Less is more

Hello my friend, how are you doing? After 2 long years I am home. This is supposed to be my break time but it’s getting busier than ever. That’s strange because mostly I am the one inventing the work like cleaning, fixing etc. On the very day I reached here I started cleaning the living room (for the records I am not clean freak, I am just jobless). I brought this home 2 years back and never got to live in it. Now that I am here I am doing a facelift (sometimes even surgery) to make it a better place for my family.

I am not the nagging-non-residential-Indian who complains about everything. But the noise here is bit annoying. While the road fills my ear drum with hundreds of horns (I bet no country makes best use of it) and roaring vehicles, Home does its part by blaring umpteen TV channels.

My Dad is retired and my mom is a home maker. So they have used to watching TV all day long. Worse is when they argue with each other on top of lousy soaps or upbeat Tamil song, which forms an irritating BGM. I have noticed that members of my family talk to each other only during commercial breaks!

Some acquaintances firmly believe that I have lost my mind. To quit abroad job and dreams of making into mass media seems very funny to them. My manager during a recent discussion said, I am confused and lost in the dream world. But I am keeping my hopes high. I guess I need to be positive now, more than ever. I have hit rock bottom, so there is only one way – way up.

I went to Bangalore to meet some of my friends in the weekend. That helped me to unwind and chill myself. I had fun just hanging around, eating in best restaurants or at friend’s houses. I also visited one of the malls and found this rare pick in Landmark. For 250 rupees (less than 10 SGD) this is mere stealing from the shop.

This has everything you need/want to know about FRIENDS
One other thing I had to remind myself these days is that I don’t earn in dollars. I am trying to revert back to my old and simple self; I am taking public transportation as much as I could and also cutting down unwanted expenditures. Sometimes I think I really need to slow down, relax and rest. But so much has changed in my life since last Tuesday and I am trying to keep up by reinventing myself.

This post might seem like a page straight from dairy; it’s just my way of keeping the blogging habit alive. You would definitely see posts, but less of them. Less keeps people wanting more, less makes it simple and less makes something very special just like those good old days!


Prats said…
Loved this post, a long time since a non travelogue post on ur blog..

1- I think listening to the heart gives a satisfaction which is way beyond the realm of being wise or otherwise. So the people who think that you have lost your mind are simply not able to connect to you at the same level.

2- The book u picked up I have seen it so many times at the same price and left despite thinking it was waste of money...The things that currency conversion does to you.
RamMmm said…
Welcome back Srivats. It definitely needs some time to be aligned into the din and chaos that you are seeing.

Would love to see your posts, if not as prolific as what it was, as you say.

So, you were in Paradiso Bengaluro. :-)
Srivats said…
@ Prats

Thanks alot buddy I am happy that you could connect with me and understand me :)

@ Rammm
Thanks :) I am sure it would take sometime. Yes bengaluru was very cold :)
Chatterbox said…
Words from your heart :)
Adjusting to the different from usual environment after a long break causes a lot of turmoil both in mind and in life.

I feel you are experience just that.

From your account I felt, you just need some more time to get back on track to the life you've always lived.

As far the noise on the roads, I've read about it countless times, so it's not you, it is actually noisy there :)

Fantastic post Sri :)

Keep up the good work.

TheUncanny said…
first of all...welcome back to blogging and india..sure missed ur posts!!!

// I have hit rock bottom//

This doesnt sound like you, is this a remixed indian version of your alter ego?!?!?! jus kidding..cheer up buds!

//To quit abroad job and dreams of making into mass media //

Chase ur dreams..proud of ya!!
Anu said…
all the very best..... I know it is going to be hard, but it is certainly worth all the trouble....
A said…
nice post Sri..it takes some time to get back to getting used to the place, as for ppl who are laughing at ur choice, just ignore..
am sure u will get to where u want to, pretty soon..
i wish seriously that u blog more often.. take care and all the best
vishal jindal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karthik said…
//I have noticed that members of my family talk to each other only during commercial breaks!

:) it happens in my home too. me too noticed.

imho december is the time chennai is at its best with the chill weather, december season and everything. welcome home! :)
Kayni said…
You are so right. If you hit rock bottom, there's no other way but up. I feel the same. Keep your hopes up. Things will get better.
Karthik said…
and yeah, all the best for your dream career in mass media. i know you'll gonna rock!
vishal jindal said…
hi sri
Welcome to India bro..
'nagging-non-residential-Indian' :) just save urself..
'members of my family talk to each other only during commercial breaks!' :) mine goes for some other channel while the break ..lol
'FRIENDS'- i hope ur nxt post is abt this :)
well sri, i liked the post..though this time it was those awsome photographs and lots of gyaan...
Sri, nw u r in india..why don u visit north and capture it with ur cam...do meet me when u come :)
gils said…
vantia...gud gud..:)
Aaarti said…
:)As i said the other day, you need to just take a deep breath, chill and look at it as a break/vacation!!

your parents n others are kinda set in their ways, and their routine...nothing can be done!!!

Blore was cold? tsk tsk.. its called lovely weather Sri..hehehe... did u go to HRC???hope to meet u sometime this week. i mite be off for a mini holiday starting 24th!! ;)
Savitha said…
IGNORE the unwanted and here's wishing you a rocking come back!! I know you are best at being your own master. Let all that you achieve be the best reply to all who laugh at!!

