2012 is not an end

I watched 2012 in the weekend and quite fascinated by it. The movie as you might expect, opens with a shocking research findings, from Indian scientist Jimmy misty. He discovers that sunspots and ‘super neutrinos’ boiling the Earth's core, which would lead to the disastrous doom’s day as predicted by Mayan’s calendar. Then it follows a divorced couple (John Cusack and Amanda peet – looks lovely by the way) and kids (it reminds me so much of War of worlds) trying to survive it.

After 20 minutes the movie kicks in with so much action, that I found hard to cope up with it. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, meteor showers and the magnetic displacement of the poles, everything happening at the same time! The creative imagination of this orgy is a lot to take in at one sitting. There is no spoiler alert for the movie, even if I write scene by scene you would still want to watch it.

The visuals are so (destructively) impressive, that it would be really hard for any movie to top it. I can vouch this is THE DISASTER movie of all the time. I guess that's what is expected from Roland Emmerich, the director of Independence Day and Day after tomorrow. As far as the adrenaline rush from the CG graphics spectacle goes, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Noah’s ark story said in new light is what 2012 is about. How can one even think, yet alone plan a contingency plan to doom’s day?! Some parts of this plan are so ridiculous, like US managing to keep the findings secret, from major population of the world.

The director has succeeded in reaching the global audience with many details. Like the Afro American president (wise choice) who decides to die with people. A Russian billionaire owning advanced cars. Italian president stays back and prays in the Vatican cathedral. An Indian scientist from lousy environment with high end computer! Chinese workers building the ship and Chinese monk helping hero’s family to board etc...

While the trailers of 2012 gave me this nightmare, the impact of the movie is indescribable. I learned about the significance of 2012 few years back in my mediation class. Have you noticed the set of ants climbed on you bite at the same time? That's because they don't think individually but collectively. That's the kind of collective consciousness the earth is perceived to hold and it’s been evolving for millions of years along with humans.

As you can see there are so many wars, sufferings and so many deaths by various sources, happening today, more than it ever did in the past. While many conspiracies predict the actual end of the world by this year, spiritual leaders believe the current period as cleansing time for earth.

These leaders from various religious practices believe there would be a break even point, during 2012. The ratio of people who believe in peace, harmony, love, empathy, meditate/pray for thyself and others to those who does otherwise would increase significantly. This would not mark the end of the world, rather beginning of new world, with everything nice. As Christians believe “The kingdom of heaven would come down to earth”.

When I had these night mares and wondering about it, I received a mail from my guru asking us to mediate for earth (a mediation to heal the earth) regularly to help it cross over the rough time. As a person who believes in the slogan “everything happens for a reason” I follow this order. I don't think everyone would agree or relate to such concepts, but I am sure everyone of us prefers a better future to doom’s day.

Every single thought of ours has power. Believe me your friend calling you the moment you think about him is more than coincidence. Please watch this movie, hoping /praying/visualizing/believing that such thing would never happen to our mother earth.  I hope the movie would serve as wake up call to everyone to respect and conserve nature.


soin said…
i heard the movie like destroys the earth properly.. should see..free
a couple of my friends who watched it this weekend had the exactly same thoughts that you did.. and to think 2012 is the end, is a scary prospect (thought I know it doesnt come backed up by specific proofs).. makes me want to enjoy the present now..
Prats said…
Great Review friend... Missed watching this on the weekend...probably catch it one of the days :-)
Swaram said…
Abs rt!If only it serves as wake-up call, nothing to beat it!
gils said…
hmm..doomsday scenario always scares me..!! esp the CG which they show in the trailors!!! very scary!! plng to see it this week
savitha said…
It is not definitely an end, looking forward to watch the movie soon...

A positive message, reassuring hope, the ant analogy made it understandable....

Yes, a shocking, threatening wake-up call is what the world wants now!!
Looking forward to watch the movie!
starry eyed said…
Our thoughts do have immense power. But when one is sending out a positive thought, it needs to be phrased/visualised properly. So imagine the Earth as you WANT it to be (peaceful, green etc). Imagining it as we fear it will be (wars and quakes), and then saying I DON'T want this...will precisely attract that same bad thing:(

Got that from The Secret and Louise Hay.

And I am NOT watching this movie!
I wasn't planning on watching this before New Moon hits the theaters, but now that you mentioned how good it is, I can't wait to see it. Will watch it this Friday.

People all over the world have been raving about this movie! Glad to hear it delivers.
Kayni said…
Thank you for the honest review and opinion regarding the movie. I'll make plans to see it.
geli-pet said…
i believe that everything happens for a reason too...

my own theory of 2012 as the 'end of the world' is quite like the thought that it is not as if the earth will disappear, it is more like a massive/global change... well, at least i hope for that, :)
Anonymous said…
2012: I also went to c it but it released in telugu here :P. I don't believe much in doom's day much.But I am very much concerned about the environment and the problems which we are suffering today.
Anyways nice post..Hope this movie wake up all the people to do the right things... :)
Aaarti said…
Need to holler out to the gang and watch the movie!!!

