Gazing sights of Lazy morning - Bali Trip 2

There is a Standard Charted bank promotion happening near the food court lobby in my office. A polite harassment, I think. How can I forgo someone greeting with smiley face and extended arm? Every time I walk the lobby, I need to explain to sales man (there are many) that I am no Permanent resident here and leaving Singapore next month (both doesn’t qualify me for the card).

On our Buffet table, Mata Hari bunglow Bali
Contrary to this, my health insurance agent (Mayfair) took me for a spin over an unsettled claim. Fighting for it literally gave me a nervous break down. I know I am right but this morning after his mega serial lame excuses, I just gave up. I sent him just three words “God bless you”.

View from the room
Last Saturday found me waking up to this view in Bali, after a tiresome flight and late night food expedition. We had a continental breakfast -a buffet that overlooked the pool. Then we took a pre booked cab and asked the driver to take us around. Ideally this is not me; I plan and tell where exactly I would like to go. But this time I decided to sit back and relax in the company of my friends.

The small lotus pond was such a beauty to watch
All through the road we noticed several temples, and innumerable shops that sold sculptures from peanut to life size or even bigger. Bali is brand by itself for its art and beautiful temples.

When Islam gained power in Java Island during 16th century, Bali became the refuge for many Hindus. Today 93% of Bali population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, an amalgam in which gods and demigods are worshipped together.

Buddhist heroes, Indian gods, ancestor worship, and mythological characters all form the composite of this religion.

The driver decided to stop in this Sanur beach, which had nothing happening at the hot noon time. My friend and I decided to sit in the shade and have a tender coconut. We took our own time to finish, while others got their skin burnt strolling in the sun.

The huge coconut was nicely cut and came with a piece of lime.
I told the driver not to take us to anymore beach in the hot sun. Then he took us to the Batik Art center, which was just ok.

Batik art in Bali happened recently due to the raise of tourism and the need to have more souvenirs. I hope India learns how to market a place through souvenirs soon.

Thats just a pose, the lady who was doing, promptly removed a thread so it doesnot weave.
After a small shopping and photo spree, it was already time for lunch.

Then we visited this restaurant called Adia asri in Ubud. I took immediate liking to the well decorated cozy place, courteous service and the lovely view to the fields by the dining table.

Looks familiar isnt? :)

Eating by the rice field, just like good oldddd days

To top it all they had vegetarian meals!  1 USD is 9,470 Indonesian Rupiahs

I took the karala (derived from kerala?) special which had curry, rice and had a cocktail of banana, papaya and pineapple.

For desert I ordered a traditional Indonesian crepe with coconut and palm sugar filling locally known as Dadar Unti. Then we set out to wonderful architectures of Bali.


Annam said…
Annam said…
leaving Singapore next month (both doesn’t qualify me for the card).

chennaiku tsunamai cuming:)
Annam said…
travel pannitu vaaren:P
Annam said…
Thats just a pose, the lady who was doing, promptly
neenga athu posenu solla vendiyathilla naanga purinjippom:)
Annam said…
Looks familiar isnt? :)
pullarappa thaana:)
Prats said…
Bro I am so jealous of u....Where do u get all the time to go to all these exotic places???
RamMmm said…
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RamMmm said…
(thappa program ezhudhittaen. adhaan delete earlier post) :-)

Annam pada pada padannu porinju thallittaanga. :-)

Greenery is always great. Lovely pics and view from the room. Makes you sing like Maddy for Pachchai Niramey song.

That picture of a loom where you show a pose reminded me of my school where we had a loom that was used to make carpets. :-)

Ungala anga beachla manda kaaya vechchittaangannu sollunga.

Andha menu card value ellaam paathu oru shock adichchudhu. Then conversion brain started to work. :) :) USD exchange rate poattadhaala double conversion required. Oru C program ezhudha vaendiyadhaa poachchu.

int Rp, INR;
// For how long?
const int RpToUSDRate=9470;
const int INRToUSDRate=46;


INR = (Rp / RpToUSDRate * INRToUSDRate);
printf("\nRp=%d INR=%d\n",Rp,INR);

:-) :-)
Srivats said…
@ Rammm

Waah too much a c program to convert, thaanga mudila!!!!
Neenga dhaan true developer
Kadaise varaikkum output podalai parunga..

next time poi parunga :)

Neenga carpet ellam panni erukeengala! adengappa, I thought its very hard to do and intricate designs are bend edukara work.

