Thanks for being you - Euro Trip Finale

TGIF! Thanks a lot for pitching in your stories. I am overwhelmed by your response. I would have my honey read and pick the winner by the weekend ;) And I would definitely write my view on your story.
Please listen to this soulful song as you read the post.

Today there is an IT exhibition happening, sponsored and conducted by management of the client I am working for. There are many stalls, where we could win gifts and numerous prizes through lucky draw.

Not sure they are ediable but they defn look christmasy, Berries by roadside , Koln Germany
As usual I did not win anything. while friends have grabbed bag full of goodies (even IPod, hard disks and play stations) and all I manage to get was a table top calendar,and a pen that doesn’t even write!

Nightingale fountain, Koln
I feel like a boy who did not receive gifts from Santa, wondering whether I was not good enough to deserve one. Casinos, lotteries and even “one dollar soft toy pick” machines are adamant to make friend with me. Although I am grateful for many things I have been blessed with, I wish I could win something unexpectedly by luck. Expecting the unexpected ;)

Blue berries by roadside, Koln Germany
After the magical forest expedition in Altenberg, our body and camera’s battery needed a quick recharge.
So we took couple of hours of nap in Koln hotel before taking a long walk along the banks of Rhine.

The sight of sun going down by Koln Dom is mesmerising to watch. Just like Paris the social activities in the bank is quite interesting. It was Saturday and I could see people relaxing drinking beer with friends.

Hohenzollern Bridge used as railroad and pedestrian.
We witnessed a funny bar on wheels! anyone can hop on and order a beer. The driver cum bartender would refill and would also ask you to paddle.

There was this group of friends who were singing cheerfully. When the guy in blue saw me taking his picture he waved and smiled.

Later we walked into the crowded streets with so many bars to shopping area. In Germany beer is cheaper than sparkling water!

This building is called 4711 house, a number given by soldiers of napoleon when asked to count the houses. Eau De Cologne (water of cologne) was originated here by 17th century and 4711 became a world known brand since then. Cologne own one of the oldest fragrant factory in the world and Eau De Cologne has become a common term to denote perfumes since then.

They say nothing is more cooling than a handkerchief dipped in cologne so we too brought the strong smelling cologne bottles. R took me to this strange shop which sold soaps and bath accessories. The soaps are made up of natural ingredients and looked anything other than the ones we find in our bathrooms. They may be good for your skin, but not for the purse. The price of a relaxing sea salt I brought here, almost gave me an attack!

They smelled wonderful; I was very tempted to take a bite.
After a good sleep and generous breakfast, we prayed in Dom before leaving to the railway station. We travelled back to Amsterdam by ICE. I gave a big bear hug to R for accompanying and helping me through out before I boarded my flight back to Singapore.

Thanks so much R! I would never forget the fun times we spent together. I may not have won casinos or lucky draw, but I am definitely lucky to have found loving and supportive friends.

The journey of my life would never be complete without you, my friend! Thank you for travelling with me! Thank you for being you!


gils said…
gils said…
mutrum??? or some more? nice pics btw
RamMmm said…
As usual I did not win anything. while friends have grabbed bag full of goodies (even IPod, hard disks and play stations) and all I manage to get was a table top calendar,and a pen that doesn’t even write!

Ha Ha Ha. Sila paerukku thaan adhellaam. Like a lottery but with better probability. I also usually fall into the same category. :-)
Aaarti said…

that soap store looks like LUSH, seen it in Blore.. all the stuff looks good to eat. and yes, pricey as hell..hehe

btw, just noticed, in "Keyboarded thier thoughts".. their is spelt wrong.. :D
herez wishing u win.. i heard abt the IT fest too,my friend came home with a whole lot of goodies..

i loved this piece Sri... a nice way to say thanks me thinks.. this whole travelogue series almost made me feel like i was travelling to all the places u went.. thanks..

Loved the song..very soothing.. never heard it before..
Anonymous said…
The pic of Hohenzollern Bridge is awesome....

It's ok,Sri, you have the greatest gifts of the world:your Love and friends. Why worry about the missed gifts??

