55 something

“Come to pantry now” her message blinked in office chat.
“Ok” he typed and rushed to attend his friend.
“The baby is kicking” she took his hand to her stomach, beaming.
He felt the life and welled up, not just for her motherhood,
But also for the remote possibility to have his own someday.

How he wishes it were a fiction.


Ruch said…
fantastic !
I should've been first!

the situation seemed very simple, but nonetheless insightful.
gils said…
??kathai engada?
Thamizhmaangani said…
friendship storyaa? nice nice...
55 words thaanaa...cool cool!
Is this ur post Sri???? :(
'he' seems so much like u Sri..i loved the write up..
'he' seems so much like u Sri..i loved the write up..
@gils- en gils explanation? its so clear
Annam said…
Karthik said…
RamMmm said…
Good One.

>> How he wishes it were a fiction.

What are we to think about this? ஒரு slight குழப்பம்
Srivats said…
@ Ruch, Emma, AJCL,Tamil mango, Karthik,Annam

Thanks much

@ Gils
its better if u dont understand

@ Aruna
Sometimes truth makes u go like this :(

@ RammMm
Welcome here! Sorry u are not catching me on my best day.
G3 said…
//A journey called Life said...

'he' seems so much like u Sri..//

Repeatae :)))))

Neengalum godhavula guthichaacha ;) Kalakals :D
Aaarti said…
Beautiful Sri... heartfelt!!
ms firefly said…
thanks for dropping by my blog. ^-^
Chan said…
Haiku story...cool mate
Understood Sri!don't bother!
vishal jindal said…
nice post :)
thnk u for taking time to visit my blog and comment on the same..

hope to see u around :)
Divyapriya said…
nice one...
Ramesh said…
Ahoy Sri - You are so hopelessly head over heels :) :)
Sakhi said…
Awww... cho chweet! :)

And thanks for leaving comment on my photoblog too! :)
Srivats said…
@ G3

romba sumara dhaan erundhuchu :) edho tehriyaama ezhudhitten

@ Aarthi, Chan , Divya , ramesh
Thanks much!

You are welcome for both! :)

Same here buddy :)

Did you really think that was cute, hehe you were just sweet :)
Thanks for the comments.
Swaram said…
I really think this is cute :)
Srivats said…
haha really? thanks :)
Vishnu said…
gethu.. liked this very much.. 2 days back i saw a sitcom called accidentally on purpose where the baby kicked while the lady was eating ribs.. so its like a message here too.. the baby will either like pantry cars or hate it..

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