Annam pathi ungalukku theriyadha, avanga blogla orey oru comment podunga apparam parunga after effects...
Srivats said…
@ Annam

First needhamma, Tsunami yaa adhu sari varen .. tremour oda varen..

pose ellam kandu pudinga, story contest podhu alaye kanum :)

Glad to see u in full form :)
Srivats said…
@ Prats

oh dear time is what we make of :)
A said…
lovely Bali really.. next on my never ending list..
The Rat... said…
aha.. itha thaan veruppethradhu nu sollunvaangala???? mudiyala srivats..

sema photos.. :-) great...

[appadi aajar pothachu. escape]
Smita said…
What prices man!!! I have fainted :D

But lovely snaps and bank people didn't leave u there also? :D
RamMmm said…
:-) :-) Naan developera oru kaalaththila irundhaenpa. ippo illai. summa, chumma oru kutti program. Naan oru Unix theeviravaadhi. "bc" use panni calculate pannuvaen. illai shell scriptlayey calculate pannuvaen :-)

Smithavukku yaaravadhu codeai execute panni kaamingappa :-) Mayangi vizhunduttaanga.
Aaarti said…
Naice... the more i read your stuff, the more am feeling guilty.. vely bad Sri..ippadi aduthaduthu oor sutha koodathu, athai pathi ivalavu speeda ezhuthavum koodathu!! :D

lovely pics..that is it green color?
gils said…
!!! raammmm..epdinga ithelaam!! c programa!!
Vidya said…
Gosh, I was salivating at the pictures of food! :D I love the pose where you pretend to weave. That is called a Patel pose, where people take pictures at strategic locations to show that they too had been there and done that! :D

Srivats said…

Dont tell R that you added the name becos of my travel pages :)
I want to be alive after friday :)

@ Rat
Nope, inspiring :)

@ Smitha
hahaha yes they didnot, thanks for visiting :)

Ungey codey pathey avanga vizhundhutangaley result kamicha enna agaradhu :) hello endha calculation ellam panna mobile phone podhumey, adha neenga use panradhu ellaya, ellai mobile programming edhavadhu ezudhirukeengala. Unix Theeviravaadhya.. ahaa avana nee..

@ aarti
Neenga travel neraya ezudharadha plan adhu enna achu ? ungala kelvi kekka aal ellainu nenacheengala :)
ahdhunala dhaan epdi ezudhi ezudhi inspire panren :)

oru vaatiyaavadhu blogkku sambandha padra maari comment podra

@ Vidya
Absolutely rite! I am guilty of that charge :) but it feels nice to be in that shoes doing what they are doing for ages :)
RamMmm said…
Srivats, Smita en codeai paaththu mayangi vizhugala. Her post came first.

naan avaney thaan.:-) naanga ellaam Programmer's Oath eduththavanga. :-) :-) Ellaththukkum program eludhuvOm illai at least Excel macrovaavadhu eludhuvOm. :-)

Enna Gils, neenga enna Java goshtiyaa? :) Naan embedded domain, so C/C++ is the best. :-)
Sakhi said…
What a place and what pictures!! :) Thanks for sharing it with us!!

i was shocked to see "1 USD is 9,470 Indonesian Rupiahs" and the prices on the menu!! BOY!!!
Swaram said…
Love the way u interweave so many things Sri :)

God bless u - ha ha ha! I second that too :P

Lovely pics Sri :) Its so nice to see a friend share my love for travel and enjoying it so much :)

Loved all the pics ... having food by the fields must have been so gud :)
Swaram said…
Liked the tender coconut pic .. beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder :)
savitha said…
Bali? Enjoy Sri!!

LOL at the Indonesian conversion.

As usual, excellent photography!You keep rocking, man!!

Tender coconut in a hot afternoon- aah,the pleasures!!
Anonymous said…
Wow ... Bali looks lovely! The food looks awesome too ... :)
Ramesh said…
Lovely photos Sri - you are a damn good photographer. The food shots are those of a pro. Incidentally, where's smiley - not there in Bali ??
Wonderful pictures!!
Thanks for sharing Srivats :)

I hope your health insurance troubles get sorted soon.

