Winners and sweet surprises

I just found out that I can use my blog to copy an “error code and URL “from my test computers to my main computer within seconds. Something to cheer on a Monday ;) We have in total three prizes for our story contest, one for the winner and two consolations due to high recommendation from would-be and suggestions from some of you. My honey (doesn’t know any of you) liked everyones story and took much time to come up with decision.

First consolation prize goes to Rachana Shakyawar from humming today. The reason I was told for choosing this is “creatively woven using all ten pictures”

Second consolation prize goes to Savitha from A traveller one among the few. The reason I was told was “The story sees death not as an ending but part of the journey”

Rachana and Savi, I am still in the process of finishing your prizes. Because the paintings are personalized I started my work only last night, after the winners were picked. So bear with me a day or two and I would publish it.

And now the grand winner of the story contest is........ Drum roll …….. Swaram from song of life!
My would-be loved Swaram’s story so much and have asked me to include these comments  “Very creative yet realistic story with optimism. we all make mistakes but the best thing is to deal with it, move forward and find our purpose in life. The story also insists that a women should stand up for herself”

I hope the painting makes sense to you Swaram :)  Its denoting your blog picture and the very first post you have writtern about how life echo's our thoughts, I am sure everyone know why the musical notes are there ;) Congratulations winners! the painting would be laminated and sent to you by post, please send me your address by email.

I am publishing these three stories here. I would publish rest by tomorrow with my views on them. Thanks to each one of you, participation makes it interesting for everyone. Please allow me to present you this award for supporting me.

Apparently you are not the only one who got surprise today, I left my phone at home, so mailed and informed my honey about it. Later an anonymous call landed on my desk number. After couple of my "hellos " in the “busy” office mood (which went unanswered) I blushed holding my head down, flattered by the sweet little act that made my day.
Rachana’s Story
1. It was the beautiful happy carnival in the town.
4. He was playing the joker part in that carnival.
10. He saw the top actress, their eyes meet, and he could sense her desire in eyes. She came as a chief guest in that carnival.
3. Few guys in the carnival started saying awful things about her, and this joker could not handle it more, His laughter turned into fierce feeling and he fought furiously with all the guys who were saying bad things about her.
7. Next day he climbed the hill to reach at the top of the actress bungalow to confess his feeling for her and make her realize her inner aspiration.
6 and he could easily capture in her aspiration to be free from the hectic stressful life, she escaped with him
8. He brought her to the village to show the real world and understand better the life urge.
2. After that intense reflection of life, she knew he was the one. She left her glamorous world forever and got married with him.
9. And they lead a very happy life and a flourishing family.
5. His kids are grown up and moved on to different places as nuclear family. Today, though he is living alone, his thoughts are enfolded in beautiful memories of his very loving wife, who dies 2years back.
Savi’s story
9. They were a lovely family-Sam, Jade and their two lovely children.
5. One morning, it was known that he is terminally sick. He pondered about it and decided against informing the family, until it became prominent.
4. So, he wore a happy mask, cheered the family and friends, whom he loved by heart and soul.
7. Privily, he toiled day in and out, with all determination and might to cushion the fall, the family has to survive in his absence.
3. When his condition became prominent, friends and family cheered him up, as he battled courageously against the monster.
2. Now that Jade knew his days were countable, he secured a promise from her. He wanted her to pursue his dream.
6. One day, the bright soul left the world, much to the grief of the loving family and friends
1. He was received amidst much cheer and dance in the Heaven. It was a celebration of joy. (Death is not the end; It is a continuing journey)
10. Jade grieved, and got herself composed to tender the kids.
8. And she did not forget the promise to him, which she had recorded as he said, “When we were on our honeymoon trip to India, I was swept by the generosity and love of the people. But, the condition in their village was something that moved me. Will you please adopt a village and encourage the self-help groups, and work towards the women’s emancipation in the villages. The richness of the culture truly lies in those villages, and women play a big role. Their freedom of expression is the only way the culture can be nurtured.” She began scrolling down her Indian contacts, in this regard.
Swaram’s story
3. She always dreamt of her Prince Charming as a superman and she found him in a wrestler and gave him his heart @ first sight during one of the bouts.
2. He was the only one she could call her own, being orphaned @ a very young age :( and she believed he would always hold her hand and lead her through.
9. Until she saw him with his lovely family one day and realized she had been cheated :(
10. She felt very guilty for having moved with a family man, though she never knew that and decided to punish herself.
7. She started climbing the hills surrounding her lovely town which she loved doing, the difference being that she would not climb down this time but bid good-bye to life!
4. It was the formation day of her town and there was a festive atmosphere all around. Dancers, singers, and jokers all possible types of entertainment marked this day every year.
1. A blur but beautiful picture of the town being painted with fun and merriment greeted her. Memories of the previous years where she used to dance happily, swaying to the melodies brought a smile on her face unknowingly.
5. She felt like a vast ocean of thoughts, both good and bad, had surrounded her lonely self all @ once.
6. The joy and happiness which filled her heart made her realize what a grave mistake she was committing. If she had one reason to die, she had 100 more to live!!!! The bird of guilt escaped from the cage of her heart and flew far far away.
8. She came back and adopted a sweet li'l baby girl from her orphanage. The baby would no longer be an orphan.. it had found a mother. She had in turn found a daughter ... found a beautiful reason to live :)


ohh the much awaited results.. congrats swaru, savi and Rachna...
i liked the painting that u made for swaram.. its superb..
congrats girls .. now u can let me know where me and chots need to come for the treat..
gils said…
sooper...2 treat confirmed :D athivasi and swaram....we want seperate treats :) will start readying the menu
soin said…
ithu anyayam.chennai la irukuravanga lam treat vangareenga.. nanga yena pana.. and yeah forgiving the cliche nice to read
Swaram said…
hey! I just cant believe this! Thanks so so much :) U really made my day :) :)

And that painting is beautiful ..infact much beyond that .. so thoughtful of u to have taken it from the blog header :) Honestly loved it :)

Congrats Savi and Rachna :)
Swaram said…
Thank u so much for coming up with such a creative contest Sri and heartfelt thanks to ur would-be too for reading up the stories and coming up with the results :)

God bless u both with all that u desire and deserve :)
Congrats Swaram,Savi and Rachna!
Anonymous said…
You left me tearful,Sri. A prize after several years!! I din't even think it will be qualified, given the number of really good writers. Thanks a lot! By the way, Are you sure?

