Missed smile & waiting miles - Euro Trip 2

 Paris from the Eiffel tower
Good day! I finally got over the odd sleeping habit in the weekend. When told, my colleague couldn’t believe jetlag can exist for more than two days and was joking that I cannot be more European! I retracted without a second “yea u would if you get sleep only by 3 am and shit at odd hours”. When I looked it up, I had almost all symptoms like irritation, insomnia, indigestion which are mentioned in the site. I didn’t have this much trouble when I went to Europe. One night sleep was all it took to be on track that may be due to the fact that I was more excited to tour than to get back to work ;)

Anyway getting back to the Europe trip, I was hungry after descend from the tower, so I brought a box of cookies (actually I liked the metal box: P) in the souvenir shop. Its THE BEST cookies I ever had, I highly recommend it. We met the Indian-French couple later and they told us these cookies are one of the best in Paris. I had good year red wine, and an artichoke pizza soaked in hot olive oil for dinner. That’s the first time I ate artichoke and I liked the texture, taste and flower like look of it.

After a good 10 hour sleep and hefty breakfast at Indian restaurant, we bumped our way to the world famous and most beautiful avenue "des Champs-Élysées" pronounced something like "le- shanse-lesay" (check here for better enunciation). This is the most expensive part of Europe. You have to pay more than 1.5 million USD just to rent 1000 square feet of space.

I felt royal just walking through this street .This is the same street King and Queen of France used. It’s the same street German troops marched celebrating the fall of France. This is the same street that has witnessed the ever evolving Parisian life. It runs through many monuments of France and this is where Bastille Day, (National day) parade is held every year.

The first thing I noticed is the beautiful chestnut trees by the sidewalk. This street hosts cinemas, hotels, cafes, restaurants and up market shops like Zara, Adidas, Mercedes, Disney, Nike, Gap etc. In weird way it’s a pride to walk on this street with a branded shopping bag ;) The Champs-Élysées ends at the “Arc de Triomphe”, built by Napoleon Bonaparte

Arc de Triomphe - From Eiffel tower
The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous and a must-visit monument in Paris. It was built to honor Napoleon’s greatest victory in the battle of Austerlitz (the battle of the three emperors) during 1805. His body passed under this arch in 1840 before resting in Les Invalides.

Arc de Triomphe
When we took the train to the tower the previous day, we got lost in the metro station that served this place. I was quite surprised by R's knowledge when he told the word 'Invalides' meant disabled ex-serviceman and the place had hospitals and retirement homes for war veterans. Around this area we can find monuments and museums all relating to military history of France

Part of Louvre museum
Paris full of age old buildings, monuments and churches; itself is a museum to say. To top it all, it also has the most visited museum in the world, “Musée du Louvre” (The grand Louvre museum).

Louvre museum
The museum was opened in 17th century and it boasts to host 380,000 objects and 35,000 artworks from prehistory to last century. I guess the highly controversial cultural seizes during World War 2 and by Napoleon I, adds up to a good number in this. Owing to the collection, the crowd and the little time we had in Paris, I decided to visit the Mona Lisa later :) Be sure to mark a day for this as you are sure to race in snail’s pace with Da Vinci fans

The glass pyramids above the ground level and the inverted ones below are built in last two decades during renovations. The architectural marvel attracted many visitors since then and attendance has doubled

Tired of walking around, we hit the star bucks for quick snack and did the next best thing: brought an illustration book containing 300 masterpieces of the museum and complete information about it.

Whether you visit the museum or not, its perfect souvenir as you won’t scratch your head every time someone asks you about the painting or sculpture that you visited.

The Holy Grail 'neath ancient Roslin waits. The blade and chalice guarding his gates. Adorned in masters' loving art, he lies. He rests, not very long beneath the shiny sky, for his journey awaits!
( inspired by Da vinci code climax ;P )


Aaarti said…
Wow, that was a lovely trip...:) felt like i was travelling with u!!!

looking fwd to more!!
excellent photographs and nice travelogue..
Anonymous said…
semma flowda..u've captured allthe necessary things
Anonymous said…
Lovely pictures. loved "Arc de Trimphe - From Eiffel tower" the most!!

And nice way to write, including travel info and history too! :)
Thamizhmaangani said…
freeya parisa suthi kaamikureenga! thanks thanks!!
G3 said…
Naan geography post potta neenga history post podareengala :)))

Photos ellamae kalakkals :))
Anonymous said…
hey,the new template and the header looks neat:)
i loved the new header picture.. looks very apt for the title
Srivats said…
@ Aarti

Thanks :) sure i would do my best

Thanks thanks, header mathanumnu thonithu adhaan, glad u liked

Thanks:) I guess its gils ?

Yes I too liked the picture, 20x zoom in my camera. Yea u cannot write abt paris without touching history.
Srivats said…
@ Tamil Mango

ada next dhaba meet pannum podhu treat vaikanum sollitten

@ G3
Nama rendu perum serndhu next social science poduvom :)

@ Athivas/AJCL

Thanks for the header comments, glad u liked it
G3 said…
Ada.. Header image shokka keedhu pa :))))

//@ G3
Nama rendu perum serndhu next social science poduvom :)//

Padikkaravanga rommmmmmmmba paavam :P
Annam said…
//இன்று முதல் தாங்கள் சிங்கு/chinke:)(u in singaporela athaan) என்று அழைக்கப்படுவீர்கள்:P ///
Annam said…
template சூப்பரப்பு
Annam said…
neenga vaathiyaara aagi irukalam History class bore adikama poi irukum:)
Swaram said…
What pics man! Awesome! I so wish I cud go there nw wading through this Tsunami of work ;)

I so needed a break n thanks for the virtual trip :P

'actually I liked the metal box'
I actually buy chocos, cookies and even perfumes for their lovely containers :P
A pic of that wud help too ;) ;)

Romba nalla irukku :P

I nw hv to learn more Tamil to understand all that u ppl say here ;) ;)
Annam said…
///after 10 hrs sleep////////

sariyana thoongumoonji:)
Annam said…
soooperu.... parisa sonnen
Annam said…
//@ G3
Nama rendu perum serndhu next social science poduvom :)//

thaangaathuppa raasa:) (CHINKE naanga ellam pavama therila):)
Annam said…
semma flowda..u've captured allthe necessary things////////////////

Marainthirunthey comment podum marumam enna:P
Annam said…
vil hav a brak & cum and then Gummu :)
Ramesh said…
Move over Fodors, Lonely Planet, Lets go, et all. Here comes Sri.

Very nice travelogue. Every bit as professional as the above guides.

More posts on Paris please before you move to the next country ....
/I brought a box of cookies (actually I liked the metal box: P)/
Normally I do the same! :)

Lovely write up.U've had a real nice time.I envy U!!!!
Anonymous said…
Nice pictures! And Paris sounds really fascinating!! :-)
Srivats said…

//Padikkaravanga rommmmmmmmba paavam :P//

apdi ellam patha oru post poda mudiyuma sollunga ?

@ Annam

ennadhu Chinke ya ?edhu ponnungala kupdradhu miss braham vam , next name pls
//Marainthirunthey comment podum marumam enna:P//

login panna marandhiruppan lazy fella

//neenga vaathiyaara aagi irukalam History class bore adikama poi irukum:)//

Neenga studenta erundha classa nara adichi poi erukkum

@ Swaram

Glad you liked it, that box picture I would try to take, yet to take a picture with the box ;) after eating the biscuits all by myself! I am using it to keep souviniers i brought on the trip :)

You better off without reading the comments here ;) i warn u :)
Srivats said…
@ Annam

//thaangaathuppa raasa:) (CHINKE naanga ellam pavama therila):)

yaaru neengala ? adhu saridhan

//sariyana thoongumoonji:)//

thoda kolandha paavam ur suthi tired aa ayiduthu adhaan , ungala maari daily thungarada enna

//soooperu.... parisa sonnen//

sariyana razoru.... ungala dhaan sonnen
Srivats said…
@ Ramesh

hahaha recently i learnt the legacy of you from Aparna :) so I would dail my tone accordingly hehe. Sure as per your wish I would post. Thanks for the comments ramesh :)

@ Aruna

Neengaluma, ellarukkum edhey prachani pola. Supera pack panni vikraanga namma makkalukkagavey. haha I too envy your writing skills, neenga poi erundheenganna innum nalla ezudhi erupeenga :)
Vidya said…
hmm..Paris is a beautiful place to visit. Gosh, I particularly loved the descriptions of the museums and the pictures of the lovely surroundings!
Srivats said…
@ Vidya

Thanks my pleasure writing it :)
Charissism said…
Thanks soo much Sri. You made us feel that we are part of your journey. I looove the way you marvel at the important landmarks on Paris.

Waiting for the next chapter...can't hardly wait!
Srivats said…
Welcome Chariss :) i hope i do justice to it ;)
Sundari said…
Superb photos...

After reading DVC..Louvre is in dreams always :) Hope i get a chance to visit
jehan said…
my 3rd level students and i just finished the "Paris" reading and work books last September and here you are, posting pictures of the landmarks mentioned in the book... how i wish i could visit it one day with my husband... thank you very much for bringing Paris to us...
Srivats said…
@ Sundari

//After reading DVC..Louvre is in dreams always :) Hope i get a chance to visit

I wish u a visit anyone who read DVC would associate with this place for sure :)
Srivats said…
@ Jehan

//my 3rd level students and i just finished the "Paris" reading and work books last September and here you are, posting pictures of the landmarks mentioned in the book... //

haha I hope i wrote the details correctly :P now all nervous! ":)

//how i wish i could visit it one day with my husband... //

Wishing u a soon honeymoon there :)

//thank you very much for bringing Paris to us...//

You welcome, its my pleasure indeed to share the joy
What a lovely trip. wish I could see those places too. I love the last photo!
Karthik said…
hey how did i miss this stuff this long? great post dude with awesome photos...:)

oh paris...how much i love that city!!
Aditya said…
Beautiful pics .. i likedthe write up too :)
Chan said…
Hey Srivats,

Nicewriteup and cool pics mate...

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