The Hill, Wave and Stream - Singapore Series

I bet you can’t spot Singapore in the world map. And if you do, the hole made by the red pin would be bigger than the size of Singapore. If you happen to pay more than 40$ in the cab to anywhere in the city, you would probably be going around in circle or on sea waters. That's how small this island is. Yet it's a nation well known for its global presence in economy, tourism, vibrant diverse culture and cleanliness!

Mount Faber park
Its one of the most stable government in the world and the threat levels from any source are low, so every major bank has a branch here. You can walk on road or take cab at 2 am with all your jewels and possessions and still be safe. The comforts of lifestyle here makes it second home to any expats like me (many give up their original citizenship to be a Singaporean). In this series I am hoping to provide you a glimpse of this wonderful place.

When I landed in Singapore two years back, I expected to see only sky scrapers. But the eye cooling greenery, landscaped to perfection by the road side and numerous parks surprised me very much. Mount Faber Park is such lush green luxury situated closer to the famous Vivo city shopping mall.

You can access Mount Faber Park either through the cable cars from harbor front or through the bus. Get down at Jewel box in either case. This is the high dining (on top of the mountain facing the sea) and high priced restaurant, so instead of putting a hole in the purse carry some snacks and drink and just enjoy the view. If you are with family and if the weather is good carry a plastic sheet to have a lovely picnic

The gallery, taken 2 years back
The Faber walk is picturesque trail covering the beautiful park towards the top of the hill. There is a small gallery about Singapore history. The steps behind the building would lead you to this breath taking view of the southern islands, including the famous sentosa. For the trail info please click here

And on the other side you can see sky scrapers of Singapore.

You would also find the iconic Merlion sculpture standing tall in the flora and fauna covered park.This is just about enjoying nature and taking a good walk, so just relax and take your time instead of rushing through this place.

Henderson Waves
You don't need map to be walking around, as the name boards here are sufficient enough to guide you through the walk. The walk ends in the artistic cum engineering marvel, the Henderson waves bridge.

This highest pedestrian bridge (120ft above the road) connects Mount Faber to Telok Blangah Hill Park. An alternate way to go to this bridge is to take a bus from Harbor front to Henderson road and walk the way up to the bridge.

The path is made entirely by planks of wood on steel structure

View of the Henderson Road from bridge, can you spot the bus stop?
Once you cross the bridge you would be greeted by the dense rainforest trails. There are resting huts with wending machine, view points, child play and exercise zones here.

Although this park is famous for married couples, you can see many taking a jog or walk in the trails.

Play zone, relaxing area

Last time we went there, we got down towards the left to Henderson road. We saw this beautiful stream and pond on the way down. Then we took bus to harbor front Vivo city mall for dinner.


RamMmm said…
Hmmm. When will India ever become like this or at least a quarter of this. There was significant political will in getting Singapore to where it is now. In India we have had only an overdose of freedom. But I hope that if not in 10 years, at least in 20 years or so, we will improve far far better.
Srivats said…
//When will India ever become like this or at least a quarter of this//

I too share this longing Rammm
Prats said…
Wow, the pics are absolutely beautiful. I am so looking forward to visit S'pore in Jan.
Aaarti said…
Ithu enna anniyayam... enakku pottiya traveloguea??? :D

naan innum onnu mudikala, athukkula u the writing ur next.. do u have someone sitting n doing the writing for u...hmmm.. need to investigate! :D

That aside!! :)
Lovely pics... am yet to make a trip abroad, hpoing to do one before the year ends.. been bitten real hard by the travel bug u see.. know the only cure is to indulge !!
Aaarti said…
Have heard and seen so much abt Spore.. wonder when India will get anywhere near it.... !! sigh.. wishful thinking thaana??
athivas said…
aaha,Singapore travellougue :P

Every place will look new because it is your camera, and you are the man behind it :P

As usual, beautiful pics!
Srivats said…
@ aarti

potti dhaan:) seekram ezudhunga adhukku dhaan :) kassu kuduthu ezudharadhukku aal vachikka naan enna arasiyal vaadhiya :P ?

I am leaving singapore by next month so HAD to write something about it before I leave :) adhaan reason :)

Yes I too have same wish for India Aarti.
Srivats said…

travelogue ellai :) engey dhaaney naanum erukken, orukku poradhukku munnadi konjam ezudhanum avlo dhaan :)
Srivats said…
@ Prats
oops :( I am leaving by december, but someday I would meet u for a coffee
Pixie said…
Wow Sri! :)
The pics do justice to what a beautiful place Singapore actually is :)

Loved the pics fo the park and the view from Bridge (of the road) is super!! :)

Will bookmark these series, since they would come in handy,in case we decide to visit Singapore :)
athivas said…
Sri, was just kidding-I have never been to this faber park-so named it travelogue!
Aaarti said…
Aaahh, like that! hmmm, ok, uvar porgiven... :D

politics enter panra aasai vera irukka..naan verum firendo illa vetti aapesar yaaro irukka, help panranga ninaichein! :P

Sari, me the going to finish my coorg n start next one... oh, btw did i mention me going to coorg again?? ;)
a very beautiful start to the series.. loved the photos.. the place looks so new, as though i have never been there before.. its like seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes.. lovely work with teh camera
Swaram said…
Oh am so glad u r dng this one Sri :) I always wanted to do such a thing abt Hyd - my home away from home; somehw hv nt done it yet :(
I just loved the pics! The bridge is superb :) Hw I wish I cn visit the place soon ;)
gils said…
TheUncanny said…
the pics are so lovely...esp the one with u and the umbrella... :)
R-ambam said…
series 1 ... ?
Okie...! carry on.
Ramesh said…
Lovely idea Sri - to write about your own city in this frsh unique way of yours. Would you write about Haw Par Villa too - that's a little bit of Singapore history; such as there is !!

Hey - you are going back ??? back to India ??? Now I absolutely have to come your side before Dec ....
jehan said…
hi Sri! my sister was easily granted a permanent residency just after a year there in Singapore. She planned on sponsoring us, her siblings, but i'm now here instead in Korea, haha... how i wish i visited her first before coming here.. it's quite difficult now just going about my own way, kkkk... anyway, i still hope to get to visit singapore with or without hubby...

hope to read more of your series...
soin said…
antha 2nd pic shawshank try??free
Thamizhmaangani said…
yeppa sri, singapore tourism boarduku part timemo velai paakureengalo! hehe..anyway nice post.
thanks for the tour Sri! it brings back old memories from my trip to singapore. try posting about streetfood too!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures and a virtual tour Sri! I am going to add S'pore to my list of must visit countries! :-) The photo of the rainforest trails is just heavenly! :-)
Nice post Sri
Charissism said…
Almost 3 years in Singapore and I've never been to these places. I better start acting like a tourist here again. hahaha
Srivats said…
Neraya ezudhanum mood thaan vara matengudhu

Hopefully I do it before u com here :)

hoi singai variyamey ;)

Thanks :)

@ Rambam
removed that 1 LOL thanks!

Sorry dear I have never been there :) i was told its kind of rotten place hehe :) Yes hoping to meet u before i go

I hope u visit this lovely place sometime. :)

andha padam naan pakkaliey, so sondha muyarchidhaan

haha apdi patha naan zoo and birds park mattim dhaan ezudhanum LOL

@ Emma
Would try my best to post about the food

Yes u should its nice to be here

Thanks ! nanaba

Yes act like tourist , it helps :)

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