A peaceful warrior's Midsummer Mysterious dream

I lost a follower! Wait that’s not the worst part, I don’t know which one it is! I am a avid keeper of followers and fellow bloggers and I always try my best to keep up with them. Then comes series of “maybes”. Why did he/she stop being my follower? May be its something I wrote, May be its something I was expected to write but did not. May be I started snoring. May be I have to shave my ears! You get the drift.

I am wrapping up in Chennai; Yes I am shifting to Bangalore for as many reasons as you can count with fingers in two hands. One more challenge to my list – coping up. Although it’s few hundred kilometers away from Chennai, Bangalore is very different from it. Its ever changing landscape and vibe is shaped up by thousands of IT expats from all around India and abroad. I am excited to the point that I feel like a villager migrating to a big city.

On the love front, things have been amazingly normal, given my mood swings and our occasional confrontations. “You look so beautiful when you get angry” and “let’s work it out together” still holds good. We both could use some break and romantic time together. But honestly I like this phase better, we are learning a great deal about each other and it should only make our love stronger. It’s amazing how the definition of love changes with the seasons.

Many of my recent posts were basically my status updates and I would like to change that notion. How about a story? Ok I am never been good with writing stories (the last time was disastrous) so please bare with me on the first one, I promise to make it better along the way. Here is the curtain raiser.

Midsummer Mysterious dream
Picture curtsey weeklyreader.com

“What the hell you are doing?!” Ranbir Singh literally roared to the motorist who took a steep cut on his way. Unless provoked Ranbir is very amiable person, a romantic husband and a loving father. But tonight is not a usual one and the last call from Malini wasnt one either. Earlier during that day..

“Ranbir here”
“Mrs Ranbir here”
“Hey sweetie I am almost done here, what’s up?”
“Its little princes, she insists talking to you abt…” Malini’s voice faded in the back ground and a sweet younger version of it took over.
“Daddy, which one is good peacock or lion?” The 6 year old has picked up the British accent better than his.
“Why Ammu?” He can convince his high style client to buy his advert campaigns, but handling Ammu’s questions proved harder.
“ There is this stupid fancy dress competition and we had to dress as animals” There was strong emphasis on “Stupid”.
“Ammu can we discuss this tonight?”
“ Say promise”
“My daddy is the best, have a safe drive” Ammu alais Anita kept the receiver whose length was twice that of her ear to mouth.

Ranbir soaked himself into the pile of advert banners again, little did he know about the wild evening that’s waiting for him.  Ranbir is tall, handsome, dark brown eyed, fair guy. The 30 something had a fluffy dark hair and dimple on his square face, which gave away a smiling and friendly look. Ranbir is a successful advertising agent, so much that his chairman has personally asked him to move to head office in London from India. Few British colleagues who now work under him were so jealous that they even did a mock plan to kidnap and kill him in one of their drunken nights together.

While the move was very fruitful to Ranbir’s career, it did the opposite to Malini’s. Malini in her late 20s is stunnigly beautiful and from a royal family of Nagpur. Her great grandfathers ruled several small villages of that state. She even had a tiger as her pet. But Malini grew out of all that, for she believed in making history than being in one. In fact her legacy was the main problem when Ranbir and she decided to tie the knot. Malini met Ranbir in one of the sales promotion of her company .Both had a weird feeling that they were meant to be together. A quick coffee turned out to be thier first date, and after few months Ranbir proposed to her.

After moving to London Malini became paranoid over the joblessness, her obsessive cleaning and home management skills didnot keep her occupied enough. For her place belonged in marketing industry. She was one of the finest managers HLL ever had and according to her boss, she is still in “long vacation” and could come back anytime she wants. Malini started filling her time with books and mostly self help ones, for they helped her to do lot of introsepection. She read almost everything in self realisation, astrology, meditation, alternative beliefs and even past life. There were days Malini would just wait for Ranbir to go to office to finish another volume of Paulo Coelho or Brain Weiss. Exactly on her birthday at her birth time in the dark corridors of Past life section in the library, Malini met Marsha, a new age believer. There is a mystery about Marsha which Malini found interesting. It seemed to contain answers to all those questions she had about herself.

To be continued…
p.s: Peaceful warrior in the title is inspired by this.


Hey Sri- loved the story, waiting for the rest..
Welcome to Namma uru Bnegaluru (totally feeling J u know).. happy settling in and i know how its like to loose a follower .. there must have been some mistake, i think
/I lost a follower! /
It happens! no need to worry as sometimes it shows one less and after few days when anyone joins it jumps to two additional!
Aarti said…
Ur the 2nd person to say"i lost a follower"..earlier today a friend said it on twitter.. just remember that the ones u have and treasure them! the lost soul will return or just say c'est la vie!!

