The Do(n)m of Koln - Euro Trip 12

Do you know why babies cry when they are born? One of my friends gave birth recently and I was wondering about this topic, I looked it up (not all of them are satisfying explanations to say) and this is what I found. When the baby is in the womb, it gets oxygen through the chord, this respiratory system closes down during birth and baby is forced to take the first breath of air which is painful. So it cries.

Virgin Mary by entrance- life size, click to see the intricate works of art
Crying also helps in filling the lungs, which is much needed at the start of every life. Delayed breathing might cause complications like brain damage, cerebral palsy or even god forbid (sadly India tops up this mortality rate in the world) So the next time you crib over something you cannot handle, think about this. You are one in million to have conceived, one in billion to have developed with abilities, made through delivery and fought for your right to breath, your right to live!

few of numerous sculptures that adore her church.
The problem is sometimes we stop fighting, that's when we need to look around and see the wonderful world in its every grandeur. The marvels our ancestors have made, which still stands long after they have gone. That still makes us wonder about their genius work of art.

I lay down on the floor,yet I could not cover her fully
It’s easier to write and read a statement that says it’s from such and such century and this person has built this. But just take a moment to imagine how much work has gone into that, the years the monument has withstood, still smiling at us. Koln Cathedral is such a marvel.

The Cathedral stands on an old Roman temple from 4th century. The old cathedral built over here was burnt down. The construction of this cathedral begun in 13th century and due to many reasons it was delayed. On the whole it took more than 600 years to complete. Dedicated to Saint peter and Virgin Mary, this is the  largest Gothic structure in the world, and also it has the world largest church facade.

After WW2, Image courtesy internet
During world war two about 1,500,000 bombs poured over Koln and the Dom took 14 of them! It might be the only tallest structure that ever survived a war. The reason being, the towers actually helped the army planes to find directions.

The Cathedral is sacred for many reasons. Its main treasure is said to be a golden reliquary, Sarcophagus of the Magi, containing mortal remains of the three wise men of Christmas. Be it 6 in the morning or 12 at night there are always some mass happening in this church. It’s literally like Tirupathi where pilgrims flock from all over at all times. I even witnessed few people with just travel bag sleeping outside the Cathedral.

Thats the size of one window, just one
The Cathedral is official seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. Archbishop was one of the seven electors of the Holy Roman Empire. The energy in the cathedral is nothing like I have ever felt. There are only few places on earth in which we feel direct connection with higher powers with zero effort from us and this is definitely one of them.

The Organ pipe by the wall
The candles flickered, lights danced through the painted windows and smoke emerged from the rituals in alter. The choir combined with grand organ music gave me goose bumps. The smell, colors and energy of the place guided me to another dimension.

Can you see the height of the coloumns now ?
The volunteers were very patient and friendly advising us not to make loud noises or wandering inside the holy office. We couldn't sing along in the mass because it was German. But I could definitely feel the presence of something that's beyond the caliber of my mind.

Other than the echoing choir or occasional announcement from father the huge church reminded very calm. Several hundreds came in and went without any disturbance to other pilgrims.

Millions of prayers, blessings and unwavering faith reside here.
We went there all three days of our stay, and praying inside the cathedral felt like the most sacred thing to do. On our last visit, I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with incense smell before coming out, Grateful for being born and blessed to have taken my first breath.

His holy office, the alter
We do cry when born, it's the sign of understanding that pain is part of our life, to let us know that better things await us if we withstood the pain. Even large cathedrals need to withstand the war to be appreciated better!


Prats said…
Awesome pics man... I so want to be there :-)
Ramesh said…
Truly lovely photos. Keep going Sri.
Anonymous said…
I am all misty eyed at the first part of your writing.

Awesome pictures.

And,what a word towards the end??Chanceless, Sri!!
Srivats said…
@ Prats

Thanks man, wishing you a journey there :)

@ Ramesh
So i take that u read the post LOL, probably i should remove the pics and just write :)

@ Savi
Thanks!! :)
Srivats said…
@ Savi
//I am all misty eyed at the first part of your writing.//

tissues :)
must have been a nice experience going to that cathedral.. did u feel the peace Sri?

