Change is permenant - Singapore Series

My mom was so dissapointed since the lion didnot vomit, on that day ;)
In the last few days I was so busy shopping, packing and couriering stuff that I forgot the change happening to ME. I have to adapt to different lifestyle, culture and people. You might think it’s not big a deal for someone who lived in India for 28 years and that's my sweet home. But if you have lived a perfect system like Singapore your standards of everything is set and it’s such a pain to revert back to the old ways. Singapore has become my home away from home.

In India I would be judged for all my actions, but here I can be myself and still be respected as a person. There are no questions about what time I go home, what I eat/drink and to which deity I bow my head to. When I came here, I realized the only way I could fit in, is be unique and different just like Merlion of Singapore.

A photo with Merlion is destined to be framed for the show case. And I bet people won’t ask you where but when it’s taken. This mythical creature represents the “singa” – the lion the king saw when he landed in this island and its fish tail represents the fishing village it used to be.

Travel to Raffles place MRT (east west/ green line) and take the UOB bank exit. Then walk along the river through Fullerton hotel to Merlion Park. From this place you can catch the beginning of the skyline of Singapore. The best time to go here is evening and you would know why in the next paragraph.

Then take the boat trip from here to Boat quay in Singapore River. You can witness many important buildings of Singapore like museums and parliament in this ride. Clarke/boat quay is much happening night life hub of Singapore. Here you can see funky clubs and bars that would interest you to spend time until wee hours of morning.

The Clarke Quay

Clinic, a themed bar where the nurses attend you with vodka bottle instead of saline

Does it need a explanation or title ?
If you are adventurous person, you can try the reverse bungee and extreme swing here. Initially I was very skeptic and scared to do this, but the thrill and the adrenaline rush is an experience not to miss. Reverse bungee might look scarier than extreme swing, but it’s actually otherwise. In extreme swing you would feel the free fall better than that of reverse bungee. Even if you don't want to do it, its fun watching people go wheeeee .Then you can walk along the coast enjoying the night life and skyline of Singapore.

Night safari is only available in Singapore and it’s on top 3 for some more reasons. This is an open concept zoo with natural barriers. Its one of kind lightings specially designed to look like full moon night is a not to miss opportunity to see nocturnal animals in their natural behavior. Over one million people visit this place every year.

Night safari houses more than one thousand animals, some of which are threatened to extinction species. Please put your camera in no flash mode while taking animal’s picture (believe me they don’t feel like celebrities when flashed dozen times) or better just enjoy the time without taking pictures (That's what I did). Cattle grids are laid all over the park to keep the animals in their habitat.

The tram stops in between for couple of walking trails.

Try to go there by the opening time around 7 pm, and don't miss the animal show. You would be surprised to listen to AR Rehman’s score while animals march in and out of the show. There is also a tribal fire dance attraction near the entrance of the park to enchant the visitors. Make sure to book the tickets with pickup and return transportation, so you don't have to worry about catching cab at 1 am.

The show, the one in the center is white fox, its blurred because of no flash
I used to think zoo is bad for the animal until I read “life of PI”. Freedom is very relative term, for even in wild, animals live only in restricted boundaries, fearing the opponent all the time. In zoo a perfect boundary is created artificially for the animal to feel safe and comfortable. In most cases zoo becomes the perfect place for them to survive the changing environmental conditions.

The z' bar, beware everything is priced according to the location.
No one likes change especially animals. They take days or even months to get used to new surroundings. And once done, even a bucket or mop stick left behind in their habitat can drive them crazy. In many cases the animal which has escaped out of curiosity or other reasons have returned by itself because that's where it feels home. And at this point in my life I can surely empathies with that feeling.


