Thanks for comple(men)ting me

Complement expressed in colors , Click to have a better view
I never thought I could write anything more than emails. Finding the right words to convey the expressions wasn’t easy for me for many reasons. I wrote my first post in 2006, and few other posts down the line which mainly served as means of gaining volunteers to scribe for visually challenged students in India( If you are in Chennai and wish to help, please let me know).

Each one of us has different way to handle stress and pain. Lost in self, with a break up from 12 year old relationship and living all by myself in abroad forced me to write. Only after writing this, I started believing I could actually write. Pain flowed right out of my veins to keyboard as I found my closure. Although grieving gave me a good start, it was the encouragements from you that kept me writing.

I soon realised simple and truthful words are much better than flaunting oxford dictionary posts. Be it my crush or my mom’s birthday, I told my stories straight from heart and felt the connection with you. Many of you were kind and generous enough to write me back. I am more than grateful for each word you have keyboarded here.

It’s through others we understand ourselves better, and I think that’s the bond we share as bloggers. We write our worlds, which is quite different from others. Be it work of fiction, love of motherhood, joy of travelling or musings of business, it’s amazing how we always find common grounds. A stressful day stands no chance after a read through our comment sections. We choose to understand, accept, respect and complement each other.

Complement! That's the theme of my painting, for I see nothing better to describe my 100th post. And I dedicate this to you all who complement my life in many ways


Savitha said…
first,as always!:P
Anonymous said…
Awesome picture!

Congrats on reaching the 100 mark!!Hope this was a great journey to you,too!

Way to go...Many more 100's please :)
Prats said…
Congrats bro...
What an amazing painting... Really beautiful
Srivats said…
@ Savi
Yes first :) Thanks!

@ Prats
Thanks Mate!
Love said…
Congratulations for 100 posts. It is not easy to just arrange alphabets 100 times in different ways. Toughest is to express different expressions and emotions just with 24 letters. You did it and people responded with their comments.

And the painting is really nice. Very neat and like a good frame. My hearty wishes for all your success.

Love you
*stands up and applauds* a person

a) who writes straight from the heart
b) who strikes a chord

All the very best for many more such milestones.. god bless
Congratulations for hitting the 100th mark. It feels pretty amazing right? I could vividly remember the time I hit that mark. I couldn't believe that I was able to accomplish something like that. I don't know but for some reason I always thought being able to document things that happened to us, our emotions, deepest feelings, insecurities, or fears in the form of writing is one, big accomplishment. And it feels really good when you try to read your old posts again and remember exactly how you felt at that time. It's just PRICELESS~~~
Srivats said…
:) Thanks , I am humbled!

@ Emma
Yes, you stole my words thats exactly how I feel, reading them again is like revisiting that memmory. if it were really bad remembering makes me more grateful for the long way I have taken after that :0)
vishal jindal said…
hey buddy! heatly congrats for this milestone of 100th post..yes its common grounds that fuel our thoughts and cultivate new posts...and the painting is really nice inciting a thought in me to ponder upon.. :)
gils said…
100 adichitia :) gongrats :) koodia viraivil kwaater kraass panna vaalthukkal
soin said…
vazthukal..remba feel pani yezthurukeenga..namba dhoni mathiri illama cheekarama innoru century potru
Ramesh said…
Congratulations Sri. You are one of the most genuine and heartiest of bloggers it has been my privilege to get to know. I read your old posts that you linked here and must confess to a lump in the throat. Wishing you many more milestones Sri, and all the joy happiness a friend can wish for you.
Swaram said…
Congrats Sri! A gr8 milestone indeed :)

This is truly one of ur best posts! Straight from the heart :)

N u r 100% rt - It’s through others we understand ourselves better

We choose to understand, accept, respect and complement each other - Beautifully written :)

Lovely painting :)
R-ambam said…
Congratulations !
Thoughtful of you to have painted on complements :))

and yeah thats so true abt wat u told about blogging and bloggers ..

Keep going !
A bouquet with 100 flowers for the century!I remember still the first comment I wrote in your blog and the way I was impressed by your blog!It still continues.............
Anu said…
Congrats,Sri!!!! that was a great commemorative post.... a wonderful way to do it!!! loved reading this and looking forward to reading more and more of your posts...
Thamizhmaangani said…
100th post!!! WOooooooowww, gr8 gr8! so happy for you! lot more to go...keep rocking dude:)
G3 said…
The very title shows how great u r :))))

Awesome painting :)) - Idhan moolam thaangal solla varum kuruthu - enga kitta irundha nalla pazhakkatha neenga suttukittu ungaloda setttaiya ellam engalukku thotthivittuteenganna :P

Congrats on ur 100th post :)) Seekiramae 1000th post poda vaazhthukkal :D [Adhulayum gils vayitherichala kottikaradhukkaagavae oru 700 postaavadhu samayal + travelogue pathi irukkattum ;)]
Swaram said…
Hey Sri, forgot to tell u!
Awesome title :)
J said…
Congratulations Sri! I like all your very upbeat posts but just read the one about your mom's birthday and it was very moving. This post is almost inspiring me to take up blogging myself :D
Srivats said…
@ Vishal

Thanks man :)


Thanks machi, adhukulla nee full adichi flat ayudaadhada

welcome here :) eppavumey edey veel dhango :P

Thanks for reading the early posts mate. I can definitely count on your wishes for me, Hope to see you soon.

@ Swaram
As always you leave a smile on my lips everytime I read your comment. Thats kind of reading those posts and commenting. As i told in this post, it means so much to me and I am grateful you did.

@ Rambam
Romba Romba thanks :)
Srivats said…
@ Aruna
Yes I remember the early comments you life, such an encouragement it was. Thanks for beleiving me

@ Anu
Thanks a lot, hope to fulfill your faith in me :)

@Tamil mango
Thanks da, exam preparation epdi pogudhu ?

Honured and humbled, ennama ezudareengayya comment :)

//Adhulayum gils vayitherichala kottikaradhukkaagavae oru 700 postaavadhu samayal + travelogue pathi irukkattum ;)]//

@ Swaram
Thanks again!:P

@ J
That was flattering. Please do write you have our full support! :)
All the best buddy.
gils said…
////Adhulayum gils vayitherichala kottikaradhukkaagavae oru 700 postaavadhu samayal + travelogue pathi irukkattum ;)]////

ivan samayal sapta thaan stomach burn padicha ila..heheee
Srivats said…
//ivan samayal sapta thaan stomach burn padicha ila..heheee

appo sari da when i call for dinner - our blog mates unakkku mattum water tharen
RamMmm said…
Good work on your 'mile kal'. As one quote goes, 'The journey is more important than the destination'. 100 is a milestone, but you would have gone through a range of emotions as you moved from post to post and that is what counts. Sometimes you are blocked, sometimes words flow, sometimes you are angry, sometimes happy and when you go back to your posts, you can rewind and relive it and look back at it in a different vein.

Keep it going.
Srivats said…
@ Rammm
Wonderfully writtern, U should probably write it in ur post :)

thanks for the kind words, more than humbled to be appreciated by u.
kiran mova said…
couldn't take my eyes off the painting.. very well done...

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