I am sorry for him. Let’s call him Mr.Bob like sponge bob square pants. The difference is, neither he made me smile, nor he is creative enough like that cartoon character. If I say I wont weigh (ok cheesy word for judging) people in the first meet, it's like saying girls don't like chocolates. However, I take my time to re-asses and often give them chance to change my opinion.

The employee welfare forum in office has organised a dinner in city Art Museum (cool location! you got to visit if you come to Singapore). There was a game before dinner (whow!!...corporate party games excite me like marijuana and I was as happy as dog sitting by the open window in the car). We were given a set of colour stickers for each department. All we have to do is mingle with people, and exchange different colour stickers. You are supposed to collect at least 6 different colours. The point is you got to ACTUALLY REMEMBER the details of each person you talk. You should be able to repeat them on stage if you were called. The winners will be awarded with (fancy) office bag.

I was jumping with joy (duh.. inside), again like dog waiting for the log to be thrown. (By now you would know I love dogs). For one thing I can easily do (just like gobbling down Indian sweet - adhaanga alwa sapdra maari ) is talking/connecting with people.

They served early dinner and drinks. Free food, drinks, good location and people to talk to, wow it is my heaven. I met few guys from IT, Finance, and VPs too.Then I met two charismatic girls (adaada neram nalla erukku pola) from Swiss who are new to Singapore. “Guten tag” (hi in German) and few other broken German words I know, helped a lot to connect with them. From TV shows to Global warming we talked several things and laughed a load. Thanks to wine it has loosened our tongues. We totally forgot about stickers (Naikkum adi sarukkum)

Just when I was about to conclude it as perfect evening, Mr.bob joined us. Or should I say he interrupted and started talking like a sales person selling stickers. So the girls fumbled with their plate, whine glass and purse to search for the sticker. ( naanum mumtaz rangela , ayioo paavamnu feel pannittu avanga plate pudichukitten)

Mr Bob, Indian in his 30, little bald had grown load of muscles in abdomen area. No offence I am not against huggable (see I did not use 3 letter F word) people but I would expect people to be health conscious. I don’t appreciate those who sit around and grow their tummies like it’s their wealth. Mr.Bob turned and smiled at me, I wanted to do him a favour. I gave him my details while picking up my sticker. Seeing my colour of sticker he said “Oh blue, you are in IT. I have that already and I want a different sticker “and walked away without waiting for my answer. I was like “what the heck?!@#@” . I wanted to take his head punch it flat and stick it in the pad like that sticker.

What is the point of the whole thing? Collect stickers or make contacts? (Suddenly enlightened!)

Girls did not seem to mind what just happened. Probably they would have seen such freaks before. We continued chatting and few more people joined us. Now we are about 7 people talking and laughing. I noticed now and then Mr.Bob walking around like a crime smelling patrol dog (engeyum dog potachu) collecting stickers. Dinner does end and they started doing the Game. We had so much fun so we decided to bunk the game and go for walk in the Orchard Shopping road nearby.

As we walked out I saw Mr.Bob anxiously waiting to be called on stage.

p.s: I did get that office bag on another occasion for winning a game. It’s not fancy though :)


gils said…
ipo ena solavara..unaku bag kediakalangaaria ila antha bob pudikalangaria?? ila figure ushaar panra timela antha aal sothapitangria?
Srivats said…
@ gils

1. Bag kedaichadhu

2. Bob pudikalai

3. Friends kedachaanga ;)

Edhu dhaan orey blogla 3 mangaa, sorry 3 matternnu solvaanga
Preethe said…
adheppadi ella company partylayum indha maadhiri mokka games mattum correcta vekkaranga.. ore difference unga partyla drinks irukkum .. enga office partyla verum soup tharuvanga .. :(

btw.. indha postkku Mr.Bob nu peru vekkaradhukku badhila .. vera edhavadhu apta vechirukkalam. ;-)
Srivats said…
welcome preethe

Mokka games vaikaradhu company oda birth right pola ;)

actually this one is not upto the mark. I was just trying my skill on writing usual stuff in different way. :)

Naanum romba yosichu manda kolambi dhaan endha title vachaan, if u think there is a better one let me know, I shal defn change it!

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