Its the final count down - Singapore series

Last night I was gifted a box Lindt Swiss thins from a friend. It’s a chocolate I would want to safeguard for me in locker. While returning from train station I saw this couple walking along. The dad was carrying a small and cutest baby. Being me, I opened a conversation. The one month old angel’s name is Valarie. Valarie then yawned, a most beautiful one and rubbed her eyes to look at ‘the talking’ me. That was enough for Lindt to find its way from mine to her mom’s hand. The most important things in life are not THINGS. And Giving is more satisfying than receiving.

Garden festivel - 08
Let’s start the countdown of the attractions you have been waiting so far. I narrowed it down to 10 places. For anyone who wants to visit Singapore the first website you should be looking at is this. It has got all the information you need for your trip.

We have already seen how green Singapore is in this post. One thing my mom liked about Singapore is that there is at least one park, walk-able distance for each bunch of apartments. And if these are only normal parks, imagine how the botanical garden would look like. Go green with Botanical and Orchid gardens of Singapore.

No wonder Orchids are adored
At number 9 is Marina barrage. Do you ever wonder how a small island that gets rainfall all through the year never gets flooded? Singapore is famous for many reasons and one of them is how they manage the water bodies. Marina barrage acts as a barrier during high tides. If Singapore river gets flooded during high tides, there are 1600kW electric motors (equivalent to that of plane) that can flush out all the water, keeping Singapore safe from drowning. The eco exhibition halls, green roof and fountains lit by colourful lights makes it perfect place to hang out by night. You can catch the beautiful skyline of Singapore from here.

Arial view - Courtesy

These pics doesnot do justice to the real experience
What is the point of being in shopping island without visiting its largest retailer destination? Vivo city – the biggg.. shopping mall, takes up the 8th place not just for its sheer variety of shops but also for the entertainment it offers. You can easily spend a day here roaming around, shopping, eating and also relaxing in the knee-deep-pool terrace garden. The architecture of this building leaves me speechless every time. The terrace is not flat but wavy and they grow trees on it! If you are here around Christmas you can check out one of the largest Christmas tree and startling stage shows.

Vivo City Arial view model - Courtesy

Children play area - Vivo City

Thats last year christmas tree at vivo city - its several times bigger than me ;)
The royal seven goes to the loyal orchard road. The Singapore’s trade mark destination for ages. It’s more than a shopping street to say, its lifestyle! You would be tired of counting the number of shopping malls and choosing the best of them. During Christmas /New Year the street literally lights up. Every year unique and creative decorations are made for the entire road, all the way to the President’s residence at the end of it. This year they have special lights that look like rain falling and dripping from the trees.

Last year at Orchard road

One of the decorations at a mall - orchard road

Traditional yet modren - can u guess the scene ?

More to be shared...


Kayni said…
That was very sweet of you to give the chocolate to Valarie's mom. Absolutely, giving is so much more rewarding than receiving.

Of all the photos you posted, I love the flowers. Flowers especially Orchids really brighten my days. Orchids are my favorite =).
Agree! Orchids are my fav. too
Bring chocolates for us too :)But only Lindts!!
Ramesh said…
Sri - you are an incurable romantic and sweetness personified.

Very nice idea of a countdown of your favourite Singapore spots. I'm already speculating on the next in your list ....
gils said…
soooper..i think swaram wl take a printout of this post :D :D
ohh u r a sucker for babies arent you?? the minute u said that u saw a father, daughter in tow, i knew the final destination of the Lindt..
(one suggestion: pls water mark ur photos, even with a lot of care being taken, so much hardwork in the form of photos and contents are being lifted from bloggers sites)
i loved the pic of Vivo's ariel view.. dint know it was wavy!
orchard road- sigh.. they just get better and better with their creative decorations year after year..
i think that is the Nativity scene.. right?
athivas said…
One month old?? yawned??Must have been a sight!! :)(I am all smiles imagining the scene :P)

Liked the way you give a countdown. Completely second AJCL on the watermarking bit.

