Om Mani Padme Hum - Singapore series

Serenity personified
You can make out the places someone travelled just by looking at their fridge door, thanks to invention of magnets. If you want to pick up souvenirs for self or for your friends at budget rates, the place to go is china town. You just need an evening to explore this 6th in the countdown attraction.

Get down at china town MRT and take the pagoda road exit. Above this exit, stands a beautiful garden bridge from which you can see the architectural beauty of the china town. All through Pagoda road there are 3 for $10 shops selling different souvenirs. You can also buy table top decorative here, beware some shops are exuberantly priced.

Once you are at the end of the road, quench yourself with chilled Thailand coconuts. Then take right and you can see the famous Hindu (Mariamman) temple. Keep walking and you would reach Buddha tooth relic temple around the corner. It's the biggest Chinese temple in Singapore (so you can’t miss it) dedicated to Maitreya Buddha.

You would be amazed to see hundreds of Buddha statues, in different forms adorning every nook and corner of the temple. You can pay respects and also get blessed by the monks here. There is also a museum in the same complex which has very interesting Buddha relics and idols. 

The eateries here sell mostly Chinese or international food. If you want to take good Indian food you can book a table in Annalakshmi that resides right at the exit of MRT, in China town complex. In this restaurant you can eat as much as you want and pay as much as you wish. If you are lucky you can catch celebrities who mostly visit here for its ambience and class. Once I saw Rahul Dravid with his whole family having dinner in the very next table. But none of the customers disturbed him.

At 5 is fountain of wealth. This largest fountain in the world is located at Suntec city. I have written about this lovely place in this post. The best way to go here is by cab (nearest is city hall MRT). They have laser shows in the evening and you can even dedicate a song and wish to your loved one, which will be projected on the fountain.

Can you read suntec city?

If you are tired after roaming around, the best thing you can do is go for foot reflexology. Foot massage and fish spa is growing attraction in Singapore. For about 30$ sgd an hour you can have every nerve of your feet attended in a relaxing environment listening to clinky clunky music. Its little tickling at the first time, but the after feel is so damn good. You would feel like floating at every step you take.
More to come...
Ps: Ajcl I am yet to learn the watermark thing, would do so in latter posts :)


gils said…
title pathutu hindipadam post nenachen!!! dei...inum naalu veedu thaan baaki irukum nenakren sgpla..athula rendu athivasi and ajclthu..onnu unthu...athaiyum foto eduthu potru :D sgp sensex opicersku vasathia irukum intha post series :D
Anonymous said…
Am i Firshhhhtt??!!!

Well, looks like I am , until i find out you have some moderation thingy..!!

Nice pics.. and the topic u said about taking parents abroad, that truly is everyone's dream, and whats better than something near to home, and its abroad too!!! Singapore rocks..!!! as in the pics.. it does..!!
Anonymous said…
Missed rank-1 by 1 minute..!!
TheUncanny said…
reflexology...sounds like heaven...

I loved the pics again....wat cam do u use?
Ramesh said…
I've no doubt that you dedicated a song and wish at the fountain at Suntec :)

Now speculating on the top 4 - Sentosa is probably there as might be the bird park. On a different plane, just for its uniqueness in the world, Mustafa deserves a place. Surely not on your list, but still deserving must be Changi airport. But top of the perch, although soon to depart, must be Sri himself.
Beautiful photologue....staying away from the blogosphere is costing me missing out on good stuff ... Bravo !!
savitha said…
Beautiful pictures, as ever, Sri!!

I have e-mailed you about the watermarking bit, it is quite easy!!

PS: You never got me Ondeh-Ondeh, and there you leave on Tuesday :(
Anu said…
This blog is turning into a photo blog :D Ok this is getting repetitive, but anyway, beautiful pictures there :)

Double repeaattu on watermarking..! Else see if u can embed these images on your blog, that way one gets to see them, but cant save it onto their respective systems. Though copyright and other things are happening these days, but plaigiarism is still very much prevalent..
Annam said…
super top wonderful fine:)
Swaram said…
Oh wow! Got so much to do in 10 days :P Waiting for this day the next week ;)

The Annalakshmi @ Chennai is really nice too :) I loved the food and ws touched by their service :) God bless them all!
Aaarti said…
No wonder u've not had time to come read my posts..!!! :D

Lovely post.. full on tour guide only..

as for watermark- u have picasa right? just load ur pics into it.. go to tools, in that u will see the option- add watermark/signature... key in ur name or wotever it is u want to appear on pics, and voila done!! [automatica ella picturesukkum vanthudum] :)

btw, when do u land here?? there is a mylapore festival happening.. sunday morn 7am photowalk porom, athaan ketein :)
A nice travel guide! I'm planning to visit sngpre soon.

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