@Swaram: That was a real good story, and a strong message.congrats!

@Rachna:Congrats. it was creative.
Pixie said…
Congrats to all the winners!! :) :)

The painting is beautiful! :)
Swaram said…
Sri, pls convey my thanks to ur would-be for the kind words :) very sweet of her :)

Congrats to all the participants too! Waiting to read all the stories :)

Savi, I loved ur story .. the part abt adopting a village ws sooo touching! Cheers!
G3 said…
Painting pochae :((((

But its ok.. As a compensation I will get treats from winners ;)))

Congratulatios to swaram, savi & Rachna (Aiiiiii.. all girls gang :D)
G3 said…
// gils said...

sooper...2 treat confirmed :D athivasi and swaram....we want seperate treats :) will start readying the menu//

I the repeatae :D
Swaram said…
Sorry Sri! Forgot to say! That ws indeed a pleasant surprise u hd! Sweet act indeed :)

Gils and G3: Menu ready aa ;)
vishal jindal said…
Congrats the winners!!..Swaram, Rachana, Savitha..
The painting is awesome prize..
Sri do come with such creativity sooner and again.. :)
@ Srivats

Bow to creativity!

Thankyou so much Sirvats, for letting my thoughts fly through your very inspiring collection of pictures! I’m truly excited!Also read other two stories which are awesome!

And the painting is so cute! Simply loved it…it reminds me of Alice in wonderland moment! Beautiful!!

Congratulation! To all the participants and the winners and Sirvats for successful wonderful new concepts to propagate creativity:)

Keep the spark Alive!
R-ambam said…
I like the judge ;)
R-ambam said…
competition overaa...? I regret missing it.. maybe sometime.

Congrats to the winners.I liked the other stories in the comments too ... :))
Anonymous said…
I just saw the pic in full size,Sri. Awesome. i can see how much effort has gone into it. I'd say this again:please keep painting!
Charissism said…
Congrats to the winners! Well-deserved win I must say. ;)

I definitely agree with this " Life is all about finding a solution".

Problems are made to be solved. Life is full of problems, therefore, Life is all about finding a solution. hahaha
Srivats said…
Gilskku edhukku congrats , mummy onnum purila

@ Gils
yaar win panna enna, unnoda matterla nee kuriya erukkiye, samathu

@ soin
Same blood here, me too not in chennai :(

@ Swaram
THANK YOU for all the lovely words, Its been my pleasure really :) I just saw that you have put a post on this. you are so childlike in cheerfulness and honesty. My wishes to u and S too :) As promised I conveyed ur words to my love and showed ur site too :)

@ Aruna
Vanga vanga :)

@ Savi
Appakku phone panni soneengala ? ;)

@ Pixie
Thanks! :) its just given with love, I am not professional painter :)

@ G3
Varutham vendam, U would have a surprise when I meet u in chennai

@ Vishal
sure man, but next time I wish to see ur participation :P

@ Rachana
Congrats again :) its my pleasure indeed. If you have seen Swaram's blogger page , u would know :) yes it does look like Alice, quite like swaram isnt ?

@ Rambam
Namma judge pidikadhavangaley erukka mudiyaadhu :)

@ Chariss
Welcome! long time :) glad to see u here.
@ Sri - I said congrats G-I- R- L- S and not G- I- L - S.. :)
Srivats said…
LOL blame it on boring tuesdays :)
Swaram said…
Thank u Sri. I showed the painting to S, dad, mom and sis :) They all loved it and asked me to convey the same to u! Pls paint more Sri :)

I am so looking fwd to meet u in Chennai nw :)

Thanks for showing the post to ur love :P
Anonymous said…
//@ Savi
Appakku phone panni soneengala ? ;)//

Will show him the painting.Seeing wins over hearing,illa?
Swaram said…
Oh yes Savi :) Parents wil b so happy na :P
Mom is telling me I shud leave my technical job and do other things ha ha ha ;)
And that too when she is herself a part of it LOL :D
Aaarti said…
Very nice... know wot, am guilty- saw the post and then wanted to participate, but then dont know what happened, forgot abt it!! :((

next time, shall surely do.. illaina u can give me a push nudge!! :D

Congrats girls!! :)
and sweet Painting
Srivats said…
@ Swaram
:) Now I got to hide away LOL :) that was just ordinary painting, it doesnot stand chance against others except its dipped with bit of care and affection LOL ;)
Humbled and honured by your love

@ Aarti
haha sure next time I would nudge you, can even come and make u a good coffee , just send me the tickets please

@ Savi
manatha vaangidhaadheengaa pls :)
gils said…
//@ AJCL
LOL blame it on boring tuesdays :)//

enan vachu kaamedi keemadi panlye
Chan said…
Excellent concept and very nice collections from folks. Congrats to the winners..I missed this as i was late to that topic :( anyways there is always a next time.
Ramesh said…
Oh such lovely stories. Congrats Swaram, Savitha and Rachna - you gals are such superb writers.

Nice idea Sri. Resounding success, your thought.

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