Big Cows and small towns - Euro Trip 8

God must be happy when he created Holland. Everywhere I turned I saw trees, birds, canals, cows, and sheep. Most part of Holland is below the sea level, the highest point is just 323 meters above sea level. Disastrous floods are also part of Holland’s history. That's the reason we see canals and windmills everywhere.

The cattle in the farms are protected not with fences but with smaller canals.
These water bodies are connected to rivers and water is constantly pumped using windmills to the sea. Windmills are also used to keep the area dry, produce electricity, wood sawing, for processing grains etc.

The Netherlands has more than 4,000 km of navigable rivers, lakes and canals.
Miss smiley and I took a small nap on our way to The Hague, former capital of the Netherlands.

One of the beautiful roads of Hague
We went around Hague without alighting, but the bus slowed down or sometimes stopped near the attractions so we could take picture of it. The guide gave us plenty of information all through the way.

The Binnenhof, the Dutch parliament, since 14the century!

Noordeinde Palace
Noordeinde Palace, Its one of the four official palaces of the Dutch royal family, built in 15th century.

The Peace Palace
The first peace conference between nations held during 1889, and the palace was filled with many gifts from different nations as sign of their support.

Flowers in front of Peace Palace, imagine how Holland would look during spring.
This palace is also called the “seat of international law” because it houses the International Court of Justice (judicial body of the UN). Many international conferences and meetings are held here even today.

We alighted at the miniature city of Madurodam. It's a model Dutch city in 1:25 scale.

Madurodam Miniature town.
Hans Brinker is a fictional novel (a story about life in Holland by “Mary Mapes Dodge”) that tells a story of the little Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The boy stays there all night, in spite of the cold, until the adults of the village find him and make the necessary repairs. (namma eri kaatha samy maari ellai?)

The Miniature town is full of life!
Every detail is perfect replica of original buildings and sights, the windmills rotate, ships sails, and trains run in the largest miniature railway. There was even a burning ship which was attended by rescuing ship.

More to come…


Savitha said…
Anonymous said…
As colorful as can be! :) This single post made me so J of you.

Cattles are fenced with canals??What a way...In a world where fields are fenced electrically, this is a great news!!

The pic of the road is awesome!!And the flowers infront of the palace-wah!What creativity to have created such blended variety of colors? I so want to meet the creator now :)

Thank Sri, for making the day brighter! And will, surely make it to Holland atleast once!!
Anonymous said…
And the lake infront of the parliament building-wordless!!
Aaarti said…
oooh, more sights to feast on... mudal pic sema azhaga irukku..seen it only on post cards~~

antha miniature town so cute... :D
Srivats said…
@ Savitha

yes first, u want a cow or minitare building ? :)

The water fences was seriously interesting one :)Glad you liked it!

@ Aarti
Believe me most of the country side scenes were right out of post cards :)
i loved the first snap so much.. right out of a post card i tell u.. this is it now.. me defnitely going Hollan visiting..
ur pictures have a very professional look about them
Swaram said…
Its just getting better and better Sri :)

Loved the Peace Palace one and the first one :) Picture Perfect! N u put it well, God must hv been really happy when Holland came into being!

/* The cattle in the farms are protected not with fences but with smaller canals. */

Thatz so nice to know :)
gils said…
nice snapsda...
nothing beats those wonderful and vibrant photos you posted. it looks so clear, colorful and so alive!!!

This is my favorite from your Euro trip.
Srivats said…
Now R is going to really hunt me down, I dont stand a chance with his tall built form. Do they look professional haha, Thanks much :)

@ Swaram
Its always nice to read your comments, you choose your words and they always flatter me to the core :) Thanks :P

@ Thanks da gils :)

@ Mybittersweetkoreanlife
Glad you liked them, They would have been still better if the ligthing were better and not taken from inside the bus ":)
Swaram said…
Nw nw am flying high :P
Srivats said…
haha yes u were very generous :) , now thats more reasons to fly :)
Ruch said…
Read through the whole euro Trip - You seem to be having a great time !
And great Snaps !
Annam said…
Hans Brinker is a fictional novel (a story about life in Holland by “Mary Mapes Dodge”) that tells a story of the little Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The boy stays there all night, in /////////////////////
intha kathaiya chinna vayasula English book prose side la padichi irukom:) i rembr:)
Annam said…
europe parka aasaiya irukey:)
Annam said…

dis similey is dedicated to MISS SMILEY:)
R-ambam said…
Nice snaps..!

Miniature city and Holland flowers.. hmm.. fascinating :)
R-ambam said…
//yeri kaatha saami story//
school a padichirukom.. schoola dutch boynu thaan sonnaanga .. 5th std Moral science la varum.

//navigable rivers, above sea level//
Geography ..!

//peace parliament//
History n civics
Don't be in a hurry....Write in detail.We are not getting bored.This post seems to be written in a sort of hurry burry.If u are bored to continue this take a break and post something else and then come back.
Ramesh said…
Superb photos - the best of your series so far I think.

You've made Holland come alive. Even a Dutchman reading it might be envious of his own country !
G3 said…
Baga tholachu tholachu velayaadara gamea neraya vaati velaandeengalo europela :P

Pictures ellam sema kalaasala irukku :)))) Wallpaperskku inga irundhu neraya suttukalaam pola irukku :D
Vishnu said…
beautiful photos.. did u visit tht human museum in amsterdam??
Srivats said…
@ Ruch
Glad you read through the complete trip,Thanks for travelling with us :)

@ Annam

Enna romba adakkama comment podreenga, edhu neengala ellai annam abesencela comment poda appoint panna friend? in that case she is not doing good job hehe

@ Rambam
Apaada kovam theendhucha? hehe
Yes class eduthruvomla ;)

@ Aruna
Rightly pointed out, except I was not in a hurrey, little bored for sure :) There was not much to write about those places, angey ernga kuda ellai, busla erundhu mattum dhaan parthom adhaan. Anway thanks for the care you take and the perfect comments you leave :)
Srivats said…
@ ramesh

enakku vekka vekkama varudhu ennama pugalreenga saami :)

@ G3
Kandippa enna venumnu sollunga nalla full size anuppi vaikaren

@ vishnu
Good to see you here :) Are you talking about the musuem where they keep the body parts ? it was in germany and I didnot bother to visit :)
Vishnu said…
no.. its a museum which looks like a human body.. which explains about the various parts of the human body.. the experience will be as if u r a blood cell wich travels through the whole body.. am pretty sure that its in amsterdam.. jus nw googled and got it.. its the corpus museum located between amsterdam and hague..the below is a pic.. jus google to get more info..
Srivats said…
Hey vishnu

That sounds interesting , Thanks a load for the information. May be next time when I visit Amsterdam again :)

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