For some reason, i like such movies.. Independence Day.. Dante's peak..etc!!!
G3 said…
//This would not mark the end of the world, rather beginning of new world, with everything nice. //

Appadi nadandha embuttu supera irukkum :)) Gilsum sri/savi/ajcl maadiri adakkathin maru uravama maariduvaaro ;)))))
G3 said…
prev comment shud have been *thannadakkathin maru uru* :P
RamMmm said…
Nice review Srivats. Should watch it only for the special effects.

Interestingly, there have been doomsday theorists (there should be some link by now to this in Nostradamus' predictions and pointed to by folks :-)) who look at a specific alignment of planets and then predict that this is a right recipe for disaster. The US has no dearth of these type of folks. They come every now and then on History or Discovery or Fox in the US. After looking at them, you would have to believe that such a thing exists. Another example is that of UFOs. There has been so much rhetoric on global warming as well.

Anyway, lets enjoy the present as is and not mess up further.
Pixie said…
Yea.. thinking of watching it.
The special effects are awesome it seems...

With 2012, I hope as you say, more eyes are opened to conserve, protect and respect Mother Earth.

Good one Sri!
Srivats said…
@ soin

haha yes it does

@ ajcl
thats a good thing, it makes u enjoy today as if tom doesnot exists.

@ prat

@ swaram
its the need of the hour isnt

@ gils
ammanda, after the movie i took cab to come home and it was raining , got dammn scared lol

@ savi
computer munnadiye erukkara, avarayum kuttitu ponga :)

@ aruna
:P enjoy the movie!

@ starry eyed
I have sent u a mail in this, yes i too follow secret, thanks for your view, it does makes sense.

@ bittersweetkoreanlife
waiting to read ur review :)

@ Kayni
:) glad u liked it

@ geli-pet
haha very ture! i like ur belief its very life affirming :)

@ vipul
:) wondering how the dialogues would sound in telugu :)

@ g3
naanga ellam eppavumey thanna adakathoda eruppom neenga epdi ? jagan mohini aga poreengala :)

@ aarti
may be we are into the facination and magnitude of disasters :)

@ Rammm
they all coincide isnt? thats the scary part of it! i hope this is all for good, enjoying the present!

like i said a wake up call, and lets spend what we have today to the best use and share it with others, we may not what would happen tomorrow!

@ pixie

Thanks my friend, glad u liked it. you put it beautifully! yes thats the hope!

Ramesh said…
Won't watch the movie now Sri, since you've just made a fine commentary on it. Conserve the earth indeed as you say, but doomsday theories ? No.
jehan said…
hi Sri! actually, i wanted to watch this movie but my Scot co teacher told me wednesday last week that it wasn't good at all so husband and i ended up warming ourselves in the car instead, haha! but i appreciated the time we had together, talking about anything that crossed our minds...

but when i saw your post last monday, i thought it was worth watching afterall...

vishal jindal said…
hi srivats
well now i feel like watching the movie amidst my so hectic schedule these days..

but what i think personally is, no bloody mayan or any other for that sake can ever predict the dooms day xactly if it exists on the basis of any scientific or abc logic..
the only possiblity is having a frequency match or resonance condition of mind with the wavy essence or simply say intution that could help a being to get an idea of near future devastation..
nyways lets hope for the best!! :)
Srivats said…
@ Ramesh
Wise decision :)

@ Jehan
Yeah that was so good warming up in the car and discussing, better than any movie i tell u :)

@ Vishal
We never knew mayans were bloody or not LOL :) they have invented so many things for us, check the history man :) I couldnt actually understand the second part of ur comment LOL
Charissism said…
I'm so disappointed with this movie. The plot is predictable, acting is so-so, even John Cusack couldn't rescue the film at all. It's just sad coz I have a very high hopes for this movie. Oh well, maybe we had too much of those disastrous-end-of-the-world kind of films. :)
Srivats said…
@ chariss

I got to agree with all that u have said, execpt the picture is mainly about the CG :) so u got to leave rest and enjoy it :)
vishal jindal said…
hi srivats!
well m sorry m takin too long to respond..
i used 'bloody' just as an intensifier or simply as a part of regular parlance..believe me no mayan ever stole my tiffin box to instill hostility in my mind :)
its just that i should mend my ways and come to senses before allowing my tongue to wag like anything.
for second part leave it.. thats crap..
buddy m really impressed by the simplicity u have displayed every now and then..hope to some learn something
love u bro!
Srivats said…
@ Vishal

//hi srivats!
well m sorry m takin too long to respond..

Same here LOL missed seeing it :(

//elieve me no mayan ever stole my tiffin box to instill hostility in my mind :)

Oh the tiffin box stealing at my school and college days, its sure for bloody when you are hungry and everythings gone even before lunch hour.

//its just that i should mend my ways and come to senses before allowing my tongue to wag like anything//

haha happens with everyone, if only we know the ways of handling the tongue :P

//buddy m really impressed by the simplicity u have displayed every now and then..hope to some learn something
love u bro!//

Thats a sweet compliment I can get, Love u too ( hope my love doesnot read this ) LOL :P

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