I like the Organ of pipes photo.. nicely shot
i mean Organ pipe photo by the wall
Srivats said…

yes I did, perhaps I should have made it clear in the post :)
Swaram said…
I just loved the way u hv started the post and the analogy @ the end!
Its amazing to know this structure hs survived war!

/* You are one in million to have conceived, one in billion to have developed with abilities, made through delivery and fought for your right to breath, your right to live! */

Iff only we cud hv realized hw much it takes and marvel @ the power of creation, it could prevent so so many suicidal deaths :( So much goes into it and people end their lives in seconds :(

The Koln Cathedral is truly a masterpiece - the pillars, the sculptures - simply superb!

I loved the pic where u lay down on the floor shot the same! Kudos to the efforts :)

/*The marvels our ancestors have made, which still stands long after they have gone. That still makes us wonder about their genius work of art.*/

I visited Salarjung Museum here in Hyd for the nth time last weekend with a friend and ws feeling exactly the same! We might say we r gr8 sitting here and keying away to glory but the work of those artisans, carpenters who never get their due - they deserve so so much! Whosoever taught them geometry and symmetry! Reminds me of Appu's recent post :)

/*in which we feel direct connection with higher powers with zero effort from us*/ - Lovely words!

God bless u :)
very well said Sri. Everything you wrote here is priceless!
The most beautiful post Sri.The way u began and ended.....too good..I've saved this post for future reference.You have got a very good art of writing.Keep writing!
gils said…
nice writeupda :)
R-ambam said…
nice photos..
I almost thought it s gonna be some thathuvam with ur travel photos , but u have handled it better.. :)
R-ambam said…
first cry OK , athukappuram nye nye nu aluvurathu ethukku nu konjam kaettu sollunga :p
Thamizhmaangani said…
gd flow of thoughts from crying to travel journal. gr8 gr8:)
Aaarti said…
You sure have a way with words Sri.. beautiful, from the opening line to the closing word...!!

Wow, the cathedral is beyond words... reminded me of the one i saw in Trichy, it had me overwhelmed, and at a loss for words[ even tho am sure this was far more grand n majestic]...!!
Karthik said…
beautifully written and awesome fotos! way to go bro! :)
G3 said…
Avvvvv.. Oru professionaloda writinga padikkara maadiri irukku.. Semaya ezhudhi irukkeenga :)) Photos thaniya sollanuma?? eppavum pola ellamae kalakkals :D
Srivats said…

Thanks much very encouraging :)
I agree with you about the suicidal, I am guilty of that charge too :( they say it needs to rain before rainbow and its so true

I have been to salarjung musuem once and saw that clock where the guy with hammer comes out to hit 12 so very entertaining! Thanks fro blessings. What you give out always comes to you thousand times and so are the blessings :)
Srivats said…
@ Emma
Thanks! :)

@ Aruna
Humbled, Thanks! such an encouragement.

Thanks da

Glad I did that :) adhayum solren, innoru postla :)

@Tamil mango
Thanks! :) unga gtalk comments LOL

@ Aarti
Thanks a lot dear. There are some places like u have mentioned that would stick to out hearts, I agree totally, I too know a small old church in chennai, its in mylapore near luss

@ karthik
Thanks bro for visiting and commenting.

@ G3
professionalava haha kaasu varuma :) Thanks thanks
Swaram said…
And I am glad u saw the rainbow on time! God bless!
CVR said…
//Even large cathedrals need to withstand the war to be appreciated better!///
Its easier to withstand wars when they dont drop any bombs on you :)
Chan said…
Excellent part mate :)
Srivats said…
LOL< kalyaanam fix aanadilerndhu margama dhaan erukeenga :)


Thanks kanna
Charissism said…
My mom always say that if it's your first time to step inside a cathedral/church, you should make a wish. I hope you did! ;)

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