From the Bays of Bali - Bali Trip 1

What travelling does to mind is better than a bowl of fresh fruits to the body.
This morning I returned to Singapore from Bali, Indonesia. It was a short trip for such a lovely place. Sometimes I think I don't understand/do a proper holiday. First an exotic place is not a weekend get away, second a holiday with so much on the agenda doesn’t qualify as one. As always the constraints of time or money or both becomes the deciding factor.

A silent contemplation by the sunset is better than any psychiatrist.
I envy all those foreigners I met on this trip. For them, a holiday in an island means walking in sandals, eating local food, relaxing and totally soaking up to the energy, the place had to offer. For visiting a country is more than putting a red pin over the map and pat on shoulders. But I rather have at least two days of it than postponing until the day I am ready to travel upwards.

A monument is like a vailed bride, holding her beauty only for the explorer.
While coming back, I promised myself that I would work harder and also treat myself with longer holidays with all that I earn.

Every place's culture and people have something to offer to us, our job is to let them.
With that note let me introduce to you the land of thousand temples, The Bali. I would try my best to give you a glimpse of it, in this travelogue. Welcome on board!

p.s: The quotes by the pictures are from your's lovingly ;)


Swaram said…
Woww! Awesome quotes to go with the pics Sri! Hats off to u :)

I loved loved the second pic especially :)

Welcome back ... waiting for more :)

May u get time and money for many such tours .. a selfish desire . I get to read such beautiful posts na ;)
Ramesh said…
Wah Wah - what one liners my friend. If you write like this, all blogger fans of you will contribute and make sure you're travelling all the time :)
Welcome back Sri!
I envy you! and
You envy foreigners!
A said…
wow.. what an intro.. im all set now to feast my eyes on more photos.. and yeah u really cant do justice to sightseeing in Bali over the weekend.. (ajcl)
So beautiful .... it is like the pages of a best selling travelogue by Srivats .. wait ..that is you...great stuff.
Smita said…
The sunset pic is awesome!!!

And may your wish of having a longer holiday come true soon :)
gils said…
Anu said…
enjoy yourself, Sri, but remember we shall remin you of your resolution of taking longer holidays when u get even more busier with work and cant even take a day off!!!!
but im just kidding,.. its a feeling i too get when i see these foreigners, but when i talk to them i realise that i can never be like them,, leaving family and responsibilities behind and spend years just roaming around.... just not in me!! so i am content with going out when i can... and trying to get out as much as possible!!!
Preeti Shenoy said…
Truly wonderful pictures.
Liked most of the captions too.
Somehow disagreed with the bride one :-)
Sounds very MCPish :-)
Brides anyway look really beautiful and not just for 'explorers' :P :-)

RamMmm said…
Wow sunset pic. Reminds me of Bharathiar's 'Kaakkai Chiraginile' song where the last line is 'Theekkul viralai vaiththaal nandhalaala, Ninnai theendum inbam thOndrudhadaa nandhalaala' (translated as 'I place my finger in fire, And it is pleasure to feel the touch of thee, Nandhalaala (Krishna)). Nice intro for your weekend getaway.
Vidya said…
I love the introduction! I am going to wait eagerly!

Srivats said…
@ Swaram

:) Thanks , The quotes were inspiration from your posts actually LOL

@ Ramesh

That sounds like a plan :) so when are you booking tickets for me to China ? ;)

@ Aruna
haha we always have something to envy for I guess

I would try my best to delight you

@le embrouille blogueur
haha thats so funny my friend ;)
May be Someday

@ Smita
They say " Sonna vaiku sarkara dhaan podanum " which means lets feed the mouth that said this with sugar ;)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to you too

@ Anu
you are right, we have responsibilities always, specially so with SAHM, is that why we need to take sometime off to cool our heads, I mean I am not saying months, but a week or two shouldnt be a problem.
Srivats said…
@ Preeti Shenoy

Glad you have come here. well I am not sure what MCP is means, but the quote suppose to mean, that only explorers get to see the hidden beauties any place has to offer, because they take the pain to find it , just like the prince and princes stories :)

@ Rammmm
Yes enakkum pidicha pattu adhu, correcta soneenga :) did you realise, thee for thee(tamil) makes beautiful substitue in this phrase ?

@ vidya
I hope u like whats coming forward :)
savitha said…
As usual nice quotes, Sri! And beautiful pictures, too!!Waiting for more!!
Srivats said…
Thanks savi :)
Aaarti said…
:)Wowwieee - Lovelyy pics... tempting me some more!!! :)
jehan said…
//But I rather have at least two days of it than postponing until the day I am ready to travel upwards.//

...oh so true.. very well said.. i couldn't agree more...

sometimes, hubbs and i feel like we are running after lost time when we travel... we want time to stand still but it just wouldn't.. i'm really thankful for our short but memorable trips...
Chatterbox said…
Fantastic pictures with some wonderful quotes. You've rekindled my desire to visit Bali on a holiday.

Hope you have many more fun times holidaying.

Keep up the good work.

Srivats said…
@ Aarti

:) Would post more :)

@ Jehan
Short memmorable trips are like weekends of stressfull working days, we all need it to go on :) well said

@ Chatterbox

Glad it connected with you :) Thanks for the wishes, welcome to my blog! ":)
RamMmm said…
// did you realise, thee for thee(tamil) makes beautiful substitue in this phrase ?

Didn't notice that when I translated. Thanks for pointing it. It is indeed a beautiful substitute.
Anonymous said…
@A monument is like a vailed bride, holding her beauty only for the explorer.

Very beautiful quote there..!! :-) Nice pics from the trip..!! be sure to add more.!!
Srivats said…
@ Rammm

glad you read that comment ;P
I know you havent noticed it, thats the surprise :) By the way I love the song traslation you did in your latest post, I would go home and comment because I cannot comment your blog from office :P

@ manishapatnaik

Thanks for your words :) welcome here
This is a travelogue I dont want to miss.
Charissism said…
Can't wait for the beach shots! :)
Annam said…
Labels: Bali, Travel
Annam said…
What travelling does to mind is better than a bowl of fresh fruits to the body.

ஆரம்பமே அமர்க்களமா இருக்கு:)
Annam said…
As always the constraints of time or money//////////////////

Namma Gilsu kitta ketta kathu kathua kodukkaporaru.....:)

enna Giller kareetta:)
Annam said…
Welcome on board!/////////////////

pass freeya boss:)
Annam said…
namma remy poi travelogue idatha aakiramichittutar:)
aethavairunthaalum jooperuuu thaan:)
Annam said…
remy enna aanaru????!!!!!! oruvelai avaralaye avaru samachatha sapida mudiyala pola:)
Annam said…
with longer holidays with all that I earn.
kadavuley vatsuu...weekendsum busya irukura mathiri paathukopa...........

apdi nadantha giller vachu unaku kanikkai seluthuren:)

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