Take care!!
/I guess I need to be positive now, more than ever. I have hit rock bottom, so there is only one way – way up/
U r right Sri! don't bother, you are level headed.One has to take these kinda risks to live the life to the core!Go ahead.You will align soon! heartfelt wishes!
All the best Sri to achieve your dream life !! Just Do your best, with a Relax mind - you will get it

//less makes it simple and less makes something very special just like those good old days! // Very true
CVR said…
My best wishes :)
Iam sure you are gonna rock!!!
Ramesh said…
Welcome back home Sri. No doubt it is a momentous change in your life. Change of career, change of country, all at the same time - huge. Here's wishing you all the very best in 2010.

One thing I completely disagree. Less is more is right in most things, but not your blog. Please don't cut down on your posts.

I'll e mail you separately.
Srivats said…
@ chatterbox
Very well said, Thanks a lot for your words, very comforting!

@ THe uncanny

//This doesnt sound like you, is this a remixed indian version of your alter ego?!?!?! jus kidding..cheer up buds!

haha yes it is, the remixed indianised version LOL

well said Anu, certainly worth it

@ A
THanks much dear. Exactly what i have to hear during these days :)
நல் வரவு !


அன்பின் ராஜன் ராதாமணாளன்
Anu said…
Not everyone knows what they want in life. And if u do and have the power to chase your dreams, you are one soul we are all proud of. Let people get derisive. It will not matter in the long run. Remember the road less travelled. All the best for a career in mass media :) *I am publicly booking the first box of sweets :P*

December is when Madras(oops, Chennai) is at its busiest best. Swerve with the season and post about it :) Lastly, cheer up, I say! :)
Srivats said…
@ karthik

haha would add the december season to one of the advantages of being here now :) Thanks buddy

@ Kayni

Thanks for the words and empathising.

I always wanted to visit north, as i know there are loads of very fine places to visit . Just need someone to go with and loads of spare time LOL

@ Gils
amaanda machaan

@ Aarti
Yes parents and routine .. hard to change hehe :) taking deep breaths now ! feel like palpitating sometimes actually hehe what is HRC ? Bangalore was defn fun even when coldest :) have fun on ur holiday!

@ Savi
Thanks savi, i know ignoring is the best solution, sometimes it makes me wonder whether I really need to take a rain check on this. Lets see I hope whatever happens only for the higher good.

@ Aruna
// One has to take these kinda risks to live the life to the core!Go ahead.You will align soon! //

I owe you so much for those kind words!

@ Kathiravan
Thanks buddy :) glad to see your comment.

Thanks da , kalyana life epdi erukku ?

@ Ramesh
Thanks a lot from the wishes, feels like a hug from a best friend :) I would try to write as much as I can :)
Srivats said…

Mikka nanri nanbarey! :)

@ Anu
That was truely motivating, yes the load less travelled I should remember that, the only challenge is to keep your hope very high from the reach of confusers and questioners :) Thanks a lot! :)
Vidya said…
Change is always unnerving at first! But really going by what you are saying in your post, you are adjusting beautifully! And don't let someone tell you what you can and cannot do!

Now, I am excited about coming to India, more so to meet my family and also to meet you and Vidhya as well. Before you ask, no, I do not know when next I will be traveling to India! :D
Swaram said…
Gud luck Sri with all that u wanna achieve. God bless u :)

Glad to know u hd a gr8 time in Bangalore ;) ;) ;)
Aaarti said…
:) HRC is Hard Rock cafe,near Koshys.. tell ur friends to take u there!! ;)
fun place, if u like music and booze...
Charissism said…
Hey Sri! I miss you! huhuhu
I'm glad you're doing great! Don't mind those people who bring you down. Dreams are what we are all living for so Aim high and strike it!
I smiled when I saw the FRIENDS cd. You know what, during my first 3 months in Korea when I didn't know anybody (zero social life), FRIENDS kept me from losing my mind. I literally roll on the floor laughing to Chandler Bing. I wish you could find something that'll inspire you like that and to cheer you up whenever the pain of adjustment gets to you. take care.
G3 said…
Aapicer okka attendance putting :D Eppadi keereengo?? Vandhuteengala chennaikku?? Gud gud :)

//I have hit rock bottom, so there is only one way – way up.//

Appo vandha levela baseline panniteengannu soldreeng.. Gud gud.. Ini ellam jeyamae :) Wishing you a merry christmas and a wonderful new year filled with loads of joy, fun and love :)

Take care :D
Srivats said…
@ Vidya
Yes I am handling it well thanks to friends like you ;)

@ Swaram
Thanks for (" ;) ;) :)") the wishes :)

@ Aarti
oh hard rock cafe! i have heared a lot abt it, met so many fans , never been there though ;) thanks for the clue but party is there in ur home with feni lol

@ Chariss
Hey girl HUGS! :) miss you too, u better keep writing :) by the wya are you getting the pre marital bride glow ?

same here 1 :) they keep me through the hard times :) glad you like it , chandler is very funny and someetimes very sarcastic too LOL I like the pheobe the best.Even I am going through zero social life here

@ G3

madam erukeengala sari sari.. vandhadhukku nanni, oru phone podunga freeya erundha number mail la anuparen ;)

Take care and thanks for the wishes - apdi ellam solvennu nencheenganna , amma adhey dhaan
alice-in-wonder said…
Welcome back! Yeah, people do tend to think you are crazy if/when you move back permanently, but don't let that get you down. Stick by your decision, all will be fine eventually. Regd. 'zero social life', that's so true, but you'll get back into the groove soon. :)
R-ambam said…
u know that I dont know anything about massmedia..
but I believe that you trust in you and ur decisions ..

Wishing u all success , a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful year ahead !
...ceedee... said…
welcome back to india!!
wish u all success.. i strongly believe following the heart will never be a let down..

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