Waiting for more!!
TheUncanny said…
lucky Valarie!!! buhu.. :)
Pixie said…
Loved the pics and the flowers!! :)
I am book marking all the posts you have done on Singapore and use it for reference when we do end up visiting :)
deep said…
if...'these pics doesnot do justice to the real experience'...then i wonder how will it be in REAL.. :O thats making me IMAGINARY :P
Annam said…
Prats said…
Ha ha ha that was good thing you did, Good for Valerie :-D
Aaarti said…
Awww, that was damn sweet.. am a big time sucker for babies.. just see them and am all mushy mushy!!! :)

Seri, inga va.. then we go to spore for a holiday, u can be my tour guide.. in return wen u travel within india, i shall be ur tour guide.. okva deal??? ;o)

btw, i dont think "departing friend "is a right term..hehe..did u mean to say a friend who was leaving spore?
Aaarti said…
Oooh, lovely flowers... absolutely amazing colours...!! :)
Aaarti said…
and yes, i agree with AJCL.. watermark ur pics..!!use picasa- they have that insert in all pics... :)
RamMmm said…
Kuzhandainna, kallum karayyum. :-) That was beautiful. Children are at their best when they are tiny tots. The droopiness and falling off to sleep just like that, the awakened state (in Tamil, kotta kotta muzhikkaradhu), stretching in all directions, the tiny hands, legs and fingers, the random smiles, the sudden wails. It is a beautiful experience. You can keep seeing or holding them forever, only if they let you sleep at night. :-) And then as they grow up, it is like the following quote. "Madness is hereditary; You get it from your children." :-)

I was in S'pore for 3 short days, 5 years back, on a business visit as a speaker at a conference, stayed at Le Meridien in Orchard Road and the "only" thing that I did when I was free was to roam up and down Orchard till my legs ached :-( and then walk down to Serangoon Road and eat <smack> at Komala Vilas/other restaurants there. Now with more gyaan, when I visit once again as a tourist, I will have more on my agenda. :)

Keep going, Srivats. Lovely photos. Look forward to the next ones in your countdown.
Annam said…
Srivats count starts:) Ato the Bt o the C to the:)))))
Annam said…
And Giving is more satisfying than receiving.

punch eppavumey lastla thaana irukum enna intha vaati 1stku vanthutu.....
Annam said…
Singapore the first website you should be looking at is this
either option can be we can ask srivats tooo...:)
Annam said…
No wonder Orchids are adored


azhakai pookuthey chukamai thaakuthey:)
Annam said…
1600kW electric motors (equivalent to that of plane) that
vatsu blog vaasicha we can improve knowledge in Geography tooo......
Annam said…
soooperu vatsu ur writings are...........101%
Annam said…
decorations so ur dreamland:)
Annam said…
can u guess the scene ?
intha question naa PASSla gilsukitta vidurenpa...avara vitta yaaru irukka!!!!:)
Annam said…
fairys are surrounding ....some one..... oru velai kuzhanthai yesuva irukumo.....2 pommai irukku 2 maram irukku....suu abba midila:)
Annam said…
ஹையா... மீ த 25:)
Singapore is so beautiful it's almost a sin not to visit it! You are so lucky for having to live in this spectacular place. I'm so loving your Singapore series. Every friggin word of it!!!
Swaram said…
Oh that baby .. must hv been so so cute na :) We love babies too .. same pinch ;)

So,I cn hv a virtual treat here before gng on board for the real one eh ;)

Lovely post as always :) Loved the way u started the post!
Charissism said…
Wow, I haven't been to Marina Barage in my 3 yrs of living here.hahaha Thanks to this post, I'm inspired to be a tourist here again. :) Singapura will definitely miss Sri. But there are no bye-byes for us, just "Till next time my friend". :)

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