Charissism said…
Change is the only constant thing in this world. :) without it, our lives would just be a big boredom for sure. hahaha So go and hug that big change for you buddy!
Cute pictures with your Mom!:)
Aaarti said…
Whoaaa.. oru postu padichu mudikaradukkula inonna?? awesome going!!! :D

Lovely pics... esp the zebra chairs.. and the clinic place...does anyone actually go there? a friend showed me a similar place in uSA- heart attack grill- where everything is overloaded with fatty stuff, n waitresses are in nurse outfits etc etc...

hope to see u soon!!! :)
and dont worry, just like u adapted to Spore, u'll readapt to chennai[for however long u stay here] and these days ppl dont really judge or care... as for me,i dont care what others think - live life my way... :)
Srivats said…
@ Aarti

I cant post comments in ur travel blog from office, would do so when I reach home :) just in hurrey to finish my posts before I leave here on Tuesday , 15th.

@ Charissism
Sure buddy :) thanks for your support as always! :P
Srivats said…
@ Aarti
Clinique bar has got a emergency chair where the "nurse" would pour a bag full of drink on your mouth throug tube like that of saline water thing. Its quite famous actually LOL. Adapt ellam panni thaaney aganum :)
gils said…
bar bar deko hazaar bar deko!!! oru bar udala pola...singapoor kudimaganaa aaitia!!
Annam said…
Swaram said…
Wow! This one is awesome! Most ppl told me that the night safari is nt so worth .. ur post though tells me nt to miss it! Hmm .. lets c :)
Thanks Sri for covering it all so well :)
Luved the pic of u n ur Mom during the night safari :)

I will miss meeting u there :(
Karthik said…
lovely post with the pics of ur mom.

//In India I would be judged for all my actions, but here I can be myself and still be respected as a person. There are no questions about what time I go home, what I eat/drink and to which deity I bow my head to.

superb! :)
Kayni said…
Nice to see your mom. She's very pretty.

I'm a firm believer that changes in our lives will only make us a better person.
Karthik Lollu said…
You look like an hero... Ovoru Postlayum/Photolayum unga Glamor koodite poghudu?? :-O Hero chance vanducha?? How many proposals?? :P
Karthik Lollu said…
First photo la rendu singam :D

Fashionbar models poto upload pannirunda enna maadhiri ilaingar nallullam santhosam adainthu irukkum... Adharkku kele ulla poto arumai :P
i loved all ur pics with ur mom.. and night safari- the less said the better..
TheUncanny said…
//My mom was so dissapointed since the lion didnot vomit, on that day ;)//

Took me sometime to figure out what u were saying..dumb me!!!

Yes, I understand aunty's agony..must be a disappointment to miss the long projectile vomit...hehe
TheUncanny said…
BTW, I cant beleive ur complainin to go back home!!!..Maybe Chennai has changed in 2 years,so u can continue living in the same standards!!! hehe..I'll keep my fingers crossed for that srivats!!! ;)
Ramesh said…
A themed Clinic bar ? - whacky !! Night safari ; yes different; don't see it anywhere else.

Going back home is always mixed feelings Sri. But once you reach "home" you'll see the huge advantages as well. Lovely last line to end your post.
Savitha said…
Awesome pictures and info, as usual!! The themed bar-have seen it from outside :P

Second AJCL about the Night Safari!!
Savitha said…
By the way, as your title says, Change is permanent, and adaptability is a gift bestowed on humanity! I'm sure you'll have a great time at Chennai, too!! :)
I felt the same when I had to shift from Jaipur to kovilpatti...but again the fate had brought me here again!I agree with you word to word!
Srivats said…
@ gils
Singapore kudimagana ayirundha nalla dhaan erundhirukkum da :)

@ Annam

Each attraction is exp by itself, its worth finding out for yourself :)

Same blood ?

@ Kayni
Thanks I just told her, she was ultra curious to know who you were and all :) LOL Thanks for making her/my day

@ Karthik lollu
perukku etha maari enna lollu :) hero chance haha nejama solli erundha romba nanni :)

Night safari - the less said better? apdeenna, ungalukku pudikalaya hehe

@ Theuncanny
haha u got it now :) well its very difficult to explain, I am not complaning, its just the change is bit uncomfortable :) Hoping to live the same standards soon, thanks buddy.

@ Ramesh
I am trying to see many advantages as you said :) thanks for the words

@ Savi
Vaazthukalukku romba nanri :)

@ Aruna
Fate is very loyal friend he knocks the door when you dont expect and change everything to ur used to

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