Blessings of Goa Gajah - Bali Trip 4

Suppose I am about to die and my life flashes before me, I wonder what images would be in it. Like my mom hugging and consoling me, the small temple on the way to the school, my maths teacher dictating a formula, the smile of my love by the beach. These came to my mind when I closed my eyes for a second now. But If I were to pick the Images I would like Bali to be part of it. For I feel closer to its architecture/sculptures, the natural beauty and friendly people of this place.

A huge sculpture in the intersection of the road, taken from the car
We travelled to the world famous “Goa Gajah” (A UNESCO world heritage site) cave located near the town of Bedulu. We paid 10,000  Rupaih per person for the entrance and that included a rental of Sarong (the cloth to tie around the waist if you were wearing shorts). The steep valley lead us to the temple area which had some ruins on to the left ( the original entrance we were told) a bathing pond on to the right and the main attraction the cave at the centre. A temple attendent volunteered to show us around.

Click to see the full beauty of the pond.
Archaeologist from holland found this site during 1923 and the bathing pond of seven statues were found only by 1950. These seven statues denote the seven sacred rivers of India. One of them broke during the recent earth quake. I was more than happy to carry my water ritual there. Aarti its not a patel pose :P

I am wearing the sarong to respect the sanctity of the place, the water is coming from the spring.
 The Hindu Buddhist temple/monastery is believed to be from 11th century and sacred meditation place for the followers of the amalgam. “Gao Gajah” means Elephant Cave, and believe to refer to the Elephant god present inside the cave. Some believe the name comes from the Elephant river, Sungai Petanu.

The cave’s gate is protected by two guards, and the demon mouth like structure is called Kala, believe to ward of any evil spirits. The five fingers of the devil represent the five stages one crosses during the meditation inside the cave. Few triangular shaped shelves, big enough to fit a grown man to sit for meditation, are present inside the cave.

Goa Gajah in Sanskrit scripts refers to “Antakunjarapada “(Kunjara means elephant and elephants are not found in Bali) historian believe this place has connections with ‘Kunjarakunja’ the hermit abode where Rishi Agastiya did penance in India. I was told the followers took a dip in the pool before meditating inside the cave.The Cave contains Ganapathy- the elephant God, Buddhist gods and also Trinity.

"canang"is offering of flowers in a container made by young coconut leaves, click to see it clearly.
My love asked me what did I pray inside the cave, I said when we are at a place much higher than ourselves we shouldnt ask for anything silly but rather pray to be blessed. Later we climbed further down to the holy spring where the remains of big Buddha statue are found.

Our attended who spoke decent english and was very happy over a small tip.
Attend said, the huge Buddha statue was believed to be fallen off the nearby peak and archaeologists were not able to complete the statue with the remains.

The remains of buddha statue, a small stream flows behind it
There is also a small temple in that place, and the priest blessed us with holy water. We were told few original sculptures were stolen from this place, because of  thier antique value and never been found.

A view while climbing back.
We climbed back to the sights of rice fields to the car park feeling serene, peaceful and blessed by the energy of the place. More to come..


very nice Sri.. liked the water ritual bit .. i can imagine how u must have felt inside the cave (did it feel divine)?.. felt very sorry for the stolen artefacts.. disgusting to say the least..
Annam said…
Suppose I am about to die and my life flashes before me
ஏம்ல நல்லா தான போய்கிட்டு இருந்துச்சு ....ஸ்ரீவட்ஸு உங்க கர்பனை குதிரைய கொஞ்சம் கட்டி போடுங்க :)
Annam said…
சரியான ஹிஸ்டாரிகள் பெல்லோ
Annam said…
jooperaa u r writing vatsu
Annam said…
படம் பார்த்து கதை சொல் மாதிரி நல்லா இருக்குல:)
savitha said…
so tempting! ponds, Caves, sculptures, the seven statues etal....

The Buddha statue :(--how much effort should have gone into it??
Anonymous said…
//jooperaa u r writing vatsu//

I second this!!-savitha
RamMmm said…
>> jooperaa u r writing vatsu
>I second this!!-savitha

Third this.

Srivats, appadiye Cambodia pakkam oru trip poyittu varradhu? Angkor Wat!!! Should look wonderful in your words and photos.
gils said…
padam paathu kathai kooru?? :D :D nalalrukuda..enjoy maadi
Beautiful Srivats .....but could not quite agree with your Math teacher factor ...really ??....sarong and the keds peeping out ..priceless combo buddy !!
G3 said…
U r soooooooooooooooooooo lucky
Sri to visit all these places :)I cant just stop myself from envying you ;))
Aaarti said…
:)) Have to tell you this.. my Goa post is on hold not cos I've not gotten around to it, but cos I've got other plans for it.. ;o), if that doesn't work out, it will come onto my blog soooooon...

Lovely snaps as always n interesting write up.. that cave looks spooky, but amazing that all they've done up all those years ago... the amt of creativity the artisans had, ideas, places of worship- all these never cease to amaze me...

And err,ummm..i dint say anything abt Patel pic...:)

attended- u ref to attendant??
jehan said…
i just love going to temples and caves.. back home, elders tell us not to forget to visit the church or temple of the place we visit for the first time, to pray fervently and make a wish and it will be granted... but then again, some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers (answered but in His time... in His own way... not the way we wanted it to be..)
@ Srivats

Enjoyed reading and travelling places through your posts/blog.

Loved the way you started the post!
Keep travelling and cherishing the nature's and history beauty!!

Keep the spark Alive..
Chatterbox said…
Wonderful pictures Sri:)
Loved the picture with the guards at the cave entrance.

How was the feeling on visiting an archeological site and the cave? Does it feel great or a bit creepy?

Am not very sure as I haven't seen anything similar ever.

But you definitely seem to have had a good time.

Keep writing :)

Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....
Ramesh said…
jooperaa u r writing vatsu. Fourth this !! Very nice.

You look very nice in the sarong.
R-ambam said…
before i comeup with a comment you are posting a new one.. sigh !
Moogambiga said…
jooperaa u r writing vatsu
i fifth this:)
Moogambiga said…
gils said...
padam paathu kathai kooru?? :D :D
Annam said...
படம் பார்த்து கதை சொல் மாதிரி நல்லா இருக்குல:)

double repeattuuuuuuuuuuu:))))
Srivats said…
It felt very good inside the cave, actually I had a terrible head ach which slowly waded away after the visit to the cave. I guess the people who collect the artefacts because of its spiritual powers are actually creating negative vibes out it.
Srivats said…
@ Annam

Neenga solradhu ellam punch dialogue maari ayiduthu aalalukku repeat panraanga :P

Yes it was Bali has bit of everything for all.

@ Rmmmm
haha yes listla erukku Combodia everytime i see thier advert in TV my heart goes waaah!

@ Gils
adhey dhaan enimel padam mattum potruren u guys tell the story LOL

@le embrouille blogueur
My 10th maths teacher is someone I could never forget I used to fail in maths until 9th, I got good 91% in 10th and also took Bsc Maths because of her. LOL keds and sarong u are kiddng me :P

:) Wishing you many lovely travels!

Something fishy on ur goa post LOL would wait and see .Thats attendent thanks for pointing out and sorry for a silly mistake, got to proof read more :) The cave was spooky as well very artistic as you said, yes they have done a great job isnt :)

Very well said some of the best blessings are unanswered prayers the problem is that we wouldnt know about it then ;) Plus the God blessings cannot be measured because we might be praying for something where as we would have been already blessed in abundance in other areas of life for which we havent prayed at all :) thats a good thing to go to the temple/church of any new place you visit, I would take this practise :)
Srivats said…
@ Rachana
Thanks for your Kind words :) Now I have more expection haha

To be honest it was bit creepy going inside, but then I am fond of supernatural and creepy stuff so it was more interesting than creepy, and after I went inside I felt very peaceful as I answered AJCl my head ach vanished after the visit. Thats the place people have meditated atleast 700 years back , thats something u know.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting buddy :)

@ Ramesh
You always find something to kid me dont u ;)

Try harder :) LOL well I have a deadline thats the reason posting everyday.

You are fifth in line for the vadai LOL :) Next postla neengadhaan kadhai solreenga naanga kekkarom :) okva ?
gils said…
//. my Goa post is on hol//
!!!alo..inimay goa post pathi pesina adithaan ungaluku...maruthanayagam padam kooda seekrama release agidum neankren unga goa postvarathukulla!!!
Srivats said…
@ Gils

Swaram said…
Beyooootiful pics ;) I lovedd the last one :)
Friendly ppl do add a lot of value to our sojourn na - I so feel the same about Gangtok. People with their thoughts as lofty as the Himalayan peaks :D

That pond is beautiful too with the sculptures!

The cave - divinity itself! I wish like running there now.. Simply superb!

Liked what u said abt praying :)

Btw, am waitingoooo waiting for ur Singapore series ;)
Srivats said…

Once I finish this I would start my singapore series , sorry for making u wait :) Thanks for your comments:)

@ Emma
Thanks! :)

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