Loved the picture of the coconut dessert you ate.

Keep posting :)

Aaarti said…
:)) Athu sari.. thevaithaan!!!
Aarambichutein.. goa patthi ezhutha... aana hopefully athu ezhuthi mudikarathukkula, innoru trip adichcha nalla irukkum!!!

Patel photos -hahaha... naanga ellarum oru friendu kiterundu kathundom..ayya enga ponalum oru patel photo!! thangala...
Thanks for the history.. and by the way I love the photos of the food. you know I'm such a foodie.. my favorite is the cocount. it makes me think of sunny weather and beautiful beaches. someday I hope to visit Bali.
aaaa...wonder if I am too heavy to be FedEx ed ... to Bali ...right now what kind of camera do you use .. if you do not mind me asking ...wait let me answer that which takes awesome pictures.......awesome photo journal ... !!
vishal jindal said…
ur blog turns so informative at times and goin thru is no less than a world tour :)
a very nice post indeed!
what r u doin bro??
@ Srivats

Quite a captivating post and place.

You know, those pics and the history...very much reminded me the place Mahabalipuram! Perhaps, I wish to go Bali someday to reveal more of its history and untold stories...

Keep us more updated with facinating places and posts!

Keep the spark ALive..
jehan said…
oh coconuts! i enjoyed them a lot when we visited my mom's island province when i was really young.

and kangkong (softer "o" in philippines).. i love it when cooked with milk fish and tamarind...
Srivats said…
@ Rammm

aahhaaa excel macro c/c++ ...
edhellam aptechla padichadodha sari ...alai vidunga saami :)
enakku machine language ellam pudikaadha/ human language mattum dhaan pidikkum.

@ Sakhi
Yes it was lovely indeed. Yea Even I would have got shocked if I hadnt had millions of Rupiah's in hand :) LOL

I know what it feels like to be in that place feeling happy for your friend who is going through what you always wanted to go through :) Thanks much for your words.

@ Savi
Thanks , You too Tender coconut fan? cool join the club :) You me and Aparna can have temder coconut and salad by the beach side :)

@ Ramesh
I dont know, may be its the camera LOL, I just put it over the food and clicked :) If there was a smiley, I would have been dead :) I was with the special someone ;)
Srivats said…
@ Chatterbox@ The Dialogue

Thanks buddy :) Its good to see a new commenter, always :)


Gosh So sorry I missed your earlier travelogues :) I havent added the wandering mind I guess :) Would read it right away :) Sari innoru trip kayyoda potrunga :)

I know I know :) Keep reading the travelogue U would be surprised to see whats coming :) Glad you enjoyed it Emma

@le embrouille blogueur

LOL u want urself to be Fedexed ? that needs special qualities like eating grass/ acting wild LOL
This one is Sony Cybershot , I would get you the model soon, its my Love's :)

Thanks for your words :) it brings smile to my face :) I am in IT, right now a tester :)

Yes I too felt it was like Mahabs, you read my thoughts,and said what I exactly wanted to say in the first place :)

@ Jehan
Coconuts are indeed tasty, These days I see even in super market, people keep coconut pieces in covers just like other fruits :P
Srivats said…
@ jehan

What Island is it ? I wish you could write about the province and your lovely memmories :)

I am veggie, but I know the craze for fish cooked in coconut milk :)
Pixie said…
Amazing pics!!! :)

I wish I can visit Bali too now!!

All the yummy food pics are making me hungry now! ;)

PS: Reading all the posts I haven't read now... one by one! ;)
Srivats said…
@ Pixie

Glad you liked them.Good to see you :) take your time :)
gils said…
Enna Gils, neenga enna Java goshtiyaa? :) Naan embedded domain, so C/C++ is the best. :-)//

yaara paathu enna vaartha soliteenga!!! enna pascal programmingla kooptaaha..cobol programmnigku kooptaaha..avlo en..LotusSCript VB script programmingku kooad kooptaaha...en keraham...intha ERP la vanthu maatikitaiiinnnn
karlota said…
can't wait to see bali myself...

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