:)good luck with Blore n remember ur not alone[err,ummm,referring to me being there too,from sunday onwards for a while atleast.. :D] yayy yipeee :))
FunScribbler said…
oh my god, what happens after this?? don't keep it in suspense for too long!!:)
Ramesh said…
You're a good story teller Sri - just the suspense to keep us hooked.

We love your status updates too. So more of that and more of the story.

Will even forgive the HLL bit :):)
Hey, last month, i lost 2 followers... for a couple of days i wondered what was wrong, but then gave up after a while...

nice story.. waiting to

and all the best for the shift... bangalore is a nice place... full of bloggers... get in touch with them and u shall have a rocking time....
TheUncanny said…
following u.... ;)
Photo Cache said…
You know I lost one follower too and I don't know which one. I don't exactly memorize my few followers but I knew the total so one day when my dashboard screen came up there was one less follower. I still can't figure who it was who fell off :)
TheUncanny said…
//p.s: Peaceful warrior in the title is inspired by this.//

I knew it...

Its one of my fav inspiring movies!!! :)..When i saw ur title, knew it must have been this movie..
R-ambam said…
Good story writing there . HLL aa? that rings a bell , Never Mind ! the story 's going good :))

All the Best !

definition of Love changes ..
he hee , Love is all the same , anyways.

Lost a follower ..
Poraamai :D Take it easy , boss !
Aarti said…
ok.. got a kostin for all of you - how do you know how many followers you have and that you lost a follower????? am slightly duh in that area, never bothered, but the curious pup in me wants to know :)
Chatterbox said…
Fantastic read so far :D
Can't wait for the next part of your story :) Having read your story I am getting the tickle to write one myself :D

Coming to loosing followers, it has happened to me too. Now my reader counts have gone somewhat static. Can't wait to see the number increase someday :)

Good luck with moving home :)

Unknown said…
Namma orru Bengaluru thaan :) u got to teach me kannada.

haha always positive, how did u like my story?

heeyyy lets rock! hope to see u around there. Just add the follower thingy and rest will follow.

@Tamil Mango
I would keep that in Mind :)

haha I know u would comment on HLL bit :) just a story ok ?

Thanks so much Anu, sometimes I wonder what have I done to deserve such supporting friends like u :)

@The Uncanny
Good LOL have u seen the movie, I am sure u liked the cute hero

Its funny that there is no proper way to organise ur follower, i mean blogspot has to upgrade a bit :)

HLL did ring a bell, from two states lol cant think another marketing leader at that moment, crazy me

Thanks , that was very encouraging to write the second part I say LOL :)
RamNarayanS said…
Bengaloorigé suswaagatha. Nimagé illi ollédhaagali. (Welcome to Bengaluru. May good things happen to you here) Drop me an email with co-ords (address @ my blog, upside down) when you are in and we can meet some time.

The case of the vanished follower-A CSI Srivats special. :-D (just lightening it up)

Good build-up for the story with the right hooks. Look forward to your next episode.

@Aaarti-Easiest way is to use the Follower gadget. Otherwise, when you login into your blogger account, you'll see the dashboard (or) if you don't see your dashboard, you've click Dashboard at the top row. You can see the count of followers against your blog name. Click on them to see the list.
Unknown said…
And now u have one more follower !
All the best for bglr !
Carpe Diem said…
//hey,Nice story . me too following u :)
kanagu said…
Its really great to see how much you value a follower of your blog bro... I must learn...

and for the story... superb pace... not too fast... not too slow.. liked it..

waiting for 2nd part..

so when are you shifting to Bangalore??? hope to see you again.. :) :)
Vidya said…
Cherish the followers that you have! :D

Good luck with your move. Looks like everybody is moving everywhere! :D

G3 said…
//kanagu said...

Its really great to see how much you value a follower of your blog bro... I must learn... //

Repeatae :))) Naan ellam edhavadhu follower koranja avangalukku edho nalla neram arambichiruchu pola.. pozhachi pogattumnu nenachippen :P

BTW.. gng to bengalooru? enna boss gils chennai varrarnadhum neenga oora vuttu odareenga !!!!

BTW.. story me dint read yet.. neenga ella partum pottu mudichadhum sethu padikkaraenae.. enna vara vara suspense thaangara alavukku porumai irukkaradhillae :D
Charissism said…
Hey goodluck on Bangalore! Happy for you...loved that story. keep on writing. :)
Swaram said…
Woww! U mvng to Blr :) Makes it all the more easier to meet up :)
My heart is there and if we r mvng again, its only bk home to Blr :)
Gud luck Sri :)
Nice story ...off I go to read the next part ... glad I need nt wait for the 2nd part; some adv. being late this time ;)
And eh, I stopped following all the blogs I used to since I no longer hv my blog on blogspot :) Nthg more to it .. I am still flg u on google reader. Just that I prefer and find google reader simple and easy. So, nw be happy :D

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