So,when and where is your next trip?Get ready for the next travellogue please :P
Anonymous said…
It is the same 4711 my friend gifted me on her return from Germany!It's too good,really. Is that the house 4711? The angle of the photo is good:)
/all I manage to get was a table top calendar,and a pen that doesn’t even write! /
Same luck here!
Nice journey with a best friend and sweet memories! What more is required to call urself lucky!
Ramesh said…
Superb series Sri - every post lovely with magical photos. Almost as if you took us all there. We'll miss this travelogue - may you travel soon once again and continue this.
Swaram said…
I wish I could win something unexpectedly by luck.
Sri, u hv won the hearts of so many of us :) Hw else cud we be so gud friends in such a short while :D
Swaram said…
a funny bar on wheels Interesting! Wish they could serve filter kaapi like that :P He he :D
Swaram said…
On a serious note, I ws always thinking abt the luck by chance thing ;) Whether it wud ever work me :P Never happened till I got 50% cash back for my Ipod. Well, cn I ask fore more ;)
Swaram said…
I loved the pic of those friends :) Wish we all cn meet like that one day :)

4711 - Awesome building and interesting info :) Same abt the colognes too :)

So, u did buy a soap there - Wow :) Did u ever feel like using it or want to preserve it forever ;)

Thanks to R, we got a lovely series to read too :)

Thanks for this lovely trip thru ur pics Sri :)
G3 said…
//In Germany beer is cheaper than sparkling water!//

I heard this from my friend when we went to Germany for his onsite opportunity. Unfortunately he doesnt drink beers :D
G3 said…
Thanks to u too :)) Unga friendaavadhu unga selavula dhaan ungala oor sutha help pannaru. aana neenga OClayae engalukku suthi kaamchirukkeengalae :D
G3 said…
And as usual awesome photos :D

Sari adutha trip eppo ;)
J said…
Thanks for taking us along for the ride - sad to see the travelogue end.
R-ambam said…
photos are very nice all thru the travalogue !

Prize kedaikalaiyaa..? ennathithu chinna pulla thanama?
"all I manage to get was a table top calendar,and a pen that doesn’t even write!

boy... that got me laughin like crazy!
Vidya said…
This is a very neat travelogue! You did a great job of mixing photos with your own thoughts, not to mention the attitude of gratitude that is strewn all along! :D

G3 said…
//G3 said...

//In Germany beer is cheaper than sparkling water!//

I heard this from my friend when we went to Germany for his onsite opportunity. Unfortunately he doesnt drink beers :D//

Typo error aayiduchu.. when "he" went to Germanynu irukkanum :D
vishal jindal said…
hi srivats
nice pics buddy!
wonder the greatest gifts u have :)
jehan said…
my dad said he liked Germany the most when he had the opportunity to travel to europe... he was a vagabond and able to decently speak several foreign languages... and we admire him for that but did nothing really so we could follow in his footsteps, haha...
Pixie said…
Loved the Pics!! :D
gils said…
deii...poati results engaada?
Charissism said…
Thank you Sri for sharing your wonderful trip to Europe. You made us feel part of it and longs to step foot on the places that you've been.

P.S. You are not the only one who didn't get anything on IT Expo. I left empty handed too. :(
Srivats said…
@ Gils
Die needhanda mudikka sonney, eppo vandhu some morennu kekkarey :)


Offlate I have having difficulty in commenting in ur blog :(

@ Aarti
I just changed it :) didnot realise it till now, Thanks much!
yes the soaps are quite unique may be thats why ppl buy LOL

Glad u liked the song :) thanks for travelling

@ Savi
Next trip is very soon :) Yes that house is 4711 :) ejatly ungalukku kediacha cologne adhey dhaan

@ Aruna
Adhuvum saridhaan , erundhaalum parunga freeya kediakara vadaikku dhaan movusu..
Srivats said…
@ Ramesh
Thanks for the wishes, they are coming true :)

@ Swaram
True friend like u are priceless! :) but u know i could use a Ipod nanu LOL
50% cash back on ur IPOD!! :) wow u are so lucky hehe. I didnot buy any soaps, just brought one relaxing stuff that I have to keep in the tub, used it already :)
//Wish they could serve filter kaapi like that //
namala thiruthavey mudiyaadhu - its hard to change us LOL

@ G3
ungalukku germany poganum pola ellai ?

@ J
Thanks man, My pleasure!

@ Mybittersweet korean life
Emma :) I laughed it as well, gave it to the cleaning aunty here :)

@ Vidya
That was a wonderful comment :) Thanks for making my day!

@ Vishal
I am trying ;) but I could use a Ipod or blue ray hard disk for sure

@ Jehan
Oh thats interesting, because my dad hardly travelled even within india LOL

@ Pixie
Thanks for coming :)

@ Chariss
here is wishing u that u would get to tavel all those places and much more :)
jehan said…
Sri, your reply reminded me of my dad's first brother. they were, like a dog and a cat, always bickering. one time his big brother told him really something nasty and my father answered him,"you're very proud when the farthest you've been to is your wife's subprovince." meaning my uncle never even went out of our province, lol...
Srivats said…
@ Jehan
LOL i kept laughing at the remark your dad has made :)

but I feel its right that only travel makes our mind grow better and more open :)

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