Game, Video and Travel alert!

TGIF! How well you know about gravity? See for yourself with this game (Ramesh you too, its manly & age appropriate :P). The dynamics of it left me totally addicted so much that I am wondering why the words have not fallen off from my screen. By the way I have completed all levels with very little cheating ;)

A friend of mine passed me this video. When the Genius, Pranav said he wants to make the technology available to everyone, I went speechless. While businessmen are making money in every area, here is an untainted soul that believes in sharing and enriching humanity! God bless you Pranav!

Just use the inside portion ;)
I tried passion fruit milkshake couple of days back and it turned out to be yummy. Take the pulp from inside the passion fruit, put it in the blender. Add milk, sugar/honey and ice.After blending filter the liquid to remove the seeds. There you go! I would be trying variations later, would let you know about it.

The worst advertisement campaign ever should go to the above banner with captions like " she married him!" God bless those who still want to use such services.

Turning 30, boredom at work and some less pampering at love front were stressful to take. So few friends and I, will be treating ourselves to this place, the land of temples and beaches, for weekend. A place I have been wanting to go before returning to india. Its good to see my back pack by my desk. Sorry Gils I don't think you are going to like next week’s posts ;) Have a good weekend everyone!

Ramesh I have put 3 pictures, happy now ? ;)

p.s: Blogger is behaving odd these days, I guess WP is better, isn’t? Is shifting hard?


Swaram said…
Shifting to WP is very very easy .. just say import posts n comments n u r done :) See, I told u long back to do it ;)

Wow!Gng on a trip again ;) Awesome :)
Have a gr8 time. Happy journey :)

Pass on some milk-shake pls :P
savitha said…
me second!! Will try the games!

another trip?You make the best of your travel life, don't you? J!!

Welcome to WP!!
And have a great trip!
A said…
shifting is easy peasy.. bangkok going?? have fun.. (ajcl)
Great! Another trip??Happy journey!We'll be waiting for the posts and snaps!
Ramesh said…
Ha Haa - Sri proposes but the Great Firewall of China disposes. The game's blocked too - was it something naughty ??!! Well, I'll find a way to dodge the nanny and get to your game, especially since you have mentioned age appropriateness :):)

Lpvely post. Like the way you string different things together. Happy travelling. Looking ford to the picturey travelougue. And thanks for the nice pics in this one.
RamMmm said…
Thanks for that pointer to TED video. True research. Great guy and great work!!! I feel humbled.

Yep, time to recharge!!! Have a wonderful break. Look forward to your photologue. (And don't forget, the photos are all secondary and so would be the travelogue, Enjoy yourself. That is what matters)
gils said…
again oor suthingsa..nee nadathu rasa
Kayni said…
have a great time. i'm off to a resort retreat myself this weekend, so i am excited.
such a cool name for a fruit right? I haven't tried it though...
jehan said…
Hi Sri! Welcome to the 30's then? haha.. I turned 30 last July 12... June 12 is Philippines' Independence day and people always get them mixed up so I get greeted a month earlier. they thought i was born on independence day so usually on my real birthday, I don't get greetings anymore, haha...

oh, hope to see pictures from your next trip...
Aaarti said…
Whoaaa.. that last pic had me gaping.. for i think thats the place i've ben wanting to go for some time and just mite head out before the year ends!!! have fun!!! :)
Annam said…
kilambitaanya kilambittaan
Pixie said…
Passion Fruit Milkshake?! Err.. no thanks! ;)
Not such a big fan of Passion Fruit....

Shift to WP! it's easier!

Have a great trip and hope everything looks up on the love front as well!
The game is not at all easy ....I gave up thanks to my receeding intellect ... !!
Srivats said…
@ Swaram
First commenter award and milk shake is for you :) Ok I am going to do that shifting in new year, until then sweet old blogger :)

@ Savi
Thanks savi, would meet you with stories to talk :)

Now you know where I went LOL but Bangkok is in list

@ Aruna
Thanks aruna :)

@ Ramesh
Alas, u are saved by the wall now, wait until I get you some game which I cant say no to :)I always look forward to your comments and u should know why ;)

Thats exactly what I did the first day, but soon my nasty hyper active habit for taking contrl took over :) Pranav(TED) is really good guy.

@ Gils
hari raya pusa
Srivats said…
@ My bittersweetkoreanlife

Emma you should try it, I am sure you would like it!

@ Jehan
That must be intimidating yet funny to get up mixed wishes LOL I had a great trip thanks to your wishes :)

@ Aarti
Is it bali that you been wanting to go ? if so take a good long vacation and dont rush :)

@ kayni
Resort weekend is perfect way to relax! ":) hope u had a good one

@ Annam
Romba naalachu ellai pathu (long time no see )

@ Pixie
I wasnt into passion fruit until recently :) Thanks a lot for the wishes I had a good time with my love recently :)

@ le embrouille blogueur
I guess u can do it with little help, look out for ur comment section :)

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