Guten Tag Koln - Euro Trip 11

The Speed train - ICE, Taken in Koln
On Friday afternoon, 25th September R and I started to Germany( oops it's a month now, I got to finish this travelogue before I travel again :P). We had our lunch in Central station “make your own pizza” shop. R ordered a vegetarian pizza which was delicious. I had cheese pizza which had 4 different cheeses, (out of which I could identify Mozzarella and blue sheep cheese) basil leaves and herbs. I did not like the salty pungent taste of blue cheese but the pizza was definitely worth a try.

Its not a hotel, its a train.
We took the ICE train to Koln, Germany. ICE is short for Inter City Express. This fastest rail (300km/h) has high reputation and best know brand of Germany. While R was busy doing office work, I tilted my chair, put the jacket over my head and took a good nap in the turbulent less train. It's the most comfortable train journey I had till date. We travelled to Germany (crossed Belgium border) in less than 4 hours!

You put a glass of champagne on the table and it won’t spill.
Koln is the oldest and hence the first city of Germany. Its one of the largest city residing on the banks of river Rhine. The world famous Cologne (Koln in German) or Eau de Cologne originated here. We reached Koln around 5 in the evening and checked in a hotel near by the station. We cleaned up and got ready to see the magnificent Kolner Dom (cologne cathedral).

The first glimpse of “The Dom”, one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

One might get neck pain and dizziness, craning head to almost 180 degrees in order to get good view of the Dom tower.  Check out the size of the people to that of tower.

The side entrance, Kolner Dom
There is so much to say about this cathedral, so I am reserving the details of it for the next post.

In cologne, almost everything began with Romans as early as 53 BC! So where ever we turn we saw some remains from Roman period. In fact the city itself is a settlement between old German tribe and Romans.

The roman North gate built when the colony was founded in 50 AD. The archway bore the name CCAA.
During 50 AD it was named as Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (Colony of Claudius and site of the Alter of Agrippina") when Emperor Claudius married Julia Agrippina.

Check out the Roman column. This pillar has history writtern all over it.
Later we booked one day tour with information center and walked around the lively streets of Koln. We found an Indian restaurant called Taj mahal and had sumptuous meal with white wine. Their starter, Onion pakora was delightful.

When you go to new city, take a map and walk around, its one of the best ways of sight seeing.
The night life is very vibrant here, and people are extremely friendly, a famous saying of Koln goes something like “you get into a tavern knowing none and end up making friends with everyone”.

That's so true! there are no strangers in the world, Only friends we never met ;)


Annam said…
நான் தானே நான் தானே வந்தேன் முதலில் வட்ஸ கும்ம:)
Annam said…
டீ குடிச்சிங் and கம்மிங் and then கும்மிங்:)
Srivats said…
angey unga blogla gumming arambichiduchu kannu
Swaram said…
Me the 2nd ae :P
loved the snaps..and the last line
Swaram said…
Hey the Kolner Dom looks awesome! Waiting for the details nw!

Am really wondering Sri hw u remember so many details! In the entire series,there's nt one post where it feels u hv nt written it from ur heart! Awesome!

there are no strangers in the world, Only friends we never met - What a way to end the post :)
Pixie said…
Loved the snaps!!

That's the train?! WOW!

Why are u looking scared in the first snap? :P ;)

The Dom pics are awesome! :D
Swaram said…
Hw come Appu n Savi r missing in action! Gils is nt here too ;) ;)
gils said…
grrrrr.....everywhere me the late..nt my day today
gils said…
dei...itha mudikaratha ilayada nee...
gils said…
cologne germnaya!! thot it was in france all these days
/there are no strangers in the world, Only friends we never met :)/
Well said!
Anonymous said…
voo, Indian restaurants everywhere!

Oh!This Eau de cologne, one of my friend here went on a trip to Germany, and brought me a small bottle of the original. She said a history behind it :)

Tall pictures, first glimpse of the dom is too good.....
Aaarti said…
Kolner Dom looks gorgeous
And Taj Mahal & Onion pakoras..Wow.... :))

Time to get packing n off you go on your next trip...:)

I read someone asking how you remember so many details-- when you have fun you always remember everything and some more!!!
G3 said…
//A journey called Life said...

loved the snaps..and the last line//

Repeatae :D

Sari.. neenga titlekku modhalla artham sollunga.. Guten tagna enna???
gils- ur sense of geography- romab superairuku.. neenga maths la mattum thaan puli..
"there are no strangers in the world, Only friends we never met";)

Whoa.. I like that
Ramesh said…
Sri - where is the glass of champagne ??

Plizz to clarify some doubts - where's the post on the bye bye to smiley ?? And who's the new Fraulein smiley ???

When this series ends, go travelling, will you ? How about ANZ ??
Srivats said…
@ Swaram

Flattered totally:) I am not that clever to be frank, I use net to find some more information about the place I visited so it would be like a guide to someone who goes there :)

@ Pixie

haha I was just sleepy it was taken couple of days later :)

@ Gils
seekram mudichiduven, probably 3 more or less :)

@ Aruna
Its not mine, its a famous saying ":)

@ Savi
Thats it yes , thats the one! :)now
enlight us on the history please

@ Aarti

//I read someone asking how you remember so many details-- when you have fun you always remember everything and some more!!!//

cannot put it better than this, U are genius!
Srivats said…
@ G3 / AJCL

bore adikudha :) seekram mudichirren arambichadha mudikanumey :) and some wrote to me and said I shouldnt rush :)

G3, guten Tag is like hello , wishing someone in german :)

AJCL, avan maths la nejammavey puli, I survived bsc maths because of him ;P
Srivats said…

yes no strangers, look at us now :)

@ Ramesh

haha I didnot actually drink champagne, on second thought of it, I wish I could have LOL, R had coffee and it didnot spill :) I am still in touch with smiley, I said bye bye to her in the last post :) its not so much of bye bye, I hate good byes :) its more like see ya later :) there is no Fraulein smiley , God should save me from my love if I had some more smileys :)
J said…
I must travel by the ICE train - in fact after reading your travelogue, Europe beckons. Very nice pics.
Annam said…
That's so true! there are no strangers in the world, Only friends we never met ;)////////////////////////

ithu tincha puncha:)
R-ambam said…
guten Tag na ... German la Marhaba va..? Okie.

sollaama irukka mudila ,poraamaiya irukku .. oru alavu illaiya ooru ooraa poarathukku?
Srivats said…
@ J
glad I inspired u to do that :)

@ Rambam

//sollaama irukka mudila ,poraamaiya irukku .. oru alavu illaiya ooru ooraa poarathukku//

enna alvunga adhu ?

@ Annam
Yes next postla gummuvum
Charissism said…
As usual the pictures and narration are fantastic! It's better to travel with only a Map in your hand and sense of excitement on your pocket. In that way, everything that will happen - whether good or bad - is just part of a one big adventure!

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