ana avar dhaan hehehe , thanks for coming and commenting :)

@Christy Gerald
Except I hardly blog in tamil :)

@Photo cache :)
Reached safely, returning a buck load with interest

@My era
Thanks so much

how u been ?

I am so touched by your words, so much :) that I dont have words to reply you back.

its people like you who